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Just like the rest of the world, the craze of online sports betting has reached Australia too. The fact that the country properly regulates the industry makes it more enjoyable for the punters. We plan to dive into the details of Parimatch, a very well-known casino as well as a betting site in countries like Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, India, Ireland, and so on.

PariMatch Australia Overview

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Curacao eGaming

For the Aussie punters, Parimatch is owned by Hollycorn N.V., a company based in Curacao. If you’re not aware, Curacao has become one of the gambling hotspots in recent years thanks to its global license.

Speaking of the license, Parimatch is licensed by Curacao eGaming, one of the four organizations the government has sanctioned to grant licenses. It’s one of the most popular betting sites in Australia and we’re very excited to review it for you. Let’s go.

Parimatch Australia, allbets.tv


Parimatch Sports Betting

Parimatch is a full-fledged betting site not only catering to Australia but also to a lot of countries around the world. We believe the Parimatch casino is the most popular one in India and surrounding countries.

However, we do bookmakers reviews and that’s why our focus today is going to be on the sports events Parimatch offers. We’ll shed light on the casino as well as the live casino games too so don’t worry.

For Aussie punters, the active URL for Parimatch is “global.parimatch.com/en”. The reason we’re explicitly mentioning it is that the operator has lots of other domains. And we don’t want you to confuse it with “Parimatchwin.com/en-AU” which is the online casino portal for Aussie customers.

Each of the domains is targeted to different countries and it’s often hard for newcomers to figure out which is the right platform for them.

When you land on the stated website, a lot of events and listings, and odds may bedazzle your eyes. Don’t be intimidated by the odds yet because we’re going to cover how to navigate the company.

On the top left corner of the site, you’ll see the classic “3 horizontal lines” main menu. But for the most part, you don’t need to access it. Because all of the sports events and odds are located right in front of your eyes. Also, the sports that offer live betting are also marked with a bright red “live” suffix.

All major sports you can think of right now are available on Parimatch for betting. You can choose between Cricket, Basketball, American Football, Badminton, E-Sports, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Handball, MMA, esports, Tennis, Motorsports, Snooker, Futsal, Boxing, and plenty of others.

The great thing about all of these sports is that you get hundreds of markets as well. If you’re not familiar with markets, let’s discuss everything in the next section. Most markets are available for football. It’s understandable because football is the most popular sport in the world right now.

Esports Betting

In recent years, esports titles have become a major source of entertainment for gamers, viewers, and even bettors. You can watch most of the streams for free. In our review, we checked the esports options at Parimatch quite thoroughly, and here are our findings.

The esports games to welcome the punters are Dota 2, League of Legends, King of Glory, and PUBG Mobile. At least, these are the esports titles offered at the time of writing. Based on when punters sign up, the game odds may vary because the esports tournaments are rotating all the time.

Dota esports tournaments like DPC CN Division 1 and Division 1 or League of Legends esports tournaments like LPL and TCL, H2H, and so on. The bets vary dramatically from game to game. You can also find the common ones we’re going to discuss in the next section.


Parimatch Sports Markets

As promised, let’s cover the markets. But first, what is a market anyway?

Well to understand it, can you tell us what you do at a market? You buy stuff, right? You go to the market, you select what you want and you pay the merchants.

A sports market is very similar. The main difference is that you essentially buy the market itself. The reason we’re explaining it this way is that we’ve seen many rookie customers misinterpret the idea of the market as the collection of bets at bookmakers.

For different sports, the markets are going to vary quite drastically. As different sports are designed differently and have different scoring systems. So, you can’t expect to bet on the same markets for all the sports.

However, what we can do is we can isolate a few universal markets. These markets may have different labels for different sports but they ultimately mean the same thing.

Moneylines at Parimatch

This is the most common market and it practically applies to any sport you can think of. It’s not only true for Parimatch but also for all the other Australian bookmakers.

Essentially, “moneyline” means a betting line where you make money. Simply put, you place money on the outcome of a sports match. It doesn’t matter whether it’s soccer, American football, tennis, free swimming, volleyball, or anything else.

