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Sports Betting Online in Hong Kong 2024

Greetings from the 2024 sports betting market in Hong Kong. After a rigorous evaluation, our team has meticulously selected the top betting sites with alluring bonuses and competitive odds.

You can be confident that you will have access to a well-curated selection of the best platforms since we have based our decisions on thoughtful input from gamers around Hong Kong. Get ready for the best sports betting experience possible, providing both the thrill of the game and the best opportunities for winning.

List of Best Bookmakers in Hong Kong

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Sports Betting in Hong Kong: The Ultimate Guide

  • Our extensive getting started guide will equip you with essential information before you embark on sports betting at the leading platforms in Hong Kong.

    Our guide encompasses insights into sports betting in this region, our criteria for evaluating top bookmakers in Hong Kong, and a curated selection of the best betting websites.

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History of online betting in Hong Kong

Due to the city's unique blend of Eastern and Western influences, Hong Kong has a unique history with online betting. The primary emphasis of gambling in Hong Kong before the advent of online betting was horse racing, a popular pastime since the British colonial period, along with other traditional types of gambling. This was particularly true at the well-known Happy Valley Racecourse, which opened for business in 1845.

The digital revolution increased online betting in Hong Kong. Still, the government maintains strict regulations around gambling. The sole group with official government authorization to mediate football matches, lotteries, and horse racing wagers is the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), established in 1884. The gaming Ordinance essentially forbids access to other online gambling sites, even if the HKJC allows online betting.

Despite these restrictions, many residents utilize offshore betting sites to make online wagers. The difficulty for authorities to execute their rules stems from these platforms often avoiding Hong Kong's legal jurisdiction.

How is online betting regulated in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong's unique legal and cultural climate is reflected in its stringent laws governing internet betting. The Gaming Ordinance governs the general legislation about gaming, including online betting.

The purpose of putting this regulatory framework in place was to control and regulate gambling and prevent its swift expansion.

The most well-known body in this area of law is the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), a non-profit organization with exclusive rights to all forms of legally allowed horse racing, football, and lottery gambling throughout Asia.

The HKJC provides betting services both offline and online. Because of the HKJC's monopoly status, its channels are used for all permitted online sports betting in Hong Kong.

Enforcement is handled strictly by the Hong Kong government. The gaming code prohibits all illicit gambling, including internet betting via offshore websites. The legislation clarifies that the HKJC is the only organization authorized to provide gambling services in Hong Kong. This includes betting on sports and in-person.

🌍 Country

Hong Kong

👌 Language


💲 Currency

Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

⚽ Popular sports

Football, badminton, table tennis, and basketball

⚖️ Is betting legal?


🏢 Regulator

The Gambling Ordinance

🧾 Gambling taxes


💳 Most popular payment methods

Bank transfer, Mastercard, Paypal, Bitcoin

What we took into account when picking the best bookmaker in Hong Kong?

As part of the Allbets team, we meticulously evaluated various factors to identify the best betting sites in Hong Kong. Some of the considered factors include

  • Compliance with Local Laws and Regulations

    We prioritized sites affiliated with or operating under the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) regulations, ensuring they adhered to the Gambling Ordinance. This compliance is crucial for providing users with a secure and lawful betting environment.

    legal icon
  • Offerings in Popular Sports

    We looked for sites that offer extensive betting options in horse racing, football, and other sports. The best sites provide a wide range of markets in these sports and in-depth coverage, including local events and international leagues.

    Sport betting icon
  • Payment Method Flexibility

    Considering the unique financial landscape of Hong Kong, we assessed the variety of payment methods offered by each site. This flexibility is crucial in accommodating the diverse preferences of Hong Kong bettors.

    payment methods icon
  • Bonuses and Promotions

    We considered the value and attractiveness of the offers provided by these sites. Incentives enhance the betting experience if awarded in compliance with local regulations.

