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Last update at 24 January, 2023

Soccer is the most popular sport in most parts of the world. And US sports fans who are also huge soccer enthusiasts have Major League Soccer. If you want to bet MLS in 2023, you’ve come to the right place.

List of MLS Betting Sites

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    How Do MLS Betting Sites Work?

    Websites that offer gambling entertainment heavily invest in making sure the experience is smooth. So, every decent sportsbook will set their website out into tabs and make it easy for players to place their first bet.

    With just a quick search using your preferred internet browser, you’ll see just how endless your options are. But that doesn’t mean all of them will be good. Some will still be more compatible with what you’re looking for compared to others.

    MLS Overview
    🏟 First IntroducedIn 1913
    🏢 Overseeing OrganisationsUnited States Soccer Federation
    🔝 Bookmaker CoverageHigh
    ⭐️ Popular inUSA, Canada, UK, France

    How to Bet on MLS Online

    You can start MLS betting easily by following these steps:

    • Determine the Best Bookie for You
      step 1
      Start with our full list and see what each of these platforms offers.
    • Undergo the Accounts Verification Process
      step 2
      Some companies already do this as part of the registration process. Meanwhile, others will have you do it after the fact. Do this right away to establish yourself as a trusted player.
    • Deposit Money
      step 3
      The third step is to deposit money into your account. If the site you chose offers a sign-up bonus, use that before the deposit.
    • Place Bets
      step 4
      Once you have money in your account, you can check the latest MLS games and other betting deals for betting.

    Why Use Online MLS Betting Sites?

    If you compare the general experience with that of a regular bookie, you’ll see just how much value there is in online sites. When a person places a bet on one, they get the benefit of increased security.

    As more countries worked towards legalizing online gambling sites, more players could be confident in the safety of every transaction. Plus, they no longer even have to leave the house to place a bet. This means that transacting with online bookies is the safest way to gamble.

    How We Rank MLS Betting Sites

    Local and international markets recognize the popularity of MLS. This has resulted in a large number of sites offering MLS bets. We have determined the best ones for betting on sports matches, and we have evaluated major options based on these six factors.

    • 1


      Legalized operations are the primary requirement for being included in our list. Only websites with licenses from regulation agencies like the KGC, MGA, and UKGC were evaluated.

    • 2

      Odds and Payout percentage

      A high payout percentage is recommended as it indicates minimal average losses. Meanwhile, high odds indicate maximized winnings per bet. Having these two ensures more money is left in your pocket.

    • 3

      Variety of Betting Markets

      MLS and other soccer bets usually offer new betting markets to keep things interesting. Apart from the popular ones discussed in the previous section, we expect there to be a lot of variety. Having a betting exchange is also seen as a huge advantage.

    • 4

      Betting Offers

      We scrutinize all bonuses and promotions to make sure they’re competitive and legal. The diversity of the types of promotions was also taken into account.

    • 5

      Payment Methods

      We care about the number of options, their diversity (if a site only accepts those from digital wallets, it’s not a good sign), and the speed of transaction processing.

    • 6

      Betting Features

      Bet accumulators are always good news for players who want to up the stakes. The same goes for every other feature that diversifies the ways you can bet.

    Tips for Advanced Punters

    According to casino writer VP Pappy, “Gambling is not about how well you play the games, it’s really about how well you handle your money.”

    Let us help you keep your gambling stash growing through betting sites for MLS with these tips:

    • If your gut doesn’t match what your analysis says, ignore your gut.
    • Keep a betting record to account for your biggest wins and losses so you can see if there are patterns.
    • Small wins are better than big losses so study betting markets before participating in them.

    Live Betting

    If you want to add more thrill to the game, live betting is a great option. This allows you to place wagers as the match progresses. But here’s the twist: the odds change all the time. Many expert bettors prefer this option as they’re working with more information, such as a player not performing as expected.

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