The reason this market is so versatile is that every sports event will have a winning team and a losing team. And when that happens, you can choose either of the teams to be the winner. You don’t have to be a sports expert to predict which team might win. And that’s why the moneyline market is the most popular one in Australia.


Similar to the moneyline bet, this is also universal. It’s because no matter what the sport is, it’s going to have a scoring system. The fact that over/under bets target the score, it can work any sport on Parimatch imaginable.

The market is also known as “totals” in many reviews. This term is used when the bet is referring to the total score of the match. As the punter, your job is to choose between “over” and “under” the bookmaker’s prediction.

For a cricket match, if the bookmaker is saying that 2 innings will see 500.5 runs total, you bet against the sportsbook by placing money on either “over 500 runs” or “under 500 runs”. There’s a decimal point so that the bet doesn’t become invalid if the game has exactly 500 runs. In that case, the “under” bet will win.

Similar to the total scores, the bookmakers can also offer odds for over/under based on the first innings of the match. For either team, you can bet using the same concept.

Points Spread Reviews at Parimatch

If you understand spread betting at Parimatch, you can pretty much understand any bets you want. Spread betting is relatively complicated, especially for new customers. The reason is that you have to consider a spread of the score instead of the actual score. That way, you can still win a bet even if the team you’re vouching for loses the match.

If we take the same example of the cricket game from the previous bet, we can understand the spread better. Let’s say the game is between team A and team B where team A is the favorite according to the sportsbook.

Parimatch, in this case, will give you a spread for either of the team. If it’s for team A, it’s going to be a minus (-). And if the spread for team B or the underdog in the match, the spread is going to be plus (+).

So, if team A has a spread of (-50) in a cricket match, it means it has to win with at least 50 runs lead to win the bet. It also means that if your bet was on team B, you can win the bet if it loses with no more than 50 runs behind. The same rules apply to football, esports, or any other sport. Ask customer support in case of confusion.

Handicaps at Parimatch

Handicaps are exactly what it sounds like in the sports betting context. It helps the handicapped teams as in the weaker teams. A handicap is usually introduced at Parimatch when the skill differences between 2 teams are too severe.

A handicap often looks like a spread but it’s not. It’s quite easy to calculate handicaps as you add the (+) values with the final score and deduct the (-) values. Needless to say, you add it for the underdog and deduct it from the favorite.


Is the Platform Flawless in our Parimatch Review?

From what we can tell, you’re asking whether Parimatch is free from any drawbacks or not. Well, it’s not possible. No matter how many sports bonuses Parimatch offers, you can’t help but deal with some flaws.

The first one in our opinion is the Parimatch website. The operator has a very wide range of operations all over the world. So much so that it’s confusing. There are lots of domains for lots of countries.

The one Parimatch domain we’re reviewing for gaming today has its issues too. Primarily, the sports library. It’s a huge mess of all kinds of tournaments and matches. If only the sorting was made better for the betting events, you could call Parimatch somewhat flawless.

Then, there’s the footer section. Usually, all of the important elements of the website are listed in the footer section. You can navigate to important pages like about us, contact us, payment methods, and so on. While there are some elements, it’s not enough in our opinion. It just shows the Visa and Mastercard logo which are not the only payment methods you can use in Parimatch.


Parimatch Brand Interface & Usability

We believe we’ve somewhat covered the usability aspect in the previous section. It’s not the best we’ve seen but it’s not the end of the world for our Parimatch review. The interface is very simple. And crowded. There are a lot of things going on at a lot of places.

But if you’re familiar with how betting events work and what they mean, you can easily navigate through them. The same interface that you land on has all the elements of the website. On the top navigation bar, you have live events, upcoming matches, virtual slots, slots, live casino games, TV Games, Instant Games, and various other features for Aussie customers.

As for the interface color scheme of the brand, it’s the classic black and yellow interface Parimatch markets all over the world.

Mobile App & Site Compatibility

If you really want to enjoy the Parimatch brand for what it is, you must have access to the mobile version of the platform. Thankfully, the mobile compatibility is very nice across Android and iOS devices. You get all of the Parimatch bonuses as well as a wide range of payment options when you use the mobile version of the website.

