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European Handicap in Volleyball

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The European Handicap is arguably one of the most popular betting types across most sportsbooks. So much so that it is adapted into almost all forms of sports. Volleyball is not left out as this sport represents a unique niche market.

This article provides a detailed breakdown of all you need to know about European Handicap betting in volleyball. Just before delving into the nitty-gritty of this bet type, let’s have a look at the rules of the game.

The Rules of the Sport

Volleyball is essentially a team sport, which involves six players on both sides of the net. The game is played on a 9×18-metre court while the net is usually 2.43m high for men and 2.24m high for women. The goal is to get the ball over the net, land it on the opponent’s side or force the other team to a ‘fault.’

There are a couple of ways to fault in this game. Either by hitting the ball outside the laid down boundaries, touching the net or double hitting. Players are not allowed to touch the ball two times in a row. Also, a team cannot touch the ball up to 3 times in one go.  

There are different types of shots obtainable during the game. There is the bump, dig, or spike.

The games are divided into sets. To win a game, a team would have to win more sets. A set is won when a team reaches 25 points. In the event of a tie (24 – 24), the first team to get two straight points lead after that would win. Winning in volleyball is essentially simplified into best-of-five sets.

For the best of outcomes, it is important to marry these details with the European Handicap rules. 

What European Handicap Offers in Volleyball

There are several betting markets available in volleyball betting, but one that is gaining a lot of attention is the European Handicap. Most online bookmakers offer this betting when there is a clear favourite in a volleyball fixture. 

The sportsbook will offer a handicap on the number of sets in the winning margin. So when a team gets a handicap of – 2, it is akin to losing two sets. So for the bet to clock in as a win, the favourite team has to make straight wins. This is a negative European Handicap.

On the other hand, the underdog is identified by the coefficient of + 2. Here, your bet wins as long as they win 2 sets. This is referred to as a positive European Handicap. 

Factors to Look Out For

Team cohesion: In team sports like volleyball, individual performance is less important than in individual sports. Here what matters the most is how the players play as a unit. 

The Competition: As far as the calendar in volleyball is concerned, different competitions have different priority levels. There is the Olympics, which takes the biggest priority and then the World Cup Volleyball. Understanding how enthusiastic a team is about different competitions can impact the outcomes.

Current form: Many factors come into play regarding this aspect. Due to the nature of the sport and the high volume of matches that players are involved in, fatigue can often set in. Injuries also affect the team’s current form. 


Opting for the European Handicap in team sports like volleyball offers great betting value. It helps balance the scale between the teams and psych up the odds for bigger rewards. Understanding the general rules of European Handicap is not enough. Bettors also require an adequate knowledge of the sport and teams.

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