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Novibet Ireland Bookmaker Review

Online betting has become a truly wonderful paradigm in the last two decades. Plenty of operators have perfected it with new features, offers, and security measures. It goes for both online casinos and online sports betting sites. But our focus for today is the Novibet review in Ireland.

Novibet is owned and operated by Novigroup Limited, a company based on the Isle of Man. If you’re not aware, the Isle of Man is a hub of various gambling operators thanks to the easy-to-comply with laws and mild taxation.

Although the parent company is based in the Isle of Man, it can’t operate in Ireland without a local license. And so, it had to reach out to the Irish Gambling Commissioners. Thankfully, it got the license and you can verify it right now with license number 1017375.

In our Novibet review today, we’re going to explore its sports betting options, markets, design, usability, compatibility, features, and plenty of other things. It’s going to be an extremely educational experience so brace yourselves.

Novibet, allbets.tv


Novibet Sports Betting

Our primary concern for this review is the betting site. However, Novibet also features an online casino, a live casino, virtual sports betting, and a section called “Noviladies”. Needless to say, the Noviladies platform is designed for female bettors in Ireland.

Let’s get back to what we were discussing. Novibet sports. This is one of the most strategically designed sportsbook pages we’ve seen in the country. You can find all the features and all sports you want on this page. It’s a marvel of modern technology as well as a reflection of the effort of the developers.

On the left side of the screen, all of the important links are listed. It starts with listing all the popular events and markets punters are more likely to target. Right below that, you can access the entire sports section. After the sports section, you’ll find the virtual sports leagues. At the very bottom of this section, you’ll find the statistics as a helping hand.

The “Sports” tab is where all the magic happens. Every major sport you can think of is present in this section. We’re talking football, horse racing, tennis, golf, cricket, formula 1, basketball, rugby, MMA, darts, snooker, beach valley, baseball, ice hockey, American football, and whatnot.

On the right side of this menu, you get the live events. Yes, we’re referring to live betting. All the events that are live at the time when you’re visiting Novibet are listed there. Also, you get plenty of live streaming events.

To be honest, live bets at Novibet deserve their own section.


Novibet Sports Markets

Everything we discussed so far makes it look like we’re done with the sports section on Novibet. But in reality, we’re far from done. We’re yet to explore the betting markets on this site.

If you’re not familiar, a “market” in sports betting is an outcome for you to bet on. You essentially bet on a market and not on a sport. It’s because any given sport can have various opportunities for betting. It’s the operator’s job to figure out which ones the punters of Ireland are going to like.

In our experience, Novibet has done a fantastic job. The markets are very lucrative and competitive at the same time.

Although we want to explore all the markets with you in this review, it’s just not possible. It’s because each sport has a different set of markets as the scoring system and all the other rules are different.

However, you’re in luck because there are certain markets that apply to all kinds of sports. They’re also known as “types of bets”. We like to think of them as markets. Let’s shed some light on them.

Outrights/Winners/Money Lines

All 3 of the terms we listed essentially indicate the same market or bet. It’s when you bet on the winner directly. For most sports, there are 2 parties. It can be either 2 teams for team-based sports or 2 players for individual sports like Tennis. The bookmaker, Novibet, in this case, will project odds for both.

Your job is to pick either of the parties and place a bet on it. If the team or the player wins, you win the bet. If it doesn’t, you lose. That’s all there to it. Most operators don’t include the possibility of a draw in the money lines.


Also known as totals, this is a prediction based on the score of the match. For soccer, it’s goals. For tennis, it might be sets or games. For basketball, it’s field goals. As you can see, scoring systems for different bets might be different but you bring them all under the same umbrella.

For an over/under bet, the bookmaker first decides on a score. The traditional way is going for the final score. But many bookmakers go for half-time scores as well if the sport allows it.

As the punter, you can either bet “over” or “under” the projected score. For soccer, if Novibet thinks there will be a total of 5.5 goals in the match, you bet that “the match will have 6 or more goals” or “the match will have 5 or fewer goals”. The reason most sites go for a fraction is so that there can be no draw. The odds behave in the same way for this market as the rest of them.

