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Best Bonuses in Belgium

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Sports betting bonuses in Belgium

Bonuses are some of the best offers on any sports betting site. There are various types of bonuses fit for every kind of bettor. From new ones to regulars, each type of bonus lets you maximise your betting experience to the fullest. Before claiming the best bonuses, here is everything you need to know about them:

Bonus offers for new and existing customers in Belgium

If you are a new punter, most betting sites offer welcome bonuses once you sign up. Some of the common bonuses include deposit bonuses and free bets. Other bonuses can be claimed depending on the site for existing and regular bettors.

Welcome bonuses help new bettors as they start their betting journey. It depends on the betting site what offers are under their welcome bonus. Sometimes, it comes as free bets for a specific sports category on the site. The main point of the welcome bonus is that it can be claimed once you’ve created an account.

Meanwhile, bonus offers for regular customers are more varied. Some of these bonuses can be similar to welcome bonuses, like free bets. Deposit bonuses are also offered to regular bettors where the betting site matches a bettor’s deposit up to a certain amount or percentage.

Bonuses both for new and existing customers all have wagering requirements. These differ from one bonus to another, so you should read them before claiming any. Wagering requirements always vary, so always check them first.

Important things to know when looking for a good bonus

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to claiming bonuses and maximising their use. Check these factors first in every type of bonus a betting site offers:

Wagering requirements

A wagering requirement is a list of conditions that need to be followed to claim your bonus without hassle. Think of these as bonus checklists—once you’ve accomplished every requirement, you can now claim the bonus offer.
Each type of bonus has wagering requirements. Take, for example, the 10x wagering requirement. You have to bet ten times, with each bet amounting to the bonus you want to claim (for example, $50). You can claim your bonus and your winnings after betting ten times. Wagering requirements differ depending on the bonus from a betting site, so always check this before you claim.

Expiration date

The expiration date of a betting bonus is how long a bonus is offered and can be claimed. It can span a day, a week, or even months. Depending on the site you want to place your bets on, the expiration date can vary, which is why you need to check this, so you can plan out how to claim your bonuses.


Expect each betting site to offer different types of bonuses. Before you claim a bonus, know which type fits your betting strategy first. This way, you can maximise every bonus you claim.

Most popular bonus types in bookmakers

Since multiple bonuses are available in an online bookmaker, choosing which one to claim might be overwhelming. Here are some of the most popular bonus types you should keep an eye out for:

Welcome bonuses

It is the first type of bonus most new bettors will encounter when they sign up at their preferred sportsbook.In some cases, it comes as a package with other perks that can help boost the beginning of your betting journey.

No deposit bonuses

This type of bonus does not require you to deposit any amount. No deposit bonuses still come with wagering requirements, so while you don’t need to deposit any amount to claim this, there might be other requirements you need to fulfil first.

Deposit bonuses

This type of bonus is granted after making several or consecutive deposits, depending on the betting site. Aside from the amount you deposited, you get extra credits that you can use for your wagers.

Free bets

It is the most straightforward bet for any bookmaker. Most of the time, you get a specific amount of betting credits. However, keep in mind that it is not redeemable for cash. So, check the promotions page before you bet online and see if free bets are up for grabs.

Sports betting bonuses: Tips and strategies

What’s next after you claim the generous bonuses? Place your bets and hope to win. There are a few ways to maximise each bonus that you claim to have more chances of winning. Here are a few strategies you can use to take advantage of your bonuses:

Understand the wagering requirements fully

Once you get the wagering requirements of any bonus offer, it will be easier for you to plan your betting strategy. Depending on the site, it is also where the minimum deposit amount or number of wagers needed are indicated. The wagering requirements guide how to take advantage of the bonus you want to claim.

Be aware of the bonus time limit

Bonus offers are available for a limited period. So claim them before the time runs out. Ensure you’ve also met the wagering requirements within this time frame.

Don’t just play for the bonus

Bonuses are great ways to increase your chances of winning, but they should not be the sole reason you play. Your loyalty to a betting site comes with additional perks as a reward for your continuous betting journey with them. Most betting sites also check accounts and see if you’ve been playing regularly with their bonus offers. Keep betting with bonus offers and expect to get more in the long run.


The abundance of bonuses is what sets online betting apart from land-based casinos. Each type of bonus offer is also created to help each bettor with their betting strategies and experience. Find out which sports betting bonus is perfect for you, and always grab the opportunity to claim it.

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FAQ. Frequent Questions
  • It is mandatory for punters to claim the bonuses?

    Absolutely not. Sports betting opening offers and others are a form of entertainment and nothing in entertainment is mandatory. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of completing the wagering requirements while maintaining the minimum odds requirements, you’re free to do so.

    Some operators credit the bonuses automatically into the punters’ accounts while others require bonus codes. If it’s an automatic bonus, you should find an option to opt out when you sign up. If not, you can simply contact customer support and they’ll remove you from the roster of any promotions.

  • What do sports betting bonus rollover mean?

    Turnover requirements, rollover requirements, wagering requirements, and playthrough requirements all mean the same thing. It indicates how much you have to spend on the bookmaker’s platform first to get your hands on the bonus money.

    The wagering requirements or the turnover requirements, whatever you may want to call them are often denoted in multipliers. For example, 5x the winnings or 10x the bonus. So, if you get a $5 or equivalent bonus, you’ll have to spend $50 before the $5 is credited into your real money account.

  • Can the players get no deposit bonuses?

    Of course, they can. No deposit bonuses are extremely popular all over the world. It’s the bonus that you get for not doing literally anything. You may get this bonus right after your sign up or at any other point of your journey with the bookmaker.

    The primary appeal of the promotion is that they are very low-risk. However, the associated terms and conditions are very hard to comply with in most cases.

  • What does it mean by risk-free bets?

    They mean exactly what you read. You get completely risk-free bets. The “risk” factor, in this case, is the loss of real money. If you’re not wagering any of it in the first place, how can you lose it? That’s the primary appeal of risk-free bonuses.

    Even if you do lose a risk-free bet, there’s nothing to worry about. Because the bookmaker has guaranteed you a risk-free promotion! The amount you lose will be refunded back into your real money account or the bonus funds.

  • What are Sportsbook Bonuses?

    In laymen’s terms, these are rewards or gifts from an operator. Why do they offer them you ask? Well, to satisfy you and in the hope that you’ll keep playing on their platform.

    Basically, the motivation behind offering promotions is the same across all industries. At sportsbooks in United Kingdom, you may get welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, cashbacks, free bets, and all kinds of different bonuses.

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