Sports Betting Online in Armenia 2024

The enjoyment of anticipating thrilling outcomes has rendered sports betting a widely embraced leisure pursuit in Armenia. In this nation, where enthusiasm for local and international sports runs profound, Armenians passionately immerse themselves in sports betting.

Recognizing the significance of this cultural phenomenon, our team has diligently sifted through reviews written by local punters. Our meticulous efforts have culminated in identifying the best betting sites in Armenia with superior bonuses and competitive odds.

List of Best Bookmakers in Armenia

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100% welcome bonus up to 43,200 AMD
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Sports Betting in Armenia: Getting Started

Identifying a reliable online sports betting platform can be challenging. We've tried to simplify this intricate process. We have conducted thorough testing and research to pinpoint the top-performing betting sites. All you have to do is go through this comprehensive review, where we examine all the elements that make an excellent online sportsbook.


History of Online Betting in Armenia

Over the years, online betting in Armenia has changed quite a bit. Traditional forms of gambling ruled the landscape before this digital age. However, the second half of the 20th century brought forth a deluge of changes in the form of greater Internet access and development in the country's technological faculties. Such drastic shifts naturally also impacted the betting scene, which manifested in many online international betting platforms opening up in Armenia in the 2000s.

The laws were relaxed to accommodate these changes further, and betting was no longer a taboo activity inhibited by stringent moral policing. Further adjustments included the government establishing some parameters to protect betting enthusiasts and prevent illicit activities. Since 2010, online betting has become the norm in the country, with many licensed online bookmakers offering various payment means, sports markets, and promotions to attract the new tech-savvy audience.

How is Online Betting Regulated in Armenia?

In the case of Armenia, laws governing different kinds of gambling are intertwined and form an intricate legal environment for regulating sports betting. The country has witnessed several notable legislative strides that foster a secure environment for diverse activities. Legislation concerning the Games of Chance and Casinos set the stage for legalizing sports betting in 2005.

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for supervising gambling activities. This includes sports betting. This regulatory authority grants licenses to operators, enforcing rigorous standards for personnel to maintain the industry's integrity. The established legal framework promotes responsible gambling and integrates various mechanisms to combat money laundering and fraud.

This marks the initial phase of Armenia's regulatory model regarding sports betting. It also has casinos and lotteries on its list. The Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure licenses and supervises casinos. Simultaneously, lottery operations are governed by the Ministry of Economy.

🌍 Country


👌 Language


💲 Currency

Armenian Dram (AMD)

⚽ Popular Sports

Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis

⚖️ Is Betting Legal

Legal at state-sanctioned platforms

🏢 Regulator

Armenian Ministry of Finance

🧾 Gambling Taxes

10% on bookmakers

💳 Most Popular Payment Methods

Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer, Mobile payments

What We Took Into Account When Picking the Best Bookmaker in Armenia?

In meticulously selecting the best bookmakers in Armenia, the Allbets team considered a comprehensive array of factors to ensure a top-tier betting experience.

  • Operating License Compliance

    Bookmakers are rigorously assessed for adherence to Armenia's regulatory standards, requiring a valid operating license from the Ministry of Finance. It ensures that the chosen platforms operate legally and securely in the Armenian betting landscape.

    license icon
  • Sports Library Diversity

    The sports library of each bookmaker is evaluated to cater to Armenia's enthusiasm for sports like chess, wrestling, and weightlifting. Platforms offering diverse events, including local favorites, earned higher rankings.

    Sport betting icon
  • Betting Features and Local Relevance

    Betting features like live betting options and competitive odds are scrutinized to align with Armenia's dynamic sports betting culture. Special attention was given to bookmakers providing coverage and features relevant to iconic local events, like the Ararat Cup in football.

    Requirement icon
  • Promotional Offers

    Platforms offering promotions during major local events, such as the Armenian Premier League, are prioritized, enhancing the value for users.

    Popular bonuses
  • Payment Methods and Local Accessibility

    Payment methods are evaluated based on their relevance to the Armenian financial landscape, focusing on widely used systems such as Ameriabank and ArCa.

    payment methods icon

How to Bet Online in Armenia?

Embark on your thrilling online betting adventure in Armenia by following the steps below.

  • Register on a licensed bookie
    step 1

    Begin by registering on a reputable platform that perfectly aligns with your preferences – explore our expertly curated list for the cream of the crop.

  • Claim your welcome bonus
    step 2

    Upon your seamless registration, take advantage of the chance to snag an exclusive welcome bonus, elevating your initial betting escapade to new heights.

  • Pick your favorite sports event
    step 3

    Choose an event that resonates with your Armenian sports spirit. Remember to check out the carefully crafted odds, exploring diverse markets and betting options to make astute decisions.

