Best Camel Racing Betting Sites in Austria

Last update at 18 January, 2023

While the sport is most popular in parts of Africa, Asia, and Australia, camel racing is slowly being enjoyed by a wider, global audience, as is camel racing betting. To find out all about betting on this historic, international sport, read on to see what we have to say.


List of Camel Racing Betting Sites

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What Will You Find in This Article?

Looking for the inside scoop on camel racing betting sites? This article contains everything you need to know about the best camel racing betting sites this year, including how they work, what bonuses they offer, and why you should use them.

Camel Racing Betting Sites

Latest Betting Bonuses

    How Camel Racing Betting Sites Work

    Online camel racing bet sites are easy to use. So long as you have a working internet connection and a computer or smartphone, you will be able to access these websites.
    Deposit money into an account to place your bets. Earnings are deposited into the same accounts they came from. From there, users can withdraw the money.

    Camel Racing Overview
    🏟 First IntroducedAround the 7th century
    🏢 Overseeing OrganisationsCamel Racing World Federation
    🔝 Bookmaker CoverageMedium
    ⭐️ Popular inWestern Asia, North Africa, Pakistan, Mongolia and Australia
    🏅 Olympic DisciplineNo

    How to Bet on Camel Racing Online

    If you’ve ever wondered how to bet on camel racing, don’t worry! Simply follow these easy steps on how to bet on camel racing.

    • Browse Our List of Camel Racing Bookies
      step 1
      When trying to choose a betting site, look no further than our full list of the best camel racing betting sites! Compare a variety of trusted websites to find the best fit for you.
    • See if Your Chosen Sportsbook Is Right for You
      step 2
      Take some time to acquaint yourself with the site and make sure it ticks all your boxes. If so, go ahead and make an account.
    • Deposit Money into Your Account
      step 3
      Next, it’s time to deposit your funds. If you have a preferred payment method, check to see whether it’s supported first.
    • Get Started
      step 4
      With that, you’re ready to go! Good luck!

    Popular Bonus Types for Camel Racing Betting

    Bonuses are a great way for online camel racing bet sites to attract and retain new customers. Some of the most popular types of bonuses used by these bookies are:

    • Welcome bonuses. These bonuses are offered to new users. Usually, they are a percentage of the first deposit, but sometimes it is a set amount.
    • No deposit bonuses. These bonuses are given to new users so that they don’t have to make an initial deposit to start betting.
    • Loyalty bonuses. Usually, these bonuses take the form of a loyalty program where customers can exchange points for free bets or money.


    Most Popular Camel Racing Betting Markets

    If you’re looking to make a bet, camel racing markets include:

    • Race winner. With this type of bet, you must choose the camel you think is going to come out on top. If the camel you selected comes first, you win.
    • Odds and evens. With this type of bet, the camels are numbered. You must bet on whether an odd or even-numbered camel will win.

    Camel racing betting

    Why Use Online Camel Racing Betting Sites?

    Some of the benefits of using independent online betting sites rather than betting in-person include:

    • Placing bets from the comfort of your home. Why trek out to one of your local bookies when online betting is so much more convenient?
    • Benefiting from exclusive bonuses. Oftentimes, the deals you find on betting websites are far more generous than those at brick-and-mortar agencies.
    • Access to more options. If we compare websites to traditional sportsbooks, the former offer a wider variety of games and markets.
    • Access to the latest news. Online betting sites often provide updates on the sport, including the latest matchups.

    How We Rank Camel Racing Betting Sites

    When you come to us for our recommended betting sites, we want to make sure that you get the best advice possible. So, when ranking the best betting websites out there, we use a number of important criteria. In this section, we’ll explain each in detail.

    • 1


      When a betting website is properly licensed, that means it has been reviewed by a recognized gambling authority and is considered up to standard. Such casinos are the safest for you to use. Examples of some of the most prestigious gambling authorities include the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

    • 2

      Odds and Payout percentage

      These factors both determine how much you’re likely to make in winnings at a bookie. “With high odds, you’re more likely to come away with some earnings.” A payout percentage is a measure of how much money you get from a bet and how much the site takes.

    • 3

      Variety of Betting Markets

      One of the biggest benefits of online betting is the variety of games and markets on offer. We prioritize sites with a greater variety of markets to ensure you have the most options possible.

    • 4

      Betting Offers

      Offers, bonuses, and promotions can set apart a great online gambling house. To maximize your fun and to have a better chance of walking away with some cash, we recommend choosing a betting website that has such things.

    • 5

      Payment Methods

      We also take payment methods into consideration when ranking gambling platforms, ensuring that you can pay the way you’d prefer. Bank cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets are all popular payment methods. Some places are even introducing cryptocurrency.

    • 6

      Betting Features

      The more features a betting website has, the better an experience it will be. Online companies can provide users with a much more varied gambling experience than brick-and-mortar bookies. When they capitalize on this by introducing a range of features, that’s even better!

    Tips for Advanced Punters

    Even the most experienced gamblers can still improve their game. Read on for some top tips!

    • Keep the laws of probability in mind.
    • Get to grips with market percentages.
    • Think about rated prices when placing bets.
    • Practice discipline when placing bets, and don’t become complacent


    Popular Camel Racing Tournaments to Bet On

    Some of the most popular camel racing tournaments include:

    • The Camel Cup. This tournament is held on a yearly basis at Blatherskite Park in Alice Springs, Australia, and has been running since 1970.
    • The Boulia Camel Races. This tournament has taken place since 1997 in the town of Boulia in Queensland, Australia, and boasts the longest camel race in the country.
    • The Bedourie Camel Cup. Another well-known Australian camel race, this tournament takes place annually in Bedourie, Queensland.


    Live Betting

    During live betting, otherwise known as in-play betting, gamblers place their bets after the race or sports event has already begun. This means that after the game has started, you can continue to place additional bets at the bookies. Camel racing odds may fluctuate throughout the game because of this, changing in response to whatever is happening on the field.

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