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PayNearMe Betting Sites in the UK

Last update at 24 May, 2023

When you use the PayNearMe payment method, rest assured that all of your transfers in supported bookmakers will be hassle-free. You can place your bets with ease and choose from the various supported sportsbook sites

If you’re looking for the best online payment service for betting in the United Kingdom, PayNearMe is the right choice for you. Read the coming sections to know more about it and how you can get started:

List of Bookmakers that accept PayNearMe

Rank Bookmaker Bonus Get bonus
Bet £15 get £10 welcome offer
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100% welcome bonus up to £100
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Promocode: "ALLBETS" 100% bonus up to 130€
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100% welcome bonus up to €122.
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Welcome bonus up to 100 EUR
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Welcome Bonus up to 100 EUR
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Welcome Bonus Up To 270%
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Why Use PayNearMe at Online Bookmakers

The main reason why you should use the sportsbook payment method PayNearMe is it makes the deposit process easier. Before you place your bet on various sports, you have to put money first in your account and use that balance when placing your wager. You also have to use payment methods when withdrawing your earnings after you’re done gambling. All of this is possible and more when you use PayNearMe.

PayNearMe Betting Overview
Ease of Use
Fast transactions
Transparent and Innovative
Reliable company

Is PayNearMe Safe and Secure for Betting?

PayNearMe betting sites

Yes, PayNearMe is safe and secure for your betting solutions. It is also the best option if you wish to place your bets with cryptocurrency. This processing service offers a foolproof system that will ensure the security of your funds. 

How to Bet With PayNearMe

When you bet with PayNearMe, the process is simple and efficient. All you have to do is link your PayNearMe account to the sportsbook of your choice and you’re ready to go! Know more about the step-by-step process in the list below:

  • Check our bookmaker list
    step 1

    The first thing you must remember when betting is to check which betting sites accept PayNearMe. Check out the previous section for your reference, then choose the bookmaker you think will be a good fit for you and your betting preferences. When making your choice, remember to select a Bookmaker with a UK Gambling Commission license.

  • Get used to your bookmaker
    step 2

    One of the most popular payment methods betting sites, PayNearMe is a well-known payment method in various places. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s ideal to do your research and check some reviews before you make an account and place your bets. That way, you’re certain that you’re making the right choice.

  • Deposit funds
    step 3

    The next step in the process is to deposit your funds. This is an easy feat since all you have to do is link your PayNearMe account to the best gaming platform you prefer. Fill up the necessary information and initiate the transfer before placing your bets.

  • Start betting
    step 4

    After knowing what betting websites accept PayNearMe and you’ve deposited funds, you can now start placing your bets! This is by far the most exciting part of the process since you get to play casino games and bet on exciting sports.

How Deposit and Withdrawal limits work

If you place your bets in sportsbooks, you will find that some of these platforms have deposit and withdrawal limits. These deal with a specific amount that is restricted to a certain range or value when you deposit money into your account or withdraw. 

Get to know the policies of your sportsbook on these limits to know what to expect. If you like what you see and prefer these regulations, then you can begin placing your bets easily!

This payment method is not yet supported by the bookmakers in the United Kingdom. However, let's delve into what it has to offer:

How PayNearMe works

Deposit time

Withdrawal time

Commission fee

Min/max transfer amount


Up to 1 day

0,01 GBP per transaction

18 GBP/430 GBP per transaction

How to Withdraw Money From a Bookmaker to PayNearMe UK

PayNearMe UK

When it comes to betting payment options, PayNearMe is one of the best options for users to enjoy due to its easy withdrawal process. In the coming sections, know all about how to withdraw funds and some tips to remember when withdrawing.

  • How to Withdraw Funds

Withdrawing is easy since you just have to initiate a transfer between your gaming account to your PayNearMe account. However, keep in mind that the withdrawal process can vary depending on the sportsbook you have chosen. Be sure to understand the process first before transferring your funds.

  • Canceling Your Withdrawal Request

Know the policies of your sportsbook if you’re planning to cancel your withdrawal requests since some sportsbooks don’t allow cancellation of withdrawal requests. Once you know how the process works, you can proceed with withdrawing your funds however you please.

  • Don't Withdraw All Your Funds at Once

A tip that you must remember when withdrawing is to not take all of your funds in one go. It can be tempting to just get your money all at once but you should leave some money behind for your betting account. This is so you have a balance prepared if you want to bet again.

Pros and Cons of Betting with PayNearMe

  • Easy to use and navigate in online interfaces
  • Speedy and affordable transactions
  • Modernised payment platform
  • Accepts cash, debit, credit and crypto
  • Limited customer service
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FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
  • 💳 Where can I make transfers with PayNearMe?

    As long as the platform you’re using supports the PayNearMe payment method, you can make transfers easily. Just check whether or not the sportsbook you want is a part of the list of supported PayNearMe channels.

  • 💳 When do payments go through with PayNearMe?

    If there are no delays within the system, you can guarantee that the payments made with PayNearMe will be completed within a few seconds or minutes at most.

  • 💳 Is PayNearMe worth it?

    Yes, you will find that PayNearMe is an easy and convenient means of transferring money and even investing in your personal assets. Rest assured that betting on sports is also efficient thanks to this payment method.

  • 💳 How do I use PayNearMe to place my bets in sports?

    You can easily place your bets by linking your PayNearMe account to the supported bookmaker of your choice. From there, you can connect your two accounts and administer the transfer with ease!

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