Top Zimpler Betting Sites in Australia

Looking for something different in the world of online payment? Zimpler is a sophisticated FinTech service that offers international bettors the chance to make instant payments over a phone call. Savvy players love to experiment with innovative technology and Zimpler is exactly what they are looking for!

Permitting instant online transactions without having to register for an account, Zimpler is the epitome of convenience, especially in the Australian betting industry. The payment system utilises a pay-by-phone method to verify your payment via SMS and then send money to betting sites.

There is absolute privacy and non-disclosure procedure that follows when you transfer your money to any sportsbooks in Australia. Therefore, none of your private information will be shared with third-party companies as that is against the anti-money laundering and anti-cyber theft proclamations of the pay-by-phone payment method, Zimpler.

Besides, the customer service team of the platform takes extra initiative to make sure that their customers are happy with their services. Therefore, don't be surprised if you get a call from them when you have crossed your budget for the month!

With that being said, we want to get into details about this super savvy platform. So, let us explain further in the following sections!

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List of Bookmakers with Zimpler

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What is Zimpler?

If you know what an e-wallet is, you understand most of how Zimpler works. But there are a few differences that we will explain in a while. With this payment option at your disposal, you can make quick pay-ins and pay-outs not just for gambling, but also for other commercial purposes.

In other words, you have full control of your funds and where you send them to. Zimpler just utilises all the best practices of online banking by retaining all your bank cards in one place instead of letting them scatter everywhere else!

Some say that Zimpler is one of the most customer-oriented e-wallet platforms. This one is going to keep track of all your purchases and expenses that you have made over the years. On top of that, you can make monthly budgets to manage your financial habits. The fun fact is that the Zimpler team will even call you to see if you are alright if you cross your monthly budget limit!

Here, you can see the earnestness of the customer support team to look after their users! Besides, this is just an example of what they are capable of because these people are always working hard to please their customers!

Zimpler is known as the instant payment solution that has cracked the codes of quick and safe open banking. Because this acclaimed payment method helps to reduce your stress when it comes to instant deposits and withdrawals, betting sites Australia could not help but collaborate with this Swedish payment institution that has gained recognition worldwide.

Located in Stockholm, Malta, and Gothenburg, this online casino payment method can be accessed in more than 25 languages. There are 100 reasons why you should employ this payment option when you are playing at Australian licensed online casinos. Let's find out what they are!

Zimpler, allbets.tv

How to Setup Your Zimpler for Online Betting

Even though the platform has just started running in 2012 with only 3 cities (Germany, Sweden, and Finland), it already has over 112,000 customers! Imagine the peak it can reach if it starts extending its services to more cities and countries!

Some gambling experts claim that having Zimpler in crypto casinos and sportsbooks is more convenient than using any other e-wallets.

Having said that, if you want to start using Zimpler to make deposits and withdrawals at Australian online casinos, we have all the resources you need!

To begin with this amazing platform of GDC Media Limited, you have to register with your current phone number. Then, the Zimpler team will assess your eligibility to use their services through a credit check. You can't skip this step, by the way.

The best feature of Zimpler is that it can store information regarding your credit card bank account. But all the data are securely saved in their database. So, no third-party companies can find access to them in any way.

Despite how cool the features and services offered by Zimpler betting sites are, only a few countries have the privilege to enjoy them. Those countries are Sweden, Finland, and Germany. But that is not a reason to lose hope, because Zimpler is looking forward to offering its ministrations to bettors living in other countries!

Zimpler betting sites Australia doesn’t need to waste their time asking bettors to download an app for Zimpler! The payment system uses a unique way to make deposits and withdrawals. Transactions are usually carried out through a cashier window of free spins deposit casinos, so you don't need to download anything!

However, you have to make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged and in great condition because Zimpler will send you an SMS for confirmation of payment. Until and unless you enter the verification code on the Zimpler homepage, your payments won't be carried forward.

So, when you want to make deposits to any Australian sportsbooks or casinos, your mobile phone will play a significant role in whether the fund is properly transferred or not. If you are wagering on casino games, sports, or races, then keep an eye on your notifications.


How to Deposit Funds with Zimpler

To comprehend how Zimpler works when playing casino games, we have to give you an explanation of its processes and mechanisms. The online payment company has good discernment about technology, which is why it made its services manageable and understandable for people of all educational levels.

Keeping this in mind, you can start by logging into your Zimpler casino or betting sites, and go to the Payment or Accountsection. You will get to select your chosen payment method from the selection available on the casino account, which in this case is Zimpler.

Enter the amount of money you wish to deposit, and then click on Confirm after reviewing your payment. Once all these steps have been fulfilled, you will be directed to the Zimpler website, where you need to enter your phone number to make the deposit for casino games.

As you do all these, you need to make sure that your phone is adequately charged and you have enough network connectivity to receive the verification text that will be sent to you from Zimpler. After you enter the verification code on the Zimpler website, your payment will be finalised for processing.

Since we are too used to mobile online banking, working with Zimpler betting sites may be a challenge for the first few times, but it should become easier over time.

Zimpler Minimum Deposits

Have you heard of a payment service with a minimum deposit amount of a few cents? Zimpler is one of them, in fact! But you have to check if the minimum deposit requirements stay the same for all casino games and free spins deposit.