    Popular bonuses
  • Security and Safety Measures

    We carefully reviewed every site's security protocols, including data encryption, secure transactions, and compliance with privacy laws.

    license icon

How to Bet Online in Hong Kong

We provide a straightforward, user-friendly technique in this part to let you wager online within Hong Kong's legal boundaries.

  • Pick a noteworthy Online Sportsbook
    step 1

    It is essential to pick a betting site that is respected. You want somewhere you can trust and feel comfortable in. Take your time to explore and choose a site that ticks all your boxes for reliability and security.

  • Claim Your Welcome Bonus
    step 2

    Nearly every sports betting company in Hong Kong offers welcome bonuses; consider them a "hello" or warm-up gift. Be cautious not to miss them.

  • Select Your Event
    step 3

    Now that you're all set up, it's time to pick the event you want to bet on. It's like browsing a menu – many choices, from football to tennis. Go with what excites you the most.

  • Research the Odds
    step 4

    Please take time to review the odds so you know what to anticipate. You can find these odds through a quick online search or directly on your site.

  • Place Your Bet
    step 5

    If you're happy with everything and feel confident, make a deposit and place your bet.

Top 5 best online betting sites in Hong Kong

The online betting industry in Hong Kong is booming and dynamic; five newly established websites stand out for their originality, ease of use, and security. These sites are revolutionizing the online betting experience for consumers in Hong Kong by catering to a diverse range of gamblers.

#1 Vave

Vave bookmaker

Vave is a modern online betting platform popular in Hong Kong. Vave also offers bettors various betting options, including a live betting feature. Vave is also well known for its attractive odds and friendly interface.



Minimum Deposit

Deposit Method

Welcome Bonus up to 5,000 HKD

100% match bonus on first deposit

100 HKD

Mastercard, E-wallet, Cryptocurrency

  • Friendly user interface.
  • Competitive odds.
  • Broad sports selection.
  • Fewer promotions.



#2 22Bet


22Bet has gained popularity for offering various sports betting options, first-rate customer support, and quick payment processing. Bettors in Hong Kong can enjoy these offers.



Minimum Deposit

Method of Deposit

Welcome Bonus up to 6,000 HKD

100% match bonus up to HKD 3000 on the first deposit

50 HKD

Mastercard, E-wallet, Cryptocurrency

  • Wide sports markets.
  • Quick payouts.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Cluttered website.



#3 1xBet

1xbet review

1xBet is an online sports betting platform well known for its extensive range of betting markets and gifting bettors with coupons when they deposit funds and bet.



Minimum Deposit

Method of Deposit

Welcome Bonus up to 13,000 HKD

100% match bonus up to HKD 5000 on first deposit

50 HKD

Local HK Payment Method, Mastercard, Cryptocurrency

  • Large betting markets.
  • Live streaming.
  • Generous promotions.
  • Complex verification



#4 Megapari


For those residing in Hong Kong seeking an alternate online sportsbook, Megapari stands out as a top choice due to its comprehensive list of accepted payment methods, extensive game offerings, and support for esports betting.



Minimum Deposit

Method of Deposit

Welcome Bonus up to 10,000 HKD

100% match bonus up to HKD 5000 on first deposit

100 HKD

Local HK Payment Method, Mastercard, Cryptocurrency

  • Esports betting.
  • Mobile-friendly.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Slower customer support.


#5 20Bet


Important aspects that set 20Bet apart in Hong Kong include a vast range of sports to wager on, attractive odds that provide bettors value for both time and money and a safe and secure betting environment.



Minimum Deposit

Method of Deposit

Welcome Bonus up to HKD7,500

100% match bonus up to HKD 3750 on first deposit

50 HKD

Visa, Mastercard, Cryptocurrency, E-wallet

  • Diverse sports range.
  • Competitive odds.
  • Secure betting.
  • Limited live betting.