  • Deposit money into your betting account
    step 4

    Deposit funds into your account utilizing Armenian-favorite payment methods like Ameriabank or ArCa.

  • Place your bets and earn
    step 5

    Bring your bets to life on the chosen events, capitalizing on the platform's intuitive interface and any extra features available.

Top 5 Best Online Betting Sites in Armenia

Now, let’s know the best online betting sites in Armenia. Here, you can unlock the best potential betting experience.

#1 QuickWin Armenia

QuickWin sports

This site impresses with an overall pre-match payout exceeding 94% and 30+ sports, from football to motorsports. It has exceptional football odds, particularly in the top leagues.



Minimum Deposit

Method of Deposit

Processing Time

100% up to 43 490 AMD

5x wagering requirement on accumulator bets with odds of 1.40 or higher.

4 350 AMD

Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Mobile Payment

5-12 hours

  • Acceptance of many cryptos
  • Covers various local events
  • Interruption-free live-streaming
  • Dispute resolution takes time



#2 1xBet Armenia

1xbet Armenia review

It offers an extensive sports betting experience. This includes over 60,000 monthly events spanning 50+ sports. The platform also boasts 500+ markets. This includes cards, Asian Handicaps, Player Specials, and more.



Minimum Deposit

Method of Deposit

Processing Time

100% up to 43 490 AMD

5x wagering requirement on accumulator bets with odds of 1.40 or higher

435 AMD

Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Mobile Payment

6-12 hours

  • Ante-post wagers available on basketball
  • Has WiseOdds feature
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Can be a bit overwhelming for new bettors



#3 22Bet Armenia


With an impressive 94%+ payout on football premier leagues and a vast selection of over 40,000 pre-match events every month, 22Bet ensures an exhilarating and diverse platform for Armenian bettors.



Minimum Deposit

Method of Deposit

Processing Time

100% up to 53 054 AMD

5x wagering requirement in accumulator bets with total odds of 2.00

650 AMD

Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Mobile Payment

12 hours

  • Supports multiple languages
  • Features local payment options
  • Quick withdrawals
  • No Edit Bet feature



#4 Megapari Armenia


Megapari Armenia stands out for its distinctive extra markets. From Point Totals and Quarter Winning Margins to many Game Handicaps and Totals, it ensures an engaging betting experience.



Minimum Deposit

Method of Deposit

Processing Time

100% up to 43 490 AMD

5x wagering requirement on accumulator bets with odds of 1.40 or higher.

4 350 AMD

Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Mobile Payment

24 hours

  • Partial cashouts are available
  • Deposits are processed instantly
  • Great cross-device site optimization
  • Odds on niche markets could be better



#5 1Bet Armenia

n1bet sport betting

1Bet is a premier betting option, especially in the e-sports category. With unique betting markets, this betting platform offers games like CSCO, King of Glory, StarCraft, and Rainbow Six.



Minimum Deposit

Method of Deposit

Processing Time

100% up to 43 490 AMD

12x wagering requirement, which must be fulfilled within 21 days.

435 AMD

Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Mobile Payment

6 hours

  • Payouts remain stable even in secondary markets
  • Easy account verification process
  • Lag-free mobile site
  • Live odds fall below pre-match levels


Popular Sports for Betting in Armenia

In Armenia, betting enthusiasts can choose from various sporting contests that draw on the country's glorious sporting history.

Here are some of them.

  • Chess

    A love for chess runs deep in the old Armenian spirit, where strategic mastery is part of history. Grandmaster Levon Aronia is a chess player from Armenia who has made the nation proud by receiving worldwide fame and success in various events. The Armenian Chess Federation plays an essential role in organizing national championships.

    chess icon
  • Wrestling

    Wrestling is a proud tradition in Armenian sports going back many centuries. The Armenian National Wrestling Federation regulates the sport and holds events such as matches in several categories of wrestlers with varying weights. The country has made a splash on every international stage. The famous Armenian wrestler, Armen Nazaryan, won Olympic gold medals in 1996 and 2000.

  • Weightlifting

    Weightlifting is known all over the world as Armenia's forte. Its reputation dates back to Soviet times. The Armenian Weightlifting Federation cultivates talents and holds national contests. Symbolizing Armenia's domination of this sport are such notable figures as Yuri Vardanyan, an Olympic gold medalist.

  • Boxing

    The Armenian boxing resurgence has been in the hands of its mighty overseer, the Armenian Boxing Federation. The country's boxing talents are demonstrated in tournaments such as the Hayastan All-Armenian Games. The sport's popularity is further bolstered by accomplished athletes like Arthur Abraham, a former world champion contributing to Armenia's boxing renaissance.

    boxing icon

How to Deposit at Armenia Betting Sites?