For instance, since most Bitstarz casino free spins only allow a minimum deposit of $5 or $10, you have to meet the deposit requirements of the betting sites in Australia as well. But it’s definitely a perk to have for sure!

Having said that, you can find all the details about minimum and maximum deposits on the terms and conditions page of each online casino and sportsbook.

Zimpler Deposit Bonuses

Betting sites offer various types of bonuses related to Zimpler deposits which you should keep a lookout for. According to Australian gambling regulations, betting sites Australia is not allowed to give away welcome bonuses to people who newly sign up with the platforms.

All these are done to prevent money laundering activities and to make gambling safe for everybody. Still, betting sites Australia like to offer other bonuses and promotions to their bettors from time to time for marketing purposes.

Zimpler Deposit Fees

You must know by now that Zimpler doesn't charge any processing fee for transactions carried out between the betting sites and the bettors. Nevertheless, the payment company has to survive somehow. With this in mind, whenever you load your Zimpler account, a certain amount of money is charged so that the company can keep running.

Sometimes, fees may be incurred based on the amount of money you are depositing into your Zimpler account. For a deposit amount of $29, you may be charged a fee of $1.50. Again, for a deposit amount of $90, you may have to pay a fee of $5.90.

These are just assumptions of the associated fees for loading funds to your Zimpler account. For accurate details about the fee structure, it is better to contact the customer service team of Zimpler.

How to Withdraw Funds with Zimpler

Now that you have deposited money to Zimpler betting sites once, getting your withdrawals from the sites should not be an issue. The steps are very simple, and you don't need any guidance next time you want to make withdrawals. So, let's get started!

Log in to your casino account as usual and find the Account or Payment tab. Select the Withdrawal option, and enter the amount you want to withdraw from the Zimpler betting sites. However, you should know that most licensed sportsbooks in Australia only accept withdrawals through bank transfer online casino.

Even though that is the common scenario in most cases, Bitstarz casino free spins may allow alternative payment methods for withdrawals. If you find other crypto casinos like Bitstarz, take a quick look at their payment methods to find out which options are available.


Security Features of Zimpler

Zimpler's team is perfectly aware of how unsafe crypto casinos and sportsbooks can be because they are dealing with cryptocurrencies. For this reason, gamblers need the security and functionality the payment service can provide.

Besides, the payment system doesn't need you to register with it to use the platform. You can just connect your bank account or credit card with Zimpler to start depositing and withdrawing funds to and from online casinos and betting sites.

Zimpler also acts as the middleman between you and the betting website. Therefore, none of your banking details will be disclosed to the sportsbooks, casinos, or any other third-party institutions.

Based on user reviews and the payment mechanism of Zimpler, it is considered a very secure payment channel not just in Australia, but also in Europe. Betting sites offer Zimpler to their punters so that they can make easy and quick deposits without having to wait for hours or days before they can place wagers.

Just like GDC Media Limited, Zimpler is regulated and authorised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, and needs to follow certain modulations for everyday operation and monetary transactions. You can use the bank account payment method or credit card to authorise your payment for online casinos through Zimpler.

All financial dealings are completely safe with this payment option because it uses SHA 256 encryption and 3D Secure verification. The platform even has banks in Latin America and Europe which makes money transfers very easy and quick.

Fraud is not an issue for Zimpler because it uses the latest banking authentication technology for each transaction. Therefore, you can relax and enjoy your casino games while making safe payments within minutes!

The Pros of Zimpler

Payments can be made through bills, checking cards, credit cards, or bank account numbers.
There is no need for you to fill up any long forms to transfer money to Zimpler betting sites.
Since the Zimpler account will save your credit card/bank account information, you don't have to re-type the details every time you wish to deposit or withdraw funds.
The customer service team of Zimpler is very professional and thoughtful, so they help you with any concerns that you may have.
You don't even need to create a password for the Zimpler account, and because of that, there is no chance for you to get locked out of your account.
Zimpler prevents third-party companies or online casinos from getting access to your banking information.
All transactions are processed quickly within minutes.

Because of how the Zimpler platform is created, you can watch your monthly budget plan.


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FAQ. Frequent Questions
  • Do fast payout casinos support Zimpler?

    Definitely. Payouts are made quick and secure with Zimpler carrying it out. For this reason, fast payout casinos in Australia advocate for Zimpler in their payment methods.

  • How do you make a deposit with Zimpler?

    To play innumerable casino games on Zimpler casinos, locate the Account or Payment tab on the website. Select the Deposit and Zimpler options one after the other, and enter the amount you want to deposit. Then, verify the verification code sent to your phone number on the Zimpler website. And you are done!

  • Where can I find Zimpler online casinos?

    You can find several Zimpler casinos on the internet if you search them on Google or other search engines. After you discover them, check their license number, gaming options, payment methods, the terms and conditions, and then proceed with depositing your money there.

  • Will I get casino bonuses if I pay with Zimpler?

    That depends on the casinos where you are playing. Bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos change frequently. Hence, even if you find a casino that offers a bonus for paying with Zimpler, the bonus may not last for too long.

  • What are the benefits of Zimpler?

    There are many benefits associated with Zimpler, such as quick payments, you don’t have to download anything, no forms to fill up, no unnecessary waiting time, and most importantly, security.

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