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The betting industry is constantly growing as the number of bookmakers around the world is increasing all the time. In such a dynamic betting ‘world’, there are new bookmakers established – each with its own principles and rules, new types of bets offered and new forms of bonuses provided. In order to help you keep up with all this variety, we offer a complete guide to this fascinating world free of any charge. A detailed, credible and honest profile of each bookmaker, match forecasts, the relevant statistics and all the necessary information are at your disposal, readily available on this site so you can be as informed as possible.


What can be found on offers a selection of all official and legal bookmakers, licensed to operate in the country. It is important to clarify that all bookmakers listed here are legal, because there are now so many illegal sites found on the web and it is difficult to tell. We have gathered as much information as possible on each bookmaker – information on bookmakers’ popularity, length of operations, offered bets, width of lines provided and responsiveness – this is very critical as there are some bookmakers that are reliable and credible and in case of a dispute they respond to the customers’ demands and if necessary they make refunds, while there are other bookmakers that try to get away with minimal losses in such cases. We can also gladly publish your experience to further enhance the credibility of bookmakers’ ratings.


One important factor that increases the favorability of a bookmaker is the welcome bonus for new customers and the regular promotions for existing customers and of course their terms and conditions. The bonuses offered by bookmakers are changing constantly and for that reason we remain updated 24/7 so that you can always have access to real time, valid information.


Furthermore, bookmakers generally offer different odds for the same events and it is sometimes confusing. We can help you make the best choice. You have to compare coefficients for particular events in matches (in some cases they are better for specific leagues), but don’t worry, here you can learn everything about them.


A third important factor is the customer’s experience and the ease of use when browsing the site or the application either on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Our experts provide information based on their own experience in using bookmakers’ sites and apps and tell you which are the easiests and intuitive ones and which are problematic, complex and confusing ones.


The internet usage habits have changed dramatically over the last 10 years. Now, people use mobile devices for surfing on the internet and research studies have shown that up to 90% of traffic to sports and betting sites comes from smartphones. To capture this, bookmakers are investing heavily in the development of mobile applications. However, due to the fact that bookmaker apps are not included in Google Play (they are forbidden), users can download them only from the bookmakers’ websites. But this means that there are no real reviews or objective ratings of the apps. We have tested each application ourselves and provide you with information so as to avoid any frustration or inconvenience.


Betting School

For those who haven’t any particular experience in sports betting, we have developed the “Betting School” section, which is an encyclopedia of terms, explained in simple words. So, if you have little experience in betting, after reviewing the materials in the “Betting School”, you will be able to easily distinguish European from Asian total, know the difference between plus and minus handicaps and understand different tactics. The section includes tips and tricks on what to look out for when selecting bets. You can provide us with your advice on relevant topics, so as to make this section even more useful.



For those who are stuck in the middle and can’t decide or who are looking for more information, the “Tips” section is really useful. There are numerous matches and events taking place in the world of sports on a daily basis – from the Olympic Games to the third league championship of a small African country and from the Grand Slam tournament to tennis competitions in which players in the lowest rankings participate, the number of matches is fairly high.


At, our experts provide daily forecasts for various events in team and individual sports. We don’t promise “100% success”, “VIP chats for unique information” and other fraud-like statements which have been quite popular lately in Telegram channels. But we offer credible and reliable information and our experts’ statistics are transparent and visible so that you can decide to trust them or not. It is important to understand that it is quite impossible to make only accurate forecasts in the long run and in some cases experts can normally make erroneous assumptions, because after all the beauty of sports -among other things – is that they often have unexpected outcomes.


Here you can find forecasts from experts and handicappers. Experts are people who are in one way or another linked to the world of sports – whether they are journalists, commentators, former athletes or coaches. Experts’ forecasts can’t always be accurate, but it is worth paying attention to their analytics since they are watching games nearly every day and they get to notice things that you might never see. Handicappers are people with much betting experience and a record of betting success. Note that their experience and expertise has been evaluated and verified by us.


The editors are working hard to ensure that visitors are informed of all the news in the world of betting. Editors publishes news and stories from all over the world regarding how bets are placed in different markets, psychology and book reviews that might be useful to bettors, information on new bonuses offered by bookmakers, news on bookmakers’ actions (such as cooperation with clubs or federations) and news on changes in legislation and laws concerning betting. Further, the section offers testimonials on other players’ experience in betting at different bookmakers – it is a betting community where you can interact with other like-minded people, agree or disagree with writers and exchange ideas.