Sports Betting Online in Argentina 2024

When considering sports betting in Argentina, where passion for football runs deep, enthusiasts seek the thrill of diverse events and boosted odds. The country’s rich sports culture fuels a fervent betting community focused on maximizing their winnings.

Allbets stands out as a premier resource for such dedicated punters. Our expert team has meticulously analyzed numerous reviews by Argentinian punters to unveil the best betting sites in the country that offer enticing bonuses and favorable odds.

List of Best Bookmakers in Argentina

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Sports Betting in Argentina: All You Need to Know

If you’re looking for a reliable sports betting site in Argentina, you are at the right place. Your quest for a comprehensive understanding of sports betting in the country starts here. Join us on an insightful journey of its flourishing landscape of sports betting, where we meticulously examine each sportsbook of Argentina, leaving no facet unexplored.


History of Online Betting in Argentina

The history of online betting in Argentina reflects social change and technological progress. In pre-online days, the country was involved in brick-and-mortar betting operations. These businesses focused mainly on horse racing and local sports events. Only in the early 2000s, after Internet access became more convenient for most people, this paradigm took a monumental leap forward. The online betting industry's foundation was laid with key legislative milestones like the 2008 Gambling Act.

In 2019, the Buenos Aires Province laid down rules for Internet gambling that spread open the floodgates to licensed operators. This opened the door to many online sportsbooks, offering Argentine punters no end of options. In the years that followed, licensed online bookmakers branched out into many sports markets and bet types.

Today, online betting in Argentina has become highly competitive, combining tradition with modern convenience as fans enjoy a new online battleground.

How is Betting Regulated in Argentina?

The regulation of sports betting is a tapestry delicately woven in Argentina by an intricate combination of federal and local authorities. Another delicate balance in this legal landscape is central control and regional autonomy.

Gambling is regulated at the federal level by Lotería Nacional y Administración de Juegos del Azar (National Lottery and Gaming Administration). This body helps shape policy and standards for the gambling industry and pertains specifically to sports betting. However, the provincial form of government implies that each province has powers and regulations, so now Argentina is a quilt of different laws from one region to another.

Several provinces have now welcomed online sports betting by setting up their own rules. For example, the City of Buenos Aires has pioneered this step--licensing operators and giving online gambling legal status.

However, the legal landscape remains fluid, with ongoing debates about how to harmonize regulations nationwide.

🌍 Country


👌 Language


💲 Currency

Argentine Peso (ARS)

⚽ Popular Sports

Football, Skiing, Cycling, and Basketball

⚖️ Is Betting Legal

Yes, gambling is legal in Argentina, both in land-based casinos and online

🏢 Regulator

Lotería Nacional y Administración de Juegos de Azar

🧾 Gambling Taxes


💳 Most Popular Payment Methods

Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, bank transfers, Mobile payments

What We Took into Account When Picking the Best Bookmaker in Argentina?

Selecting the optimal bookmaker for the Argentine market requires meticulously evaluating key factors tailored to the local sports betting landscape.

  • Operating License

    The bookmaker's compliance with Argentina's provincial regulations, particularly in regions like Buenos Aires, is essential for ensuring legal standing and building trust among local bettors.

    license icon
  • Sports Library

    The comprehensive coverage of iconic Argentine football leagues (e.g., Primera División) and international tournaments plays a crucial role in enhancing the bookmaker's appeal, with a specific focus on major local sports events such as the Superclásico.

    Sport betting icon
  • Betting Features

    The inclusion of live betting options, tailored explicitly for high-profile Argentine football matches, along with user-friendly interfaces, reflects an understanding of the dynamic nature of local sports betting.

    Requirement icon
  • Promotions

    Promotions tailored to large-scale Argentine sporting events (like the Copa América) or big domestic tournaments like the Argentina Open add value.

    Popular bonuses
  • Payment Methods

    Popular Argentine payment methods such as MercadoPago and local credit and debit cards (and virtual wallet technologies) allow bettors to carry out seamless transactions on the platform.

    payment methods icon
  • Customer Support

    We ensure our enlisted sites offer timely support in Spanish and put a multilingual staff well-versed in sports culture on call during peak betting times.

    support icon

How to Bet Online in Argentina?

Begin your online betting journey in Argentina by following the steps below.

  • Pick a reliable online sports betting site.
    step 1

    Identify a reputable platform that suits your preferences, ensuring it possesses a valid operating license. Consult our curated list for top recommendations.

  • Get your bonus
    step 2

    Upon registration, seize the opportunity to claim your welcome bonus and optimize your initial betting venture.

  • Decide on a sports event.
    step 3

    Explore the platform's sports library to select an event piques your interest. Scrutinize the odds meticulously, considering various markets and betting options.

  • Make your deposit
    step 4

    Express confidence in your selections by depositing funds into your account, utilizing the convenience of locally preferred payment methods in Argentina.

  • Start betting and enjoying!
    step 5

    Seal the deal by placing your bets on the chosen events, leveraging the platform's user-friendly interface and other features contributing to an enriched online betting experience.

Top 5 Best Online Betting Sites in Argentina

Without further ado, here’s an informative overview of the best 5 online betting sites in Argentina that will take up a spot in any bettor’s heart.

