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In a highly competitive market, where bookmakers are battling for customers, offering bonuses is probably the best way to attract new and retain existing customers. We have gathered here all the relevant information on bonuses, so you can find anything you want, plus follow the news on bonuses for bookmakers, as we update this section regularly. The bonuses offered by bookmakers are the following:

Risk Free Bet – Here as you can guess, there is a free bet without any risk involved. It may coincide with a particular match or tournament and in case of a lost bet, you receive the amount that was wagered back in your account.

Doubling / Tripling the deposit is a quite common form of bonus offered especially (but not limited) to beginners. You can deposit a certain amount and the bookmaker doubles or triples it (in some cases the bookmaker increases the amount even five times). You can’t withdraw immediately, as usually bookmakers require you to rollover the amount one or more times.

Cashback – Here the bookmaker returns to the customer a certain percentage from the amount placed on the bet or from the deposited amount. There are terms which are negotiated – for instance, the coefficient not being lower than a specific indicator.

Freebet – as you can also guess this is a free bet. Bookmakers offer a similar bonus to beginners so that they can wager with no risk of losing their money. The winnings are accessible, however, only after the customer wagers a specified number of times.

Increased odds – this is another form of bonuses used by bookmakers to “pamper” new and existing customers. They are usually applied in top matches and the score can reach 10, instead of the usual 1.5-2.0. These bonuses are very popular amongst bettors, but here too there are specific rules for withdrawals.

No deposit welcome bonus – once registered, the customer has the chance to place a bet without using his money. It is different from free bet in that this bonus is in most cases limited by the odds, or it is only applicable for specific matches.

Bonuses are primarily used by bookmakers to expand their customer base and at the same time generate more interest in betting. However, in most cases there are terms and conditions governing these bonuses – for example, betting on a specific sport or a specific match and within a limit either in the amount or in the odds. Furthermore, bonuses can’t be withdrawn immediately – they should be wagered once or several times.