Also, a gaming app is essential for modern-day customers. It helps to eliminate the need to sign in every time you open the website from your phone’s browser. Unfortunately, Parimatch only has an Android app at the time of writing. It means the iOS users have to stick to the mobile version website until there’s an app.

Parimatch How to register in Australia, Allbets.tv

Parimatch How to register in Australia, Allbets.tv


How Does the Customer Support Play Out?

On the main menu, you’ll find a field labeled “Support”. That’s where all of the customer support channels are listed. Parimatch offers 24/7 support via live chat, Telegram, What’s App, Line, and email. That’s a lot of support channels to cover in our opinion which certainly plays well on Parimatch’s behalf.

[parimatch AU customer support]

The live chat support is integrated into the website so once you click on it, the window will just pop up in the bottom right corner of the page. For Telegram, you need to find the channel @PMGlobalSupport_bot. Yes, it’s a chatbot service if you haven’t guessed already.

If you want to reach out via What’s App to the brand, you need to save the number +380971488151 into your contacts first. Last but not least, you can send direct emails to support-gl@global.parimatch.com.

Ideally, a betting site or a casino should have an FAQ section where the operator lists all common questions by users and answer them. Unfortunately, Parimatch doesn’t have any such section.


Deposit and Withdrawal Process Reviews at Parimatch

Real money betting cannot be complete without proper deposit and withdrawal methods. Every time you want to place a bet or play a casino game, you’ll need a balance in your account. Parimatch knows it just like any other online betting platform. So, let’s go over the number of options you can use.

On the footer section, there are two links, one for a deposit and the other one for a withdrawal. We thought it would take us to the page where the entire range of deposit methods for the bookmaker. However, that’s not the case. Rather, the links are actually for making a deposit or withdrawing money from your account. Needless to say, you need to have a sportsbook account for a deposit to work.

Under the “Available Payment Methods” section in the footer, Parimatch only shows Visa and Mastercard. While both Visa and Mastercard are extremely well-known around the world, we don’t think it’s enough for Australia. There should’ve been more options to choose from.

The minimum deposit amount is not mentioned in the T&C section. However, it mentions that you can place a bet on as little as $1. As for the withdrawal, you can go up to EUR 80,000 per day! That’s a huge number for a daily withdrawal if you ask us! For further questions, you should reach out to customer support.


Parimatch Live Betting

Live betting is now a very important aspect of online gambling all over the world. These bets allow you to wager money on live matches. The benefit is that you can utilize the changing odds and make good profits based on that.

[parimatch AU live betting]

Parimatch is a wonderful platform for placing live bets. Remember the section on the left side of the screen where you can find all of the offered sports? You can find the ones that offer live bets right there.

Moreover, there’s a section on the top navigation bar labeled “Live Events”. If you want to access all of the best at once, that’s where you need to go. Football (soccer) is the most crowded one so far. And the best thing is that a lot of those events come with live streaming!

For live streaming to work, you’ll need log in and deposit. Otherwise, you can only see the live streaming icon on the listings but cannot actually access them for free.


Parimatch Sportsbook Promotions & Casino Bonuses

For an gambling site operating online, bonuses are crucial. They’re one of the main attractions that a physical sportsbook site won’t have. Parimatch has a section in the main menu labeled “Promo”.

The problem is, there’s nothing there at the time of writing. It doesn’t mean Parimatch doesn’t offer any bonuses. It just means that when we’re doing his review, there are no promotions.

Also, promotions at Australian bookmakers are a little different when compared to the rest of the world. The government has recently banned all bonuses including welcome bonuses for the customers.

As a result, it’s hard now on the bookmakers as well as the punters. Because as we said, bonuses are one of the major attractions for online gambling sites. The same goes for the casino account as well. No free spins, no free games, and no boosted odds for any events.

VIP / Loyalty Service Free Bet

Another shock to us is the lack of a Loyalty Program. It’s one of those things that you don’t actively think about anymore because every betting company just offers it. The same goes for a VIP program too.

