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Viva Betting Sites in France

Last update at 5 February, 2023

Viva Wallet is a cloud-based Neobank founded in Greece in 2000. It is the first of its kind and is now used in 24 European countries since it was launched nearly 25 years ago today. Learn more about the best online payment method for betting Viva Wallet so you can use it for all your betting needs.

List of Bookmakers that accept Viva

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    Why Use Viva at Online Bookmakers

    One of the things punters consider when signing up for a sportsbook is whether their preferred payment method is available in the platform or not. That’s why sportsbooks try to support as many methods as they can.

    As a bettor, it’s always a good idea to choose the best payment method, Viva, for instance, to manage funds efficiently and place bets without problems.

    Viva Betting Overview
    Good rates
    Fast transactions
    Simple to set up and use
    Reliable wallet

    Is Viva Safe and Secure for Betting?

    Viva betting sites

    Security is the most important aspect of any payment method since their biggest responsibility is to safeguard their clients’ fortune. With payment methods betting sites Viva Wallet, rest assured that this is also a top priority for them. 

    That’s why their developer, Viva Payments, has been given PCI DSS accreditation for increased security.

    How to Bet With Viva

    Although each sportsbook has a unique user interface and different betting methods, the process of placing deposits in your account remains largely the same across betting sites. Read on to learn more about the process.

    PCI DSS refers to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard which works to ensure all accredited companies have rigorous security to accept, store, or transmit their clients’ funds.

    • Check our bookmaker list
      step 1

      The first step you must take to bet with betting payment options Viva is to head to our bookmaker list and look for a sportsbook that accepts it as a payment method.

    • Get used to your bookmaker
      step 2

      After finding a sportsbook, familiarising yourself with the site ensures that you're signing up for a platform you'll enjoy.

    • Deposit funds
      step 3

      If you enjoy the sportsbook, you need to place a deposit so you can start placing wagers on your favourite sports betting event or casino game. This can be done by heading to the site's ‘Funds’ section and choosing Viva as a payment method.

    • Start betting
      step 4

      After funding your account, the only thing left to do is find sports betting events you want to wager on. If you were rewarded with bonuses from the bookmaker, be sure to use them as well for risk-free wagering.

    How to Withdraw Money From a Bookmaker to Viva

    The process of using Viva Wallet to make withdrawals from your chosen sportsbook is similar to most transactions. Read on to read all about it.

    • How to Withdraw Funds

    When withdrawing from Viva Wallet, the first thing you need to do is head to the site’s Funds page. Once there,  find the option to withdraw and select Viva as your preferred method. Once you’ve selected these options, you’ll need to input all the required information to finalize the process then you’re all set.

    • Canceling Your Withdrawal Request

    The only time you can cancel a Viva Wallet transaction is if it hasn't been sent yet. This means you can only revoke scheduled transactions until the end of the business day before the scheduled date.

    • Don't Withdraw All Your Funds at Once

    When withdrawing, remember not to withdraw all your funds at once. While it might be tempting to do so, keeping funds in your account makes it convenient for you to come back for another betting session since you don’t have to do another transaction.

    How Deposit and Withdrawal limits work

    When signing up for a payment method or sportsbook, you’ll find that most of them have transaction limits. These are implemented so their clients don’t spend beyond their account limit hastily. It’s also a way to safeguard your funds in case somebody else gained access to it and is trying to get your money.

    Pros and Cons of Betting with Viva

    • Generally good customer service.
    • Satisfying rates
    • Easy to use
    • Not many online reviews analyze the payment method’s features
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