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What does European Handicap +2/-2 Mean?

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A European handicap +/-2 is a bet that starts off the favourite team on a deficit of 2 goal and the underdog on a surplus of the same number of goals. In the usual fashion, the bookie sets a score line or margin, which both teams have to cover for a bet on either side to win. In this case, the margin is two goals. This handicap is used to eliminate the difference in value in a matchup where one team is relatively stronger.

Here’s an example for context:

Imagine a game between Serie A teams Juventus vs Cagliari. Considering Juventus as the better team, bookmakers could give them a starting disadvantage of -2 goals, while the opponent starts with an advantage of +2 goal. Juventus has to win by at least three goals, while Cagliari has to lose by less than two goals to win.

Unlike the two-way Asian handicap, the European variant allows three possible outcomes, with the third being a draw. Typically, at the sportsbook, the options in this market are given as:

  • EH 1 (handicap)
  • EH X (handicap)
  • EH 2 (handicap)

An EH draw does not refer to a draw in the match outcome but a draw respective to the score line. Basically, a draw occurs when the number of goals scored or conceded is right on the score line.

So based on the above example, the draw bet wins when Juventus wins by exactly two goals. This would be the same as Cagliari losing by exactly one goal.


What does -2 European Handicap Mean?

The handicap with the negative coefficient is the favourite team. A bet on European handicap -2 for Juventus means:

  • If the team wins by 3 or more, your bet wins.
  • If the team wins by 2, 1, draws or loses, your bet loses.


What does +2 European Handicap Mean?

The handicap with the positive coefficient is the underdog team. A bet on European handicap +2 for Cagliari means:

  • If the team wins, draws or loses by 1, your bet wins.
  • If the team loses by 2 or more, your bet loses.


What does European Handicap Draw Mean?

The coefficient for the draw can be given as a negative or positive:

  • If Juventus wins by 2 goals, the draw wins
  • If Cagliari loses by 2, the draw wins
  • Any other outcome, the draw loses

Here’s an overview extracted from the European handicap chart:

LineWin by 3 or moreWin by 2Win by 1DrawLose by 1Lose by 2Lose by 3 or more
EH (-2)WinLoseLoseLoseLoseLoseLose
EH (+2)WinWinWinWinWinLoseLose
EH DrawLoseWinLoseLosesLoseWinLose


Outcomes for European handicap 2 Explained

There are three possible outcomes with these bets:

  • Win: Selected team covers the score line.
  • Draw: Outcome is right on the goal margin.
  • Loss: Selected team doesn’t cover the score line.


Start Betting on 2 European Handicap

We’ve detailed all that the European handicap 2 entails, and with the chart extract, punters can easily begin betting on this option at the sportsbook. Like the Asian handicap markets, the 2 European handicap offers great value and a higher chance of return on investment over time.

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