Bookmakers reviews in Ghana

Bookmaker rating Ghana

It is not possible to tell which bookmaker is the best in the market, because each has its own advantages and disadvantages as well as specific, distinctive characteristics. Plus, customers are not alike – some are looking for a diverse range of events even with not so attractive odds, while others are so much more interested in the coefficients, that they overlook potential inconveniences in the site’s or application’s design and functionality. There are customers who want their winnings to be accessible instantly (for withdrawal) and since not all bookmakers have this feature, they choose to go with those who do. Other customers value the presence of live streaming – another means now used by bookmakers to attract customers.


So, it is impossible to develop a single rating for bookmakers, as this would require taking into account too many factors and it would be more complicated. For that manner, offers several ratings for a number of features and parameters. Remember that we are talking only about legal bookmakers, that is bookmakers licensed to operate in the country. The online market, unfortunately, has several illegal sites and for this reason before placing a bet it is important to do some research. Just go through the ratings we have compiled here and remember that if a site is not included in this rating list, then you need to stay away from it, or you may lose your money and you may not have the ability to defend your rights in a legal way. provides a list of bookmaker ratings based on the following features/parameters. Note that the ratings are updated on a regular basis.


1) Variability in event list and markets – This has to do with how extensive are the lines offered for the most popular sports – football, tennis, basketball and hockey and how variable are the main bets – handicap and total. So, bookmakers that offer a large number of events have an advantage.


2) Odds – as noted before, odds are a key choice criterion for many bettors, who may look only at the odds offered by a bookmaker and overlook other inconveniences it may have. So, this rating is based solely on the odds offered.


3) What customers love – here the most popular bookmakers among visitors are taking the first places. Each user can vote for or against a bookmaker and the votes are incorporated in the rating.


4) Live betting rating – many bets are placed during a match, they are live bets. In this rating, we present the list with the top bookmakers with the widest selection of live bets, who accept bets and pay out winnings quickly.


5) Reliability – a reliable bookmaker will be in the top list in this rating. It is important to understand which bookmakers are not frauds and don’t deceive or manipulate customers with texts written in a way to hide things. A reliable bookmaker always pays out the winnings, is willing to resolve controversial situations and is clear and straightforward to the customer.


Once you choose the rating that you are interested in, you can then come up with the bookmaker that suits you the most. However, it is important to remember some key issues before registering to a bookmaker’s site. These rules are in fact applicable to all cases:


– You can’t be an anonymous user in legal bookmakers. You need credentials (passport and a camera phone) and if you have added yourself to the list of gambling addicts, you will not be able to complete the registration.


– Betting is prohibited for people under the age of 18 years old. You can’t cheat on this, because you need to submit both your passport and your photo for verification. Remember that you can’t submit any other person’s passport (not even your mom, dad, sibling etc).


– Don’t try to deceive the bookmaker, because you won’t be able to do so. You can have only one account and thus, you don’t get the chance to register several times in order to receive more bonuses. Bookmakers will certainly block users they are suspicious of fraud.


– Betting is prohibited for the bookmaker’s employees and the people directly related to a specific match – players, referees and other officials. There are in fact very strict rules and tough sanctions for violations – just remember how Juventus was taken away several titles and has been relegated to Serie B.