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Dana Betting Sites in India

Last update at 26 January, 2023

Dana is an Indonesian digital wallet with over millions of users worldwide. It is an e-wallet that allows users to safely make cashless payments in everyday use like sports betting.

With Dana, you can easily deposit on online bookmakers for a more convenient betting experience. It has over 30 million users worldwide and can provide cashless payment at any time.

List of Bookmakers that accept Dana

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Why Use Dana at Online Bookmakers

Choosing the right payment method on your preferred sportsbook can also affect the amount you want to wager and your betting strategy. This is one of the reasons why most top bookies offer several payment methods for punters to choose which they are most comfortable with.

With Dana, you can quickly deposit funds into your account with a few simple clicks. Just remember to provide the correct information to avoid discrepancies. Another advantage of using Dana is that it offers affordable transaction fees.

Dana Betting Overview
Lower fees and charges
User interface easy to navigate
Guaranteed 100% money back
Reliable company

Is Dana Safe and Secure for Betting?

Dana betting sites

Dana is a world-class payment option with several verification processes to ensure your funds are safe. The technology also provides 24-hour protection for all network systems that are running transactions. What’s better is that Dana ensures a 100% money guarantee if you face problems with the system.

How to Bet With Dana

Betting using Dana as a payment method ensures a convenient experience. Here are the steps you have to take to use Dana as the best payment method: 

  • Check our bookmaker list
    step 1
    Check the list of sites that accept the use of Dana. Choose the best online payment service for betting Dana for a superb gaming experience.
  • Get used to your bookmaker
    step 2
    Getting used to your bookmaker’s user interface will make going through different tabs much faster and more convenient. This usually takes you around a week to get a hold of, so be sure that you are patient when using the bookmaker of your choice.
  • Deposit funds
    step 3
    Depositing money to your desired betting payment options Dana is actually quite easy to do. All you need to do is open the Dana app on your desired bookmaker and click on deposit cash. Your deposited amount will automatically be added to your account funds.
  • Start betting
    step 4
    Once done, it’s time to start betting on your favourite sport team and win a lot of payouts. When you are done betting on the site, you can then choose to withdraw or leave your money on the site, especially if you are planning to bet next time. Repeat the process until you find a routine that makes going through the payment process easier.

How to Withdraw Money From a Bookmaker to Dana

After winning bets or claiming bonuses, withdrawing using Dana is intuitive and easy to do. Below is everything you need to know about the withdrawal features of this payment method:

  • How to Withdraw Funds

To withdraw funds, below are the steps to get you started: 

  1. Open the Dana app on the bookmaker site 
  2. Tap Send on the main page 
  3. Click Withdraw Cash
  4. Choose between Alfamart or Pegadaian 
  5. Tap Withdraw Cash to start getting your money out of the Dana system 
  6. Enter your pin
  • Canceling Your Withdrawal Request

To cancel your withdrawal, you can do so by contacting the official Dana hotline or emailing them for a request. If the site has a live chat feature, you can also direct your concerns there for quicker responses.

  • Don't Withdraw All Your Funds at Once

It’s advisable not to withdraw all your funds at once for the risks involved like the system not working which will compromise your cash balance. To avoid this, you can withdraw small amounts at a time to test if the system works properly first.

How Deposit and Withdrawal limits work

Withdrawal and deposit limits measure the money you can take in and out of the system. Since bookmakers have to deal with large pools of money in their system, certain limits must be applied to manage these funds properly.

Pros and Cons of Betting with Dana

  • Cashless payments are extremely fast to process.
  • The system’s user interface is easy to navigate.
  • Security system provides a guaranteed 100% money back should issues persist during your transactions.
  • When maintenance happens, it can take as long as 24 hours to complete the process which means you have to wait a long time to use this payment method.
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  • 100% welcome bonus up to ₹10,000
  • welcome bonus 17000 INR(up to 200 EUR)
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