Points Spread

Spread betting is often considered the most complex form. Instead of focusing on the direct outcome of the event, you bet on a “spread”. The idea is to create a range for the punters so that the final outcome of the match doesn’t influence the outcome of the bet.

We’re aware it’s sounding very complicated right now. But everything should be as clear as day to you after you read this example.

Let’s take a soccer match. Spreads are offered for both favorites and underdogs. A “-2” spread means the favorite team must win the match with at least 2 goals lead. If your bet is on the underdog and the favorite wins the match by 1 goal lead, you still win. And that’s the beauty of points spread betting.


A handicap on a sports bet is exactly what it sounds like. These bets are mostly offered for soccer. Essentially, when 2 teams with very different skill portfolios are paired for a match, the bookmaker handicaps the favorite team’s score to give the underdog a fighting chance. You can think of it as giving the underdog a boost as well.

Handicaps are assigned with a (-) for favorites and with a (+) for underdogs. The assigned handicap is deducted from the favorite’s score after the match while it’s added to the underdog’s score. So, punters like you who support the underdog can have a chance to win the bet.


Is Novibet’s platform flawless?

Let us ask a counter-question. What do you mean by flawless? If you expect the Novibet sportsbook to be free of any kinds of problems, that’s not happening. And no, we’re not bashing the operator in any way. Whether it’s an online casino or an online bookmaker, there will always be some flaws in the system.

One of the primary flaws is not having a license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. It had a license from the Gambling Commission but it had to surrender it. It means punters from the United Kingdom cannot participate in real money gambling anymore.

Also, the casino games library is not very flourished. When compared to the competition in the country, the number of casino games is just not enough. The casino also has its fair share of bad reviews from new customers as well as existing customers. The live casino section, however, is very nicely designed and you can play all the major titles from reputed providers.

On the bright side, we’re focusing on the sports offers the company is providing and we haven’t found any issues so far. There are certain elements of dissatisfaction such as English being the only language.


Novibet Usability And Interface

For the most part, punters don’t bother with the usability of a betting platform. But as we do unbiased reviews, we have to. If a casino or betting site is not “usable” in the first place, how can we recommend it to our readers in good conscience?

Usability essentially starts with the website. How does the Novibet website run you ask? Well, it runs phenomenally for us. The site loads instantly after we type in the URL. Navigation between the pages is very seamless as all major pages are either linked on the main navigation bar or in the footer section.

The “Useful Links” section in the footer contains the links for the company information, rules for betting, terms for the promotions, KYC regulations, and so on. It shows that the operators want you to understand what you’re getting into.

As for the design, it’s subjective. But if you want our opinion, we find it very standard. The color scheme is very strategically selected so that it doesn’t create any strain on your eyes.

A huge area of usability depends on mobile compatibility. So, let’s just focus on that.

Mobile App & Site Compatibility

At this point in time, we’re very much dependent on our mobile devices. We’re always looking into it, working, or researching. So, why can’t we bet stake too? The answer is you can. Most modern bookmakers have excellent mobile compatibility. Novibet is no different.

Novibet, allbets.tv

When you’re on the homepage of the website, you can scroll down to the footer section and you’ll find the buttons for downloading the mobile app. There are 2 separate buttons. One is for Android and the other one is for iOS.

If you’re using the mobile site, it’ll look pretty much the same as the desktop site. However, the placement of the graphical elements is going to be different which is a no-brainer. You get all the features Novibet offers without compromising anything on your end. You also claim the entire library of Novibet bonus right from your best online mobile site.


Caring Customer Support

So, customer support is something you often forget to check when evaluating a bet platform. But it’s one of the fatal (metaphorically) mistakes you can make. It’s because you never know when a problem might ruin your day and strip you of the joy at Novibet. That’s why we did the research for you.

First of all, you get the live chat. The button is located right below the Register button and it says “Live Chat”. So, you’re very unlikely to miss it. Interestingly, there’s a link in the footer section labeled “customer support” where all the magic happens. Clicking on it will take you to a different page.

