What does Asian Handicap +0.5/-0.5 Mean?

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An Asian handicap +/-0.5 is a half line handicap that starts off the favourite team on a deficit of 0.5 goals and the underdog on a surplus of the same number of goals. This is a single Asian handicap bet, which is the most common kind of handicapping option at the sportsbook. It is more widespread than the level Asian handicap (0.0) or the split Asian handicap (0.25, 0.75, etc.) and is used to eliminate the difference in value in a matchup where one team is significantly stronger. Essentially, the bookie sets a score line or margin, which both teams have to cover for a bet on either side to win.

Here’s an example for context:

Imagine a game between Real Madrid vs Levante. As recurring La Liga champions, Real Madrid is poised to defeat their opponent with little resistance. The odds would be too wide between the two, so to lessen the gap, bookmakers could give Real Madrid a starting disadvantage of -0.5 goals, while Levante starts with an advantage of +0.5 goals.

Draws are not a feasible outcome where Asian handicapping is concerned. So whenever the outcome is tied with the handicap line, it is considered a ‘push.’ However, the 0.5 Asian handicap uses a half decimal margin, and since it is impossible to score half a goal, you can only win or lose the bet.

What does -0.5 Asian Handicap Mean?

The handicap with the negative coefficient is the favourite team. A bet on Asian handicap -0.5 for Real Madrid means:

  • If the team wins by 1 or more, your bet wins.
  • If the team draws, your bet loses.
  • If the team loses, your bet loses.

What does +0.5 Asian Handicap Mean?

The handicap with the positive coefficient is the underdog team. A bet on Asian handicap +0.5 for Levante means:

  • If the team wins, your bet wins.
  • If the team draws, your bet wins.
  • If the team loses, your bet loses.

Here’s an overview extracted from the Asian handicap chart:

Line Game Total GoalsBet ResultLineGame Total GoalsBet Result

Outcomes for Asian handicap 0.5 Explained

There are two possible outcomes with these bets:

  • Win: Selected team covers the score line.
  • Loss: Selected team doesn’t cover the score line.

What is Alternative Asian handicap 0.5?

Alternative Asian Handicap (AAH) simply means other AH betting options available at the sportsbook. The 0.5 alternative Asian handicap bets includes other handicapping lines offered by the bookmaker. Multiple lines are offered on most games, so there are several ways to diversify your experience.

Start Betting on 0.5 Asian Handicap

We’ve detailed all that the alternative Asian handicap 0.5 entails, and with the chart extract, bettors can easily begin betting on this option at the sportsbook. Like other Asian handicap markets, the 0.5 Asian Handicap offers great value and a higher chance of return on investment over time.