Parimatch, on the other hand, has decided to completely abandon the path. It means no VIP odds, no additional esports bets, and no gaming with a personal assistant. Basically, there are no VIP or Loyalty programs for you.


Parimatch Casino

The casino section is one of the highlights for Parimatch on a global level. The casino is packed with slots and live casino games for you. The slots are supplied by renowned developers like EGT, Pragmatic Play, 3 Oaks, KA Gaming, JetX, Habanero, Fugaso, Netgame, Nolimit City, Spribe, SmartSoft, and plenty of other renowned brands.

Some of the top games you can play at Parimatch Casino are Big Bass Splash, Eggs of Gold, Candy Gold, Aztec Century, Tiger Jungle, Sun of Egypt 3, Ultra 7 Hot, Black Wolf Hold And Win, Gold Express, and whatnot.

All of these games belong to 3-reel, 5-reel, Megaways, Clusterpays, Jackpots, and lots of other categories. It’s a blend of all kinds of slots you can think of to keep you occupied.

The live casino section houses some of the best titles we know of. You can choose between Online Poker, Blackjack Online, Dragon Tiger, Lucky 7, Teen Patti, Baccarat Online, Mini Baccarat, and lots of other games from the most reputed providers.

Virtual Sports

In recent years, virtual sports have become quite popular at online casinos as well as at a sportsbook. These events are very similar to betting you know but on virtual games. It might be football, tennis, or any of the other major sports. You get identical odds and all of the rules remain the same. It’s just that no real players are playing on the field.

TV Games

Parimatch casino website has a section in the main menu that takes you to TV Games. A TV game is simply a title that’s broadcasted on TV and you can place bets on it. War of Bets, Dice Duel, Speedy 7, Wheel of Fortune, 6+ Poker, Bet-on-Poker, etc. are just some examples of TV games.

You make a payment or perform a withdrawal for these games the same you do it for any brand. You may use your Visa or Mastercard credit/debit cards for both a deposit and withdrawal process.


Registration & Deposit Process at the Company

So, let’s get you started with an account you can use for the betting, shall we? The great thing is that you can use the same credentials for the Parimatch casino as well as the sportsbook. Sure, you might get any free spins or better odds, but you can’t ignore the existing odds.

The signing-up process is very streamlined. If you’re familiar with how to do it on any other platform, you can effectively do it for Parimatch too. Here’s how the process goes.

  1. Visit Parimatch from your mobile or desktop and click the “Sign Up” button. Opening the account is completely free on this gambling platform.
  2. Enter the necessary pieces of information such as your email address, passwords, currency, phone number, and so on. Make sure you’re giving all legit information in the process because you’ll need to verify your identity.
  3. Agree with the T&C on the site before you start playing the games at Parimatch casino. Also, there is no welcome bonus at the time of writing so the minimum deposit limit doesn’t matter much.
  4. If there is a welcome bonus when you sign up, however, make sure you’re reading the users’ rules before you access the deposit menu. Otherwise, you might miss out on the welcome offer on the site.

    Parimatch How to register in Australia, Allbets.tv

    Parimatch How to register in Australia, Allbets.tv


Conclusion: Not Good, Not Terrible

Parimatch casino and all of its other betting sites are not bad. They’re just not optimized properly. We believe the reason is that the operator jumped the gun on expanding the service without dialing down the basics needed. Take the mobile app for an example. Only Android users can play with it. The support team is not available via telephone. There is no welcome offer. These are all features pretty much all other bookmaker offers.

Also, the range of payment methods is very shallow at Parimatch Casino. You can only your Visa and Mastercard for free which is not enough considering the scope of the service. There is no loyalty program for you to play at either. The esports collection is somewhat limited.

Gambling is supposed to be intuitive in our opinion and the company, Parimatch Casino somewhat fails to deliver. The reason we’re starting the conclusion with drawbacks is so that you don’t get confused with all the other reviews.

Need to say, the casino and the betting site both have a wide range of positive features as well. Take the massive 80,000 EUR withdrawal limit for example. You can play plenty of games in the casino section. Customer support is available via live chat, What’s App, and Telegram. Overall, if you have the patience, you can try this betting site in Australia.

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