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Best Betting Exchange Sites in India

A betting exchange is somewhat different from traditional sportsbooks. They offer unique market opportunities and odds for bettors in India if you have the flare for it. On this page, let’s explore what an exchange betting site has to offer. If this is your first time, pay attention.

List of the top betting exchange sites in India

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How Does a Betting Exchange Work?

A betting exchange is a platform where individuals bet against each other instead of a bookmaker. It operates by matching people who have opposing views on the outcome of an event.

Here’s how it goes.

One person backs a selection to win, while another lays the same selection to lose. The exchange simply facilitates these transactions and takes a small commission on winning bets for its services.

This setup allows for more competitive odds and the opportunity to bet that an event will not happen, a feature not typically available with traditional bookmakers. Users set their own odds, creating a more dynamic and fair betting environment.

Essentially, it democratizes betting, giving power back to the bettors to set the market according to their predictions and risk appetite.

Betting Exchange

Traditional Sportsbook

Users bet against each other

Users bet against the bookmaker

Offers the option to back (bet on) and lay (bet against) outcomes

Only allows bets on outcomes to happen

Bettors set their own odds

Analysts at the bookmaker sets the odds

Takes a commission on winning bets

Profits from the margin in the odds

Often provides better odds due to the competitive nature of exchanges

Odds may not be as favorable due to the bookmaker’s margin

Enables more strategic betting options

Primarily offers straightforward betting on outcomes

Top 2 Best Betting Exchange Sites in India

Where to find a bet exchange you ask? Well, our experts have identified the top 2 betting exchange sites in India for you.



Fun88 offers an extensive array of betting options across sports like cricket, football, tennis, and including the Pro Kabaddi League. The platform doesn't lag in technological advancements either, featuring a user-friendly mobile app compatible with both iOS and Android.

The app consolidates the exchange, sportsbook, and casino sections into a single, streamlined experience. The odds of the exchange are amazing according to our findings.

  • Licensed to accept players from India
  • Offers both back and lay
  • Offers unique markets for IPL and other local leagues
  • A 4% commission is a bit steep




Dafabet hi

Dafabet is another heavyweight in the Indian betting scene, particularly acclaimed for its sportsbook and casino offerings. Dafabet’s reputation in the exchange space precedes the Indian market. It has some of the most competitive markets and offers unlimited potential to win.

  • Reputable brand for Dafabet
  • Offers sportsbook, casino, and betting exchange
  • Hundreds of markets to choose from
  • Trades might delay


Exchange Betting: Reasons to Give it a Try

Exchange betting India

In most cases, we see bettors lean towards traditional methods. It’s tested, it’s safe, and most importantly, they’re common. Betting exchanges, however, offer a fresh perspective on the whole scene.

Better Odds

The game of sports betting is always at odds. An exchange betting site often features more favorable odds compared to traditional sportsbooks. Since you place bets against other users, you're likely to find value odds.

Also, if you do the commission vs margin calculation for both platforms, you’ll see how betting exchange sites offer better value.

Lay Betting

You’ll find the concept of lay betting only on exchanges. In case you’re not aware, it allows you to bet against a particular outcome. This feature opens up a new dimension of betting strategies, providing opportunities to secure profits regardless of the event's result.

As many professionals opt for exchange betting, lay betting helps them manage risks better as well. If you want to go for secure betting, a betting exchange is perhaps the way to go.

Market Transparency

One of the most important reasons to give exchange betting a try is that it provides a transparent view of the market. You see not only the odds but also the available liquidity for backing and laying bets.

Our experience suggests that this transparency helps you make informed decisions and understand exactly how much you can bet and at what odds.

Control and Flexibility

Last but not least, exchanges give you more control over your bets. You can set your own odds, decide when to bet, and even trade positions during an event. This flexibility is invaluable if you want to adopt your strategy based on the flow of the game or race, something traditional bookmakers can't match.

Key Exchange Betting Terms You Need to Know

Well, to start betting successfully at a betting exchange in India, you must do your homework first. And the first step of it is knowing the terms. Here’s a quick table for you to understand the most important terms.



Backing a bet

Betting on an outcome to happen

Laying a bet

Betting against an outcome


The event or selection you’re betting on


The price offered for a bet that indicates potential payout


The money available for betting on a particular outcome

Matched bet

When your bet finds an opposing bet, it’s confirmed

Unmatched bet

A bet waiting for someone to take the opposite position


A fee the exchange takes from winning bets

In-play betting

Betting on events already started


Buying and selling bets for profit before the event concludes

By now, it should be clear to you that exchange betting brings a unique dimension to mainstream sports betting. It offers more control and opportunities to bettors that no bookmaker can match.

In the crowded space, certain sports stand out for their popularity and compatibility at an exchange betting site. Here's a look at the top sports for exchange betting and why they're favored.

  • Football

    Football, with its global fanbase, ensures a vast market with lots of liquidity. The sport's numerous leagues and matches provide endless opportunities for both back and lay bets. Its unpredictability and frequent scoring updates make it perfect for in-play betting. This also allows strategic position changes in the middle of the games!

    football icon
  • Horse Racing

    Contrary to popular belief, horse racing thrives on exchanges due to rapid odds fluctuations and the tradition of betting in the sport. The short duration of races and the clear win/lose outcome make lay betting easier for you. Also, the high liquidity and the ability to trade positions up to the starting bell make it a punter's favorite.

    Horse Racing
  • Cricket

    Cricket, especially in formats like T20, offers amazing betting opportunities. The short version of the game's pace can shift quickly, creating valuable odds movements. Cricket's popularity in countries like India ensures active markets, ideal for both seasoned and novice exchange bettors.

    cricket icon
  • Tennis

    Tennis is another excellent choice for exchange betting due to its scoring system and match dynamics. Points are scored frequently, allowing bettors to adjust bets in real time. The sport's individual nature eliminates team variables, focusing analysis on player performance and making market predictions more straightforward.

    tennis icon

Tips and Tricks for Successful Exchange Betting

Before we wrap up, it’s only fair that we share our top tips with you before you head to a sports betting exchange in India.

  • Start Small: Learn the ropes without risking much.
  • Understand Liquidity: Bet in markets with enough money to match your bets.
  • Monitor Odds Closely: Look for value odds set by other users.
  • Master Lay Betting: Use it to hedge against uncertainties.
  • Stay Informed: Know the sports and events you bet on inside out.
  • Use In-Play Betting: Adjust your positions as the game unfolds.
  • Keep Emotions in Check: Don’t let excitement or disappointment drive your decisions.
  • Plan Your Strategy: Have clear goals and limits.
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