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Championship: Betting Odds, Table & Standings

The English Football League Championship is the second division of the English football league system. It presently has 24 teams competing for the season, who are expected to give the most intense football performances, having the change to qualify for the Premier League.

The Championship is nothing short of fantastic, so let's get into the present standings, compare odds, and get more relevant information concerning the league.

EFL Championship Odds Comparison

In the betting world, many markets with favourable odds await savvy bettors to place their bets. These markets cover areas like match outcomes, total goals, and more.

The EFL Championship odds from different bookies are listed here; use them to make well-informed wagers. There's also the schedule for the next fixtures. Use this knowledge to stay ahead of the game and maximise your betting strategy.

Calendar of Championship


Championship England

  • 1
  • x
  • 2
26.05.2024 14:00
  • 2.5
  • 3.25
  • 2.75

Everything You Need to Know about the EFL Championship 

The EFL Championships football team standings have long had a reputation for competitiveness and showcasing the best English football talents since 2004. With this league's rich history, it continues to evolve, attracting local and foreign fans and creating hallmark football experiences.

The EFL Championship is home to crazy rivalries like Nottingham Forest and Derby County, Aston Villa and Birmingham City, etc. Despite the fierce rivalries, there are still exciting moments. Moreover, the tension adds extra spice to an already highly competitive game.

Additionally, the EFL Championship table has recorded impressive results across Europe, with clubs significantly impacting notable tournaments like the Champions League and Europa League. All of these underscore the Championship standing, league's quality and impact.

EFL Championship

Current Champions🏆


Most Titles 🥳

Leicester City (7) and Manchester City (7)

All-time top Scorer 🤯

Billy Sharp, Hull City (130 goals)

Most Goals in a Season

Dixie Dean;  60 goals in 39 games in 1927/28

Most Appearances 💁🏻

Albert Adomah (472)

Included in the statistics presented in the table are the results of the former Football League First Division and Football League Second Division, which are the predecessors of the current EFL Championship.

Diving into the World of EFL Championship Betting

The EFL Championship is quite popular within and outside of Europe amongst punters and enthusiasts alike. This is because this league is filled with incredible performances from the best English football talents, making it an excellent choice for those who like the thrill of the game.

The Championship betting is a no-brainer for punters due to its extensive betting odds opportunities and traditional match outcomes to specialized markets like the total goals, halftime/full-time results, etc.

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Most Popular EFL Championship Markets to Bet On

In EFL Championship betting, several markets are considered all-time favourites amongst bettors. Some of them are:

  • Handicap Betting: One way to level the playing field is through handicap betting, which gives one side a notional advantage or disadvantage before the game. This market is popular because it may give value to underdogs and raise the odds for favourites.
  • Match Outcome: The easiest market to understand, this one involves guessing who will win a certain match. The foundation of sports betting continues to predict a particular match, regardless of the sport.
  • Correct Score: To bet on the exact result of a match requires precision and planning. It's not easy, but bettors adept at studying the game's mechanics may benefit handsomely by correctly predicting the result.
  • Over/Under Goals: It is possible for bettors to forecast whether the total number of goals scored will come in under or beyond a threshold that the bookmaker has established.

How to Place Bets on EFL Championship Matches

Want to place bets on EFL Championship matches? Here are a few general tips to get you started:

Placing 1×2 Bets

  1. Register (new users) or log in.
  2. Find EFL Championship under the sports listings.
  3. Select a match to wager on.
  