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Best UFC Betting Sites in Nigeria

MMA has gotten quite the hype over the years, and for a good reason. It’s not just a sport but an entire entertainment package that only gets better when betting is involved. So, let’s dive in to see how UFC betting works and discover the best UFC betting sites to reap your rewards.

List of UFC Betting Sites

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What will you find in this article?

In this UFC guide you will learn the nuances of UFC betting, the bonuses you can make the most of, the betting markets available for UFC, and all that information you need to start betting!

UFC betting sites in Nigeria

Latest Betting Bonuses in Nigeria

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How UFC Betting Sites Work

Gambling sites follow a pattern. For the layman, this may be a little daunting at first, but it is not rocket science. You will be able to bet on the outcome of the match, how many rounds they will finish, how long a round will take, and more.

Trusted betting sites will provide a detailed analysis of the match and the previous performances of the players. So, make the most of this information and make educated bets online.

Why Use Online UFC Betting Sites in Nigeria?

Online websites for UFC betting typically provide more UFC betting lines, superior customer service, and the ability to handle your entire betting operation from the comfort of your own home.

Online sites are regulated and follow strict guidelines to keep customers safe. You can make deposits and withdrawals using the usual methods or via third-party applications and cryptocurrencies too.

Additionally, you have a ton of options and can choose the bonuses and promotions you prefer from the best among the companies.

How We Rank UFC Bookmakers in Nigeria

Despite the many bookies UFC available, you will find that not all of them provide the same offers and bets. But that isn’t the only way we compare our UFC betting platforms. We check their licenses, the odds they provide, the betting markets available, and more to decide what is the best betting site.

  • 1


    A license is issued by bodies such as MGA, UKGC, KGC, and others. They regulate and keep the bookies in check on a regular basis. Reliable licensed agencies are the safest places for your data and money.

  • 2

    Odds and Payout Percentages

    Every bookmaker has their own odds, but we want to check if their average is consistent with their rivals. We don’t want sites that provide low odds or have a low payout percentage.

  • 3

    Variety of Betting Markets

    Considering the number of ways to bet on UFC, it’s important that a variety of betting markets is provided.

  • 4

    Betting Offers

    A good bookmaker is constantly working towards making its customers happy. And what do customers usually like? Bonuses, promotions, free bets, and other discounts to win more money!

  • 5

    Payment Methods

    Yet another sign of a good bookmaker is the payment methods it supports. In the 21st century, if we must wait for our rewards to arrive in the mail, we’ll definitely look elsewhere. Cashing checks is old school; we look for payment methods that are quick and don’t require us to move.

  • 6

    Betting Features

    Is live betting available? Can we stream the matches on the site? Do they allow us to make multiple bets? All these features and more matter when ranking our choices.

Betting on UFC Fights Online in Nigeria

When you want to bet on UFC online in Nigeria, it’s best to do it on reputable and safe sites. Let’s begin.

  • Pick Your Bookmaker
    step 1

    Take a look at the options available here for UFC and pick a favorite. The above full list of sites details safe places to bet on UFC, and these platforms offer great bonuses too.

  • Register
    step 2

    Next, you need to create an account. Provide your details to the bookmaker and supply any documents they request for verification. This ensures accountability on both ends.

  • Fund Your Account
    step 3

    Add your bank details and top up your account. Remember, you can’t win real money if you don’t bet with real money.

  • Place Bets
    step 4

    Is everything in place? All that is left is to place your bets! Stay updated with the games’ news and make well-informed bets.

Popular Bonus Types for UFC Betting in Nigeria

Most sports don’t offer specific bonuses, but you may still find bonuses that will give you a boost.

Welcome bonuses

The sign-up bonus is often a percentage-based first-deposit incentive for new customers.

No-risk wagers

Some online UFC betting sites will repay your first wager as a free bet if it loses. This is the most popular promotion at sportsbooks.


Free bets have no wagering requirements; instead, you get betting credit.


Most Popular UFC Betting Markets

Where should a person start if they want to wager on UFC events on the internet? Choices to bet on. To become a betting master and win money from the house, you need to know which deals you should look for.

  • Moneyline: Bets on the winner of a UFC fight.
  • Round Over/Under: You can wager on how long you anticipate each round to last by placing a “round over/under” bet on the fight in the UFC.
  • Go the Distance: Wagering on whether or not a UFC bout will run the full five minutes of the fifth round is known as a “go the distance” bet.
  • Method of Victory: Pick not only the winner but also their method of winning.
  • Exact Round Finish: Pick the round you think the battle will end at, and you win the bet.
  • Parlays: Multiple wagers are combined into one large stake, known as a parlay. A parlay bet is won only if the bettor also wins each component bet.

Tips for Advanced Punters

Here is what the veterans have to say:

  1. The secret to making money on UFC moneyline bets is to evaluate the potential payout against the potential loss.
  2. The advantages and disadvantages of over/unders and going the distance bets become apparent if you want to wager on the length of a fight. The distinctions are fine, but they may determine victory or defeat.
  3. Finally, an expert who has been betting for the last five years recommended,

“One method for victory may have a lower frequency of winning, but it will reward you more handsomely when it happens”.


Popular UFC Tournaments to Bet On

Why doesn’t the UFC, the undisputed champion of mixed martial arts, host tournaments?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has so many incredible athletes that it could host some of the greatest tournaments ever in any weight class. Nonetheless, the UFC is the best in the business, and they have concluded that tournaments are not the way to go. Why is that?

  1. There are too many weight classes, and getting everyone together is a hassle.
  2. There are too many last-minute changes due to player injuries.
  3. The fans don’t want a single champion to reign for a long time.

Tournaments aren’t very realistic because of all the moving parts involved. Even if UFC tournaments would be awesome, they should remain a pipe dream.


Live Betting

Live betting is a popular option for UFC bettors. Live betting allows you to wager on the fight as it’s occurring and hedge any bets made beforehand. This is especially useful for matches that are difficult to predict in advance.

As a fight unfolds, oddsmakers will update their lines. The odds will vary as the game progresses and each fighter’s condition becomes clearer. You can watch the action unfold before placing a bet. Or, if you’ve already placed a wager but aren’t happy with the way the fight is going, you may even use live betting to reduce your risk.

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FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why bet on UFC?

    UFC has more than 700 mixed-martial-arts (MMA) fighters. MMA’s unpredictability makes it one of the most intriguing and potentially lucrative betting markets in sports.

  • What is the Cash-Out feature for UFC betting?

    Bettors can Cash Out before a bet is resolved, regardless of the outcome. The outcome of a Cash Out depends on the bet and the player’s status at the time.

  • What are the standard odds on times for a three-round fight?

    Standard odds for a three-round fight are 112 or 212 rounds. These odds are used while placing the “Round Over/Under” bets.

  • How to bet on UFC?

    You can bet real money on a fighter, props, totals, and more with any legal international bookmaker.

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