Popular Sports for Betting in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, sports betting is a highly favored pastime, with certain sports standing out for their historical significance, easy access, and the substantial number of bets they draw. Let's delve into four sports widely bet on in Hong Kong:

  • Horse Racing

    Topping the list in popularity, horse racing has deep historical roots in Hong Kong, dating back to the 1800s. Events at the iconic Happy Valley and Sha Tin racecourses are local and international spectacles, drawing massive bet volumes. This sport's allure lies in its long-standing cultural importance and the thrill and glamour that race days bring.

    Horse Racing
  • Football (Soccer)

    Soccer betting has grown in popularity since the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) began accepting game bets. Placing bets on leagues involving the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Chinese Super League, and La Liga is possible. Because of its immense popularity and extensive media coverage, football is popular among gamblers in Hong Kong.

    football icon
  • Basketball

    In the NBA, basketball commands a significant following. Younger bettors in Hong Kong are especially drawn to betting on NBA games and other major international basketball leagues. The sport's rapid tempo and the allure of its star players add to its betting appeal.

  • Tennis

    Tennis is another popular sport in Hong Kong for bettors. Major championships, including French, the US, Wimbledon, and Australia, are highly gambled on. Abettor monitoring and analysis of performance and data is made more accessible by the sport's continuous schedule and focus on individual players—information necessary for placing wise bets.

    tennis icon

New Betting Sites in Hong Kong March 2024

In Hong Kong's lively online betting sector, a new batch of sites is impacting the market with unique features and options. Here are five of the best new betting sites in Hong Kong.

  • VaveVave is a rising star in Hong Kong's online betting scene. It has a user-friendly website and mobile interface with competitive odds. Vave gives online bettors a worth of their time.
  • 22Bet22Bet is well known in Hong Kong as a popular sports betting site. It offers an extensive selection of sports markets and events. The platform stands out for its quick payout system and dedicated 24/7 customer service.
  • 1xBet1xBet has established a strong presence with its vast betting markets and live-streaming services. It's particularly appealing for its generous promotional offers and a wide range of sports.
  • MegapariIn Hong Kong, Megapari is known for offering both traditional sports betting and the rising esports market. Megapari has a mobile platform, and it provides its users with a convenient and easy payment system.
  • 20Bet: An online sports betting platform, 20Bet, is known for its various sports coverage, credible odds, and transparent and secure betting experience. Anyone who needs a secure online betting environment should give 20Bet a trial. It is worth the hype.

Best sports betting apps in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's sports betting landscape is energized by three leading mobile apps known for smooth navigation, diverse bets, and strong security. Let's examine their standout features in Hong Kong's market.

Vave App

Vave stands out with its user-friendly interface and wide range of betting options. It caters to a diverse audience with competitive odds and is available on Android and iOS platforms.

Rank Bookmaker Rating Bonus Get bonus
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  • Easy to use interface.
  • A broad range of betting options.
  • Available on Android and iOS.
  • Fewer promotions.


22Bet App

22Bet is known for its extensive selection of sports markets and a reputation for quick payouts. The app offers an intuitive betting experience and robust 24/7 customer support, accessible to Android and iOS users.

Rank Bookmaker Rating Bonus Get bonus
100% welcome bonus up to 1,025.68 HKD
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  • Wide sports market selection.
  • Fast payouts.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • The interface can be complex for new users.


1xBet App

The online sports betting platform 1xBet has become well-known in Hong Kong. 1xBet boasts of live-betting services, as well as various betting markets. It also boasts a Mobile app with all the features needed for a comfortable betting experience. The mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Rank Bookmaker Rating Bonus Get bonus
Welcome Bonus up to 100 EUR
PlayRead review
  • A large variety of markets and live-streaming.
  • Generous promotions.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS.
  • Lengthy verification process.

How to Deposit at Hong Kong Betting Sites

Depositing funds at Hong Kong betting sites is a straightforward process. Still, it's essential to understand the popular payment methods that cater to the specific needs and preferences of bettors in this region.