Essentially, you can not only get in touch with Novibet via live chat but also via phone, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and Skype. You can send the emails to support@novibet.ie from Ireland. International customers can use support@novibet.com as well.

For telephone, both existing and new customers can call +353 818882187 for all their gambling queries. All of the stated channels are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just make sure to gamble responsibly.


Noviladies – Lots of Games for Everyone!

Why should boys have all the fun, right? Well, they don’t. At least when it comes to online gambling, there’s no discrimination between male and female punters. But Novibet still thought of creating a separate portal for the ladies which is conveniently labeled “Noviladies”.

Novibet, allbets.tv

You can pretty much play all the games in the casino section. The theme of the section has been designed with women’s preferences in mind. What amazes us the most is that you can participate in the same promotions as the casino audience even if you’re playing at Novoladies.


Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Gambling online means you need to pay the gambling fees online as well. That’s where online payment methods come into play. It’s not only true in Ireland but also in all other countries where gambling is legal.

For Novibet, the highlight has been the deal with Nuvei, the payment processor. Among the fierce competition between Apple and Google, Novibet has secured the deal with Nuevi which enables the customers to pay using Apple Pay.

Other payment methods include names like Skrill, Neteller, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Trustly, Paypal, and Paysafecard. Among all of these methods, Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal are e-wallets. If you’re not aware yet, e0wallets are considered the most reliable and convenient payment options nowadays. It’s true that you can’t participate in some of the promotions if you use their service but it’s worth it in our opinion.

All of the stated methods are suitable for deposits, whether you’re betting on max odds or min odds. The minimum deposit starts at €10 only and no upper restrictions apply. It means you can go ham on your first deposit and start betting from your account or pay games left and right.

As for withdrawals, you may use any of the stated methods except for Paysafecard. It’s a prepaid method and you can’t use prepaid payment methods for both-way transactions. The maximum withdrawal is capped at €4,000 in a single transaction. If you ask us about the service, we have to admit it’s pretty good.


Novibet Live Betting

In-play bets are simply another way of saying live bets. You’ll see a tab labeled “In-Play” right beside the “Sports” tab on the main navigation bar. If you’re not familiar with betting that much, this page will look like a bunch of gibberish to you. But that’s why we’re here for, right?

novibet live betting

This betting platform houses all the live events at offering on the left-most section of the page. At the time of writing, various football events such as the China League, Estonia-Esiliga, Ethiopia-Premier League, Finland-U20 League, etc. were ongoing. So, Novibet listed the matches. When new customers sign up, the inventory is very likely to be different.

Right beside this section is the statistics section. For live bets, statistics are very important. Otherwise, how do you plan to figure out which events you should bet on. It shows corresponding stats to the matches that are going on in the left section.

The right-most section is for live streaming. All the matches that are available for streams are listed there. You can’t access a stream unless you log into your account.


Sportsbook Promotions & Casino Bonus

If promotions are something you want to spend time with, Novibet is heaven in Ireland. The page is packed with various sports bonus, casino bonus, and VIP programs. It offers a free bet to new customers right after they sign up. But let’s not ruin the paradigm right here. Instead, let’s go over different ones separately.

Novibet, allbets.tv

Novibet Free Bets Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is the bonus that gets the most traction. It’s designed to attract new punters so it’s often the biggest bonus offering for a betting site.

Interestingly, Novibet has decided not to walk the path with its welcome bonus. Instead of offering a 100% match bonus on the first deposit, it offers free bets to new punters!

To claim this bonus, you first need to deposit at least €10 and place a qualifying bet. The qualifying bet can be a single or an accumulator at min odds of 7/10. Once the qualifying bet settles, the bookmaker will credit the free bet within 10 minutes.

The interesting thing about the free bet promotion is that there’s not only one. Rather, there are 2 free bets. You get the first €10 free bet after you place your first valid bet. If it fails, the operator will give you another €10 free bet! That’s 2 free bets right the price of one!

The main term to keep in mind for these free bets is that you can only keep the winnings, the stake not returned. Also, you must complete the process within 30 days after you become a valid customer.

