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Litecoin Betting Sites in Monaco

The sports industry is a major factor in the growth of digital assets trading thanks to crypto-based companies’ investments on the former. Thus, many but not all assets become the prime betting currency of choice for many punters worldwide. Litecoin (LTC) is one of the most accessible of them all while also being the most versatile. 

Litecoin is a digital asset that uses a proof-of-work (PoW) protocol to run its network. It was created from a copy of Bitcoin’s source code that grew to be an independent player in the market. LTC can be transferred using peer-to-peer (P2P) functionality as well as payment methods dedicated to digital assets, allowing you to access services like sports betting.

List of Bookmakers that Accept Litecoin

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Quick Access to the Topics You Can Find in This Article

Betting sites with Litecoin Payment method are easy to grasp but there are topics that need to be addressed independently. Click any of the following quick access links to jump to any of them:

Litecoin betting sites

Why Use Litecoin Payment Method in Online Bookmakers

Bookies heavily rely on payment methods to connect with their customers. Otherwise, you can’t deposit money into your account balance to top up. The Litecoin payment method help you transfer funds from your bank or wallet to the betting site while ensuring that the process is secure.

Litecoin Betting Overview
Fast transactions
Easy to use
Access to great bonus offers
Secure & Safe
Low Fees

Is Litecoin Safe for Betting?

Crypto wallets are protected by encryption technology, allowing them to keep the connection between you and the sportsbook receiving your deposits safe from attacks.

Litecoin’s network is also protected by the same technology with the addition of being run by an algorithm rather than a company. This makes its system decentralized, giving you full autonomy on your money without the risk of being attacked by hackers.

How to Bet With LTC

The Litecoin Payment in Sportsbooks supports any wallet that can store LTC. It can benefit from its P2P system where you just type the wallet address of the recipient into your app then click send. There will be times when the bookmaker offers an alternative means and you just choose whichever you think is more convenient in terms of cost and time efficiency.

  • 1

    Check our bookmaker list

    Browse through the selection of bookmakers in the list above that accept Litecoin as payment. You can check them out and see whichever offers the best experience suited for you. Narrow your options based on which one has a license to operate in your country and which one has promotions for Litecoin deposits.

  • 2

    Get used to your bookmaker

    Choose a bookmaker then make an account to go to the deposit page. See the best online payment service for Litecoin betting available on the site and read its transaction instructions. Check it out and get used to the process. Browse through the other pages as well to get a feel of the whole site.

  • 3

    Deposit Funds

    Sending Litecoin to bookmakers usually follows this process:

    1. Log into your sportsbook account, then click ‘deposit’ found either on the homepage or in your profile, and choose Litecoin as the currency among crypto options. This generates a QR code to scan and a wallet address you can copy and paste.
    2. Login to your wallet where you are storing your Litecoin, then click on ‘send’ and input the amount you want to use. Finally, send it to the wallet address shown by your sportsbook. Then copy the wallet address and paste it into the recipient part of your wallet.

    Wait until the transaction is complete to check your sportsbook balance.

  • 4

    Start Betting

    Litecoin can be used instantly for betting like any currency in a sportsbook. You may claim a bonus before playing to gain cash bonuses then start playing. Place a stake in any sports market and win real cash.

How to Withdraw Litecoin From a Bookmaker

Unlike fiat, withdrawing cryptocurrencies is similar to making a deposit. You just need to use your sportsbook wallet to send LTC from your balance to the wallet where you want to keep it. Here’s a quick general instruction on how most sportsbooks handle it:

How to Withdraw Funds

  1. Log into your sportsbook account
  2. Click on ‘withdraw’ found either on the homepage or your profile
  3. Choose Litecoin then input the amount you wish to withdraw
  4. Log into your wallet then go to ‘receive’ to produce the QR code and wallet address. Copy your wallet address to the sportsbook’s recipient field if they are open in the same device, scan the QR code using the device where your sportsbook is open, or manually input the wallet address if neither of the above options is viable
  5. Wait until the transaction is complete then check your wallet


Canceling Your Withdrawal Request

Withdrawals can take a few hours because your account is being verified. If you change your mind, you can go to whichever account is sending the funds then cancel the attempt while it’s still pending.

Don't Withdraw All Your Funds at Once

Larger amounts withdrawn take longer time to process and charge a higher rate. It’s sometimes best to only withdraw 20% or 50% of your balance at a time. What’s left can be used for your next sports betting session or withdrawn depending on your mood.

How Deposit and Withdrawal limits work

Limits determine the maximum and minimum amount that you can send at a time. This is determined by the sportsbook but it is usually measured in their rate in fiat. Litecoin is volatile, thus, limits are arbitrary.


Pros and Cons of Betting with Litecoin

There is a lot to say when it comes to the pros and cons of Litecoin Betting. Take at look:


✔ Can grow in value fast

✔ Uses P2P system that is accessible to all crypto

✔ Almost every Litecoin wallet is supported


✖  Crypto transactions are typically slower than fiat

✖  Litecoin regulation is different between countries

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