Before you bet, knowledge of the various payment methods available with the best bookmakers in Armenia is significant. Below, we have listed the different payment methods.

  • Ameriabank logo
    Credit and Debit Cards
  • PayTraq logo
    Mobile Payments
  • Visa logo
    Digital Wallets
  • Paysafecard payment logo
    Prepaid Cards

Credit and Debit Cards

Armenian bettors commonly use local bank-issued credit or debit cards. Examples are ArCa and Ameriabank cards. Widely accepted, these cards, often affiliated with Visa and Mastercard, provide a familiar and convenient means for users to execute swift deposits and withdrawals.

Mobile Payments

Armenia's mobile payment landscape includes local options like PayTraq, allowing users to link their ArCa or Ameriabank cards to a mobile platform for secure and efficient transactions, catering to the tech-savvy preferences of Armenian bettors.

Digital Wallets

Armenian users favor digital wallets like Converse Bank Wallet and Ardshinbank's VISA Checkout for securely storing funds and facilitating quick transactions without revealing sensitive financial details. These wallets provide easy use and international acceptance, making them popular among Armenian bettors.

Prepaid Cards

Paysafecard, available at local retailers, is a prevalent prepaid card choice in Armenia. Bettors can purchase these cards, often from outlets like SAS supermarkets. Then, they must load them with a desired amount and use the unique code for online transactions. It will ensure enhanced anonymity in their betting transactions.

Payment Options

Deposit Time

Withdrawal Time

Deposit Limits


Withdrawal Limits


Available At

Credit/Debit Card


1-2 Days

8 700 AMD- 10 871 790 AMD

2 175 AMD – 10 871 790 AMD


Mobile Payments


1 Day

6 525 AMD – 6 523 075 AMD

8 700 AMD – 10 871 790 AMD


Digital Wallets



8 700 AMD – 8 697 430 AMD

10 870 AMD – 6 523 075 AMD


Prepaid Cards


1-3 Day

4 350 AMD – 8 697 430 AMD

6 525 AMD – 8 697 430 AMD


The Future of Online Betting in Armenia

The online gambling market in Armenia will see significant growth in the coming years. The yearly revenue is anticipated to reach US$ 22.91 million by 2023. Experts say that the trend will continue going up. From 2018, there has been an annual growth rate of 6.55%. This continuous expansion will reach a projected market volume of $31.46 million by the end of 2028. This optimistic outlook reflects not only the rising tide of Internet gambling but also changes in the Armenian market's technological and regulatory fields. These forecasts illustrate the dynamic nature of this industry, showing room for operators and great potential in Armenia's online gambling market.


Responsible Play in Sports Betting in Armenia

Responsible gambling is a guiding precept that recommends playing within limits. It also suggests keeping in mind the interests of all those involved. In Armenia, organizations are essential in the fight against gambling addiction. In short, they promote responsible gambling.

Here are the two most significant institutions that actively promote a responsible gaming environment in the country.

Armenian Association of Gambling Businesses (AAGB)

AAGB spearheads self-exclusion programs, allowing individuals to exclude themselves from gambling activities voluntarily. This tool empowers users to take proactive measures in managing their gambling behavior and seeking assistance if needed. The AAGB engages in comprehensive community awareness initiatives, utilizing educational materials and advertisements. By disseminating information about responsible gambling, they foster a culture of informed decision-making among Armenian bettors.

Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance is aware of the need to improve the state of gambling addiction. It has been taking an active role in promoting a more responsible regulatory framework for gambling. These regulations and requirements for compliance make gambling safer for everyone. The Ministry of Finance operates support helplines, directly assisting individuals facing gambling-related challenges.

Betting in Armenia: Conclusion

Armenian bettors now have access to premier international sportsbooks, each delivering captivating sports markets and many betting options. These esteemed Armenian betting platforms offer live betting, mobile applications, and robust security measures to ensure a seamless and secure wagering experience.

Regardless of your preference among our recommendations, rest assured that each selection caters to different bettor preferences, ensuring a winning choice for all. Here's a breakdown:

  • QuickWin: Cutting-edge innovation and lag-free live streams 📲
  • 1xBet: Comprehensive sportsbook with excellent odds 🎁
  • 22Bet: Betting thrills with a dynamic touch 🎮
  • Megapari: Most generous bonuses and promotions 📊
  • 1Bet: Payouts elevated even on niche markets 💰

In practicing responsible gambling, set limits, recognize when to stop, and view it as entertainment rather than a source of income. Stay informed about the odds and risks. May your betting journey in Armenia be not only enjoyable but also mindful. Let it be within the bounds of responsible gambling!

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