Casino Bonus

In the casino promotions section, you’ll find events like 100% welcome offer, casino loyalty program, cashback casino offer, bonus hunt, drops & wins, crazy daily drops, and plenty of other ones. All of these are designed by various software providers to keep you occupied with the games.

Cashout & Bet Builder

Cashout is a feature most modern bookmakers offer. It indicates your ability to cash a bet out before it’s settled. It’s a measure taken to minimize losses in incorrect bets. So, if you place a pre-match bet that you see is going wrong, you can cash out at the current odds.

The Bet Builder feature is excellent if you’re confident in your knowledge. Basically, you can design your own markets with help from customer support. The full t&cs apply to the bets you build as well. Unfortunately, this service is only reserved for the Greek website. For punters from other countries, various other restrictions apply.

VIP / Loyalty Service Free Bet

A VIP or a Loyalty service has become a standard practice in the iGaming industry. Needless to say, it helps with the rating in reviews as well! Novibet’s VIP program is called the “Novibet Club”. It’s a fairly simple program where you can win a €10 free bet every Monday based on your wagers for the previous week.

All you have to do is place 10 or more valid bets between Monday to Sunday. The min odds for each selection must be 1/2. Odds for single and ACCA bets work equally well. This is just as good as the welcome bonus because you get to accumulate funds every single week.

You may also get free bets as part of VIP rewards. Keep in mind that T&Cs apply for all kinds of sports bonus as well as casino bonus.

Other Specials (politics, weather, celebrities, etc.)

Special are the ones that you don’t expect to find on betting sites. But making the unexpected possible is one of Novibet’s specialties. So, you can bet on political events in the UK (although it doesn’t have the UK Gambling Commission license), the USA, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, and various other countries. The prominent markets would be the Next Prime Minister after Boris Johnson, the Next General Election, the Next President of the USA, and plenty of others.

Another great area for rating the bets is Entertainment. The tab is located right below the politics tabs. Markets like the Next James Bond, BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2022, etc. are entertainment markets. As usual, all T&Cs apply.


Modern-day betting is not complete without the inclusion of esports, don’t you think? The culture is really vibrant right now and it has created a huge market for punters from all over the world.

Novibet lets you jump right into it with Counter-Strike and Dota 2. As time goes by, you will find various other games for betting too. Remember the full T&Cs apply to computer games as well. The odds are also projected in the same way.


Registration Process

To participate in all the activities we covered in our reviews, you first need an account. Thankfully, opening an account is just as easy as you’d imagine on this website. As your one-stop guru, let us walk you through the process of account opening.

  1. Visit the Novibet website and click on the “Register” button.
  2. Enter your email address, a username for your account, and a password.
  3. On the next screen, choose your gender, enter your first name & last name, date of birth, currency, and country.
  4. The last stage is where you enter your complete address, phone number, and enter bonus codes. It might be for a special welcome offer or any other casino bonus you’ve received via email.
  5. Check the box to show that you agree the full T&Cs apply for real money betting. Not many reviews state it but it’s very important for your account.



It’s only normal for a bettor to wonder about the limits of his/her deposit or winnings. If you click on any T&Cs apply button anywhere on the website, you’ll land on the T&C section. It clearly states that you can win up to €80,000 from a single bet whether from casino games or


Conclusion: Pretty close to Great

Overall, Novibet is a fantastic platform for Irish punters as well as players who prefer casino games. You can also get a wide variety of sports bonus, casino bonus, deposit bonus, and whatnot. The welcome offer is not the best we’ve seen but it’s surely appealing to a customer from all walks of life. We can’t help but give this casino and betting site an excellent rating in our reviews.

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  • Is Novibet legit?

    Yes, it is completely legit. Currently, it boasts a license from the Irish Revenue Commissioner to operate in the country. It regulates your money with all the valid payment methods. You can deposit from €10 only which is excellent.

  • Who owns Novibet?

    The platform is currently owned by Novigroud Limited. It's located on Clinch's House, Lord Street, Douglas.

  • How long does it take for Novibet to verify?

    To withdraw your money, you'll need to verify your customer account before anything else. It doesn't matter what odds your bets had or what bonus you're claiming. You must complete the KYC process which takes up to 24 hours to complete.

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