  • visa and mastercard logo
    Debit/Credit Cards
  • paypal
  • Bank Transfer payment logo
    Bank Transfers
  • Paysafecard payment logo
    Prepaid Cards and Vouchers

Cards: Widely used due to their convenience, credit and debit cards like Visa and MasterCard are typical for making deposits. Hong Kong bettors widely use cards because of their speed and safety. You can never go wrong choosing cards as your payment option on Hong Kong betting sports betting sites.

E-Wallets: Electronic wallets used on online sports betting sites in Hong Kong have been widely accepted. These wallets are in various forms: Skrill, Neteller, and Paypal. Electronic wallets are preferred on Hong Kong sports betting sites because of their secure transactions, faster deposits and withdrawal transactions, and because they help minimize responsible gaming.

Bank Transfers: Direct bank transfers are reliable, especially for those who handle more significant money. While they are secure, the processing time can be longer compared to other methods.

Prepaid Cards and Vouchers: Prepaid cards are not left behind among the payment methods used on Hong Kong betting sites. One majorly used Prepaid card is the Paysafecard. Paysafecards are gradually on the rise due to some reasons, which are anonymous payment methods, having control over your spending, and the highest of them all, security.

Payment Options

Deposit Time

Withdrawal Time

Deposit Limits

Withdrawal Limits

Credit/Debit Card

Instant – 2 hours

1–24 hours

100 HKD – 20000 HKD

100 HKD – 100,000 HKD


Instant – 2 hours

1–24 hours

100 HKD – 20000 HKD

100 HKD – 100,000 HKD

Bank Transfer

Instant – 24 hours

Instant – 24 hours

100 HKD – 50000 HKD

100 HKD – 1 million HKD

Prepaid Cards


Instant – 2 hours

100 HKD – 2000 HKD

100 HKD – 100,000 HKD

The Future of Online Betting in Hong Kong

Future developments in Hong Kong's online betting business are anticipated as a result of stringent legislation and advances in technology. Significant changes to the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) and the Gambling Ordinance will depend on new laws and the HKJC's approach to using emerging technologies.

Modern digital platforms like live-streaming and cell phones will enhance the betting experience and attract younger clients. The influence of global online betting trends and innovative payment methods will be filtered through local regulatory compliance.

A shift towards online and mobile platforms is anticipated, with a strong emphasis on responsible gambling, player protection, and market innovation within the legal framework.

Responsible Play in Sports Betting in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong's sports betting business, it is essential to promote ethical betting. This approach emphasizes that gambling ought to be a leisure pastime as opposed to a source of solace or a technique to handle personal issues.

To encourage responsible gaming, bettors should impose time and money limitations on their wagering. This thinking keeps sports betting a safe and enjoyable pastime while lowering the risk of addiction.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club is important to promoting moral gambling in Hong Kong. The HKJC helps bettors gamble sensibly by providing resources and services, including self-exclusion programs and betting limits.

To prevent and cure gambling-related disorders, the Hong Kong government established the Ping Wo Fund. Public education, counseling services, and gambling research are all supported by this fund.

Other local groups, such as The Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Even Centre and The Caritas Addicted Gamblers Therapy Centre, also provide support and therapy services to those who are struggling with poker addiction. These agencies provide support groups, private counseling, and treatment to those with problem gambling as well as their families.

Betting in Hong Kong: Conclusion

When we navigate the world of sports betting in Hong Kong in 2024, our team's dedication to identifying the top betting sites with enticing bonuses and competitive odds will be evident.

We emphasize the importance of playing responsibly and providing practical guidance to ensure a safe and enjoyable betting experience. We want all players in Hong Kong to follow responsible gambling practices, make informed choices, and have fun.

Best Betting Sites in Hong Kong:

  • Vave: Fluid and easy navigation. 🌊
  • 22Bet: Vast range of sports betting options ⚽
  • 1xBet: Acclaimed for its global accessibility. 🌍
  • Megapari: Wide array of promotional offers. 🎁
  • 20bet: Swift and reliable customer service. ⏱️

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