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The debit card system is among the top choices for online payment services. Mostly, because almost everyone has access to it, and it’s convenient to use. Maestro is among the most popular brands, having been issued by Mastercard in partnership with thousands of banks worldwide. Its ease of use in online transactions also makes it a great payment method for sports betting.

In July 2023, banks stopped issuing Maestro cards.

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There is a lot to cover in talking about the best online payment service for betting Maestro.

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Why You Have to Use Payment Methods in Online Bookmakers

Bookmakers are online betting sites where punters stake for a chance to win real cash prizes. However, you cannot play without sending money into your bookie account to fund your stakes, which is where payment methods come into play. Using sportsbook payment methods, Maestro, is how you can top up and start betting.

Is this Form of Payment Safe and Secure for Betting?

Maestro is a brand of debit card issued by the most trusted payment solutions company, Mastercard Incorporated. It has a robust security system that takes full advantage of its centralised structure without taking away the ease of use from its clients.

How to Bet With This Payment Method

To start sports betting using Maestro, you need funds in your bank account and a sportsbook that supports it as a payment method. You can find everything else you need in the deposit menu in the form of a series of instructions.

  • 1

    Check our bookmaker list

    If you haven’t selected a bookmaker, then check out the list of top sports betting sites that support Maestro. Each one comes with their own advantages and disadvantages to you as a user. Choose whichever fits your needs based on whether it operates in your country and what bonuses it is offering.

  • 2

    Get used to your bookmaker

    Make an account and explore all of the sportsbook’s features. The most important part you need to get used to is depositing and withdrawing. Payment methods betting sites Maestro follow the same process as making an online purchase using debit cards.

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    Deposit Funds

    Whichever method the sportsbook opt for, depositing money will always need to verify that it is your decision. After a successful deposit, you are eligible to claim a sportsbook bonus before you start playing.

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    Start Betting

    Go to any sports match and browse through its markets. Pick an outcome and input your ante. The size of the stake can be as big as you want, as long as it does not exceed your remaining balance.

How to Withdraw Money From a Bookmaker to This Payment Method

You can withdraw your remaining sportsbook balance using Maestro if the website lets you save your card as a payment method when you deposit. In this method, depositing and withdrawal can be as easy as simply sending a request to the bookmaker operators. Otherwise, you will need help from a third-party wallet to withdraw your funds.

How to Withdraw Funds

1. Log in your account and go to profile
2. Click ‘withdraw’ and choose debit card (Maestro specifically) if prompted
3. Type in your desired amount, then send
4. Wait between 1 to 5 days

If withdrawal through card is unavailable, then choose one of the supported wallet methods that also support Maestro. You can withdraw your cash to that account then send it to your bank using the Maestro debit card.

Canceling Your Withdrawal Request

Withdrawals can take time and you may change your mind while it’s pending. You can go to the bookmaker withdrawal page and click on ‘cancel request’ to put your money back into your bankroll. If the option isn’t available, then you may contact the bookmaker customer service to stop the withdrawal.

Don't Withdraw All Your Funds at Once

Large transactions tend to be marked as suspicious by Mastercard. Thus, betting payment options Maestro will need you to withdraw your funds in small quantities at a time.

How Deposit and Withdrawal limits work

Maestro places a $10 minimum limit on deposits, meaning you can only send funds equal to or over this amount. The maximum limit varies on the bookmaker, but it’s usually as high as $100,000 per transaction.

Pros and Cons of Betting with this Payment Option

Pros 🟢Cons 🔴
✔️Transactions are quick➖Needs your personal information to sign up
✔️One of the most recognised payment brand➖Prone to regulation changes in every country
✔️Can be linked to most bookmakers and wallets➖1 to 5 days withdraw waiting time
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