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Bitcoin Betting Sites in Belgium

Last update at 21 March
Bitcoin is known for being one of the most popular payment options in sport betting. The top cryptocurrency stands as a reliable option in gambling since various online bookmakers in Belgium have already welcomed digital assets as a payment method.

The popularity of Bitcoin has led to the rise of various betting sites integrating it into their platform. So far, there are a lot of people who have seen it as a reliable investment and a good payment method into sports and casino gaming.

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best Bitcoin betting sites in Belgium

Why Use Bitcoin Payment Method in Online Bookmakers in Belgium

While credit cards remain a viable option for payment, Bitcoin is also a secure bookmaker payment method. As the best online payment service for betting Bitcoin, this pioneer crypto is perfect for users who want fast transactions with low fees.

Payment methods betting sites Bitcoin offers a huge advantage for punters in Belgium. This is the path towards smooth sport betting experience and a great chance at winning generous prizes on your sessions.

Bitcoin Betting Overview
Secure & Safe
Fast transactions
Low Fees & Charges
Not Subject to Inflation

Is Bitcoin Safe for Betting?

Bitcoin has a strong reputation for being one of the most secure assets online. There are a lot of bettors who always look for sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s service has been efficient thanks to the blockchain system that keeps it safe from various hacks and other breaches.

How to Bet With BTC in Belgium

Bookmakers will usually ask you to link your crypto wallet where your Bitcoin is stored. Once linked, you can now use Bitcoin for your bets. Now that you have an idea of payment methods betting sites Bitcoin, it is time for you to learn how you can make the most of your chances to bet with the coin.

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    Check our bookmaker list

    Knowing which betting sites accept Bitcoin as a payment method is a good start since you have to pick your options well. This is why it is a must to find out your best options among many sites out there and it will give you the best chance to come up with huge winnings.

  • 2

    Get used to your bookmaker

    You will learn more about the site that you choose based on its Bitcoin betting payment options.  There are various sportsbooks to choose from but you have to explore its payment options—check if they accept cryptocurrency first. Crypto bookmakers will most likely accept Bitcoin.

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    Deposit Funds

    Bitcoin betting simply means that you use Bitcoin to fund your bets. Link your crypto wallet to your bookmaker account and choose Bitcoin (or BTC) as your deposit option. Indicate how much Bitcoin you want to deposit.

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    Start Betting

    Once you’ve indicated how much Bitcoin you’ll deposit with your chosen bookmaker, wait for a couple of minutes to finalize the transfer. Check if you can use bonuses with your best and start betting on any market you want.

How to Withdraw Bitcoin From a Bookmaker in Belgium

Bitcoin is one of the fastest crypto in the world. The lightning speed transaction makes it one of the most reliable payment options. This allows you to have more time with your gaming and betting sessions.

How to Withdraw Funds

Similar to depositing Bitcoin, all you need to do is indicate how much Bitcoin you want to withdraw from the bookmaker. This will be transferred to your linked crypto wallet. There are some bookmakers that has exchange services as well for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Cancelling Your Withdrawal Request

Due to its crypto nature, Bitcoin withdrawal requests cannot be cancelled as soon as they are initiated. This means there is no option to go back even if the status of the withdrawal is still pending.

Don't Withdraw All Your Funds at Once

You can use some of your winnings to place bets again on the bookmaker. You can also withdraw your Bitcoin in instalments, after your first withdrawal has been reflected in your wallet.

How Deposit and Withdrawal limits work in Belgium

Bookmakers have a set deposit and withdrawal limits to ensure that players will stick to the rules. These limits don’t really affect your betting experience, and are mostly established to make sure both deposits and withdrawals go smoothly with every bettor in Belgium.

Pros and Cons of Sports Betting with Bitcoin

There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to using Bitcoin as a payment method, but you can use it to get a lot of winnings and enjoy your time in betting. This is also a must to consider so you can fully decide whether you want to bet with Bitcoin or not.


✔ Faster transaction

✔ Secure holdings

✔ Better value among all crypto

✔ Efficient process


✖ Irreversible

✖ Limited use

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FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I bet with Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is one of the best options when it comes to betting, and it is rewarding enough for you to enjoy a lot of winning chances.

  • Is Bitcoin gambling profitable?

    As long as you play your cards right, you can get the best chance in winning bets with Bitcoin. This is why it is important to have a lot of strategies when placing wagers.

  • Is it safe to place sports bets with Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin betting is known well among the whole gambling industry. This means that it is definitely safe to place wagers with BTC on sports games.

  • Is Bitcoin legal?

    Bitcoin is as legal as it gets, and despite having no governing laws on it, it operates legally at a global scale.