#1 1xBet Argentina

1xBet Sport Betting Argentina, allbets.tv

1xBet is a premier betting site for online sports betting due to its affiliations with major domestic and international tournaments such as the Argentine Primera División and UEFA Champion’s League.



Minimum Deposit

Method of Deposit

Processing Time

100% up to 89 085 ARS

5x wagering requirement on three-fold accumulator bets with odds of 1.40 or higher

890 ARS

Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Mobile Payment

10 hours

  • Quick bet feature
  • Live streams have expert commentary
  • High betting limits
  • Website can glitch at times



#2 22Bet Argentina

22Bet Sport Betting Argentina, allbets.tv

22Bet excels in localized integration through diverse language options for Argentinian players who may need to be fluent in English. It promotes betting at a grassroots level by incorporating most local currencies.



Minimum Deposit

Method of Deposit

Processing Time

100% up to 33 850 ARS

5x wagering requirement on accumulator bets with odds of 1.40 or higher.

383 ARS

Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Mobile Payment

6 hours

  • Supports niche crypto options like Cardano
  • 500+ pre-match football markets
  • Swift dispute settlement
  • Could integrate more live events



#3 Megapari Argentina

Megapari Sport Betting Argentina, allbets.tv

Megapari Argentina has unmatched live events with over 1000+ live ones across various sports categories, even covering niche ones like keirin, bare-knuckle fighting, and ante betting.



Minimum Deposit

Method of Deposit

Processing Time

100% up to 89 085 ARS

90 ARS

Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Mobile Payment

12-24 hours

  • High Averages on 2-Way Win Wagers
  • Lowest minimum deposit requirements
  • Diverse odds formats are available for every sport
  • Payment processing can take some time



#4 1Bet Argentina

1Bet Sport Betting Argentina, allbets.tv

1Bet provides comprehensive coverage of sports by offering various features like toggle buttons with which you can filter through events by setting parameters of your choice. This site should be a go-to choice for convenient betting in Argentina.



Minimum Deposit

Method of Deposit

Processing Time

100% up to 89 085 ARS

12x wagering requirement, which must be fulfilled within 21 days.

890 ARS

Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Mobile Payment

12 hours

  • Multi-view option on video streams
  • BetSlip feature
  • No fees on deposits and withdrawals
  • No auto-cashout



#5 20Bet Argentina

20Bet Sport Betting Argentina, allbets.tv

20Bet is an unmissable betting site for Argentinian punters seeking high payout percentages on both pre-match and live events, along with generous bonuses and promos.



Minimum Deposit

Method of Deposit

Processing Time

100% up to 97 990 ARS

5x wagering requirement on accumulator bets with two selections of total odds of at least 2.00

890 ARS

Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Mobile Payment

12 hours

  • Full and partial cashouts are available
  • Good odds are provided on fast markets
  • Speedy account verification
  • No “request a bet” feature


Popular Sports for Betting in Argentina

Inside Argentina, sports betting is constantly changing and integral to the national culture, containing various sports events that interest the avid punter. Although football still reigns supreme, several other sports considerably impact the country's vibrant betting atmosphere.

  • Football (Soccer)

    Football dominance is in Argentina's collective consciousness. F The Primera División is the Premier League of football, with famous teams like Boca Juniors and River Plate. Renowned players like Argentina's Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi raise the fever pitch even higher.

    football icon
  • Polo

    Polo is synonymous with Argentina and has a history dating back to the nineteenth century. Within Argentina, polo falls under the Argentine Pollo Association's (AAP) jurisdiction, which organizes high-profile tournaments such as the Argentine Open and part of the Triple Crown series. Players such as Adolfo Cambiaso have helped to make Argentina a dominant force in polo and an excellent target for sports bettors.

    polo icon
  • Rugby

    Rugby has also boomed in Argentina, and the national team, the Pumas, has made impressive strides on a global scale. The Argentine Rugby Union governs rugby and hosts top-notch events such as The Rugby Championship. With its roots in the 19th century, rugby offers a diverse betting universe for punters.

    rugby icon
  • Horse Racing

    Horse racing, whose enthusiasts head to tracks like Hipódromo de Palermo, is a league in Argentina's sports landscape. Under the jurisdiction of the Argentine Jockey Club, horse racing is represented by events such as Gran Premio Nacional with top-quality thoroughbreds.

    Horse Racing

New Betting Sites in Argentina February 2024

The emergence of new betting sites is reshaping the online gambling experience, offering punters innovative features and heightened gaming experiences. These platforms go beyond conventional norms, transforming the realm of sports betting with their cutting-edge technologies and diverse offerings. For avid betting enthusiasts, exploring these new betting sites is a must, as they are renowned for their unwavering commitment to user satisfaction and their introduction of in-play features that redefine the betting experience.

So, below, we have mentioned some of the newest online betting sites for Argentinean sports gamblers. Embrace the future of online betting with these rising stars.

