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Debit and Credit Cards Betting Sites in the UAE

Debit and credit cards are among the first payment methods that grant users the ability to make cashless payments. Debit and credit cards are the most common and efficient ways to pay for your wagers in online bookmakers.

List of Bookmakers that Accept Debit and Credit Cards

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To save you some time going through the different topics related to debit and credit cards, check out a list of subjects that can greatly help you out:

debit and credit cards betting sites

Why Use Debit and Credit Cards for Betting?

Debit and credit cards as payment methods at bookmakers are integral for punters to have more variations when it comes to making deposits, placing their wagers and making withdrawals. Debit and credit cards are used to make the general betting experience run smoothly through fast transactions.

Debit and Credit Cards Betting Overview
Safe Transactions
Access to Rewards
Popular Payment Option
Ease of Use
Lower risk of theft

Are Debit and Credit Cards Safe for Betting?

Debit and credit cards are among the safest forms of payments you’re going to get when visiting bookmakers. Cashless payments are not only quick, but they have a lot of security measures that most banking institutions use to ensure utmost safety.

How to Bet With Debit and Credit Cards

When placing wagers, using a debit and credit card is simple. Using debit and credit cards are among the easiest to use because of its familiarity. All you need to do is to provide your number, CVV, and the expiry date of your card. Below are the steps to betting with debit and credit cards to get you started: 

  • 1

    Check our bookmaker list

    The first thing you need to do is to check our sportsbook list and see which accepts debit or credit cards. This way, you can also see which site you may want to bet on.

  • 2

    Get used to your bookmaker

    A crucial part about learning how to bet on your selected payment method is to get familiar with your bookmaker. If you learn how to navigate through its user interface and manage your payments through its myriad of options, it’s going to be easier to deposit and withdraw funds.

  • 3

    Deposit funds

    Once you’re clear on learning the ropes of how your favorite bookmaker operates online, it’s time to deposit money on your account. Depositing money on your debit card is fairly simple. The bookmaker will have an option to deposit funds using a debit and credit card, and from there you can click on deposit funds to start putting money into your sportsbook account. 

    For credit cards, you don’t deposit funds but instead use the credit limit of the card to pay for your bets. When your credit card maxes out, you have to call the company to let them know that you have reached your limit and must pay them back the money plus interest.

  • 4

    Start Betting

    Once you do all the steps above, it’s time to start betting on your favorite sports. To place your wagers, all you have to do is pick which team or player you want to bet on. There are odds placed on each side of the betting line, and all you have to do is pick one of which you think will win the match.

How to Withdraw Money From a Bookmaker to Debit and Credit Cards

Withdrawing using your debit and credit cards is easy to do. With the right steps to follow, you’re going to withdraw funds in no time. Here is everything you need to know about withdrawing money using the credit and debit card options:

How to Withdraw Funds

To withdraw funds using your debit card, visit the site and click on the debit and credit card options to start withdrawing your desired amount. Here you can start betting the moment you transfer your money from your online bank account to your bookmaker’s account funds. It’s that simple. You can also use cash payments over the counter if the bookmaker allows it.

Canceling Your Withdrawal Request 

To cancel your withdrawal request, you have to inform the bookmaker’s customer service so you can immediately stop the withdrawal process. You can do this through email or over the counter to cancel your withdrawal. If you want an immediate response, calling their hotline is also advisable.

Don’t Withdraw All Your Funds at Once

It’s a general rule of thumb that you should never withdraw all your money at once. Should the bank’s system fail, at least you won’t have all your cash compromised. It’s best to slowly withdraw your money in small increments to check if the system is working properly.

How Deposit and Withdrawal limits work

To ensure that transactions run smoothly, deposit and withdrawal limits are set so punters can enjoy a more seamless exchange. With bookmakers managing a large amount of money, this helps them control their finances to produce better quality services to punters.


Pros and Cons of Betting with Debit and Credit Cards

When using debit and credit cards as a mode of payment, here are some pros and cons that you need to consider:

Pros and Cons
✔️ Cashless transactions❌ Withdrawal and deposit limits can be a nuisance
✔️ Online banking options❌ Interest rates are generally high on credit cards
✔️ Credit cards can accumulate good credit scores for later use❌ Debit cards usually have high deposit requirements to start an account
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