  1. 1Bet: Distinguished by its user-friendly interface, 1Bet caters to Argentina's novices and seasoned bettors. Its emphasis on intuitive navigation and simplified betting processes enhances the overall user experience.
  2. 1xBet: 1xBet stands out with its unparalleled diversity in odds formats. The platform's regular events are not only extensive but also dynamically tailored.
  3. 20Bet: At the forefront of innovation, 20Bet captivates Argentinian users with price boosts and daily specials on events, elevating the excitement by allowing punters to follow the action in real-time while making informed bets.
  4. 22Bet: With an extensive array of betting markets, 22Bet ensures diversity by giving high payouts even on niche markets.
  5. Megapari: Megapari fosters community engagement through its unique social betting features. Punters can interact, share insights, and collaboratively navigate the platform.

How to Deposit at Argentina Betting Sites?

Before you immediately trek off into Argentina's online betting bonanza, understand the plethora of payment methods made available by leading bookmakers.

Here's all the information you need:

  • visa and mastercard logo
    Credit and Debit Cards
  • Uala logo
    Mobile Payment Apps
  • Mercado Pago logo
    Digital Wallets
  • Banco Santander Rio logo
    Bank Transfers

Credit/Debit Cards

Locally issued credit and debit cards, particularly cards from banks like Banco de la Nación Argentina, have become popular in Argentina. Visa and Mastercard are commonly accepted, offering a straightforward and familiar avenue for users to make quick deposits and withdrawals.

Mobile Payment Apps

Mobile payment websites like Argentina's Mercado Pago or Ualá become the talk of the town. These apps let users attach their bank accounts or credit cards and perform smartphone transactions.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets, including Todo Pago and Mercado Pago, have gained prominence in Argentina's online betting landscape. These platforms provide users a secure means to store funds and conduct rapid transactions without divulging sensitive financial details.

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers remain a prevalent payment method in Argentina's sports betting arena. Offering a direct and secure way to deposit and withdraw funds, this traditional banking method is valued by users despite the potential for longer processing times. Argentinians prefer using such transfers via well-known banks such as Banco Santander Río and Banco Galicia.

Payment Options

Deposit Time

Withdrawal Time

Deposit Limits


Withdrawal Limits


Available At

Credit/Debit Card


1-3 Day

8 900 ARS – 17 795 590 ARS

8 900 ARS – 22 244 485 ARS


Mobile Payments


1 Day

17 795 ARS – 13 346 690 ARS

4 450 ARS – 13 346 690 ARS


Digital Wallets


1-2 Day

13 345 ARS – 22 244 485 ARS

13 345 ARS – 22 244 485 ARS


Bank Transfer

1-3 Day

3-5 Day

13 345 ARS – 22 244 485 ARS

8 900 ARS – 22 244 485 ARS


The Future of Online Betting in Argentina

What is encouraging about the future of online betting in Argentina is the 10.45 % CAGR for the online gambling market, which suggests a positive, evenly rising trend through to our target year (2028). With revenues forecasted to increase rapidly from and estimated at US$ 1.94 billion in 2028, such numbers testify directly to the industry's robustness and enormous potential for future growth.

This growth is probably attributed to greater access (the penetration of the Internet), mobile device usage, improvements in online gambling regulations, and increased popularity among Argentine consumers. That indicates a vibrant and valuable future for online gambling in Argentina.


Responsible Play in Sports Betting in Argentina

Responsible gambling is a concept that uses the minimum danger and maximum enjoyment of betting to protect both betters' and operators' interests. In Argentina, where internet gambling is developing rapidly, several local organizations are involved in the crucial work of educating about and combatting online addiction.

The following are the 2 most significant organizations.

Juego Responsable

The Juego Responsible's self-exclusion tools encourage people to restrict their access for some time voluntarily. This enables users to take charge of their gambling behavior and cool off when necessary. Juego Responsable also actively promotes educational activities, using various media to spread the message of responsible gambling.

CONAR (National Council of Responsible Gaming)

CONAR prioritizes strict age verification measures to ensure that only individuals of legal gambling age participate. Robust identity verification processes act as a preventive tool, curbing underage gambling and promoting responsible participation in online betting. They also provide dedicated helpline services for individuals seeking assistance with gambling-related concerns. This confidential support system offers guidance, resources, and counseling to those grappling with potential addiction, reinforcing a commitment to responsible gaming practices in Argentina.

Betting in Argentina: Conclusion

Looking for an online environment where you can find thrilling sports adventures in a safe, responsible setting? With many available platforms, picking one with the most time-saving and user-friendly functions can take time.

Here's a concise overview of noteworthy platforms to enhance your betting journey:

  • 1xBet: A new platform committed to user satisfaction 🃏
  • 22Bet: Niche markets and high payouts 🎯
  • Megapari: Abounds in bonuses and promotions 💰
  • 20Bet: Diverse odds formats with seamless in-play betting 🎲
  • 1Bet: Seamless live-streaming and an intuitive interface 💸

Responsible gamblers should set controls on their spending, understand when to quit, and see gambling as just entertainment. As the gambling industry expands and incorporates greater diversity in its offerings, it is essential not to get too swept away in the excitement and remain vigilant. With the wide variety of online gambling in Argentina, let's hope your game goes smoothly and Lady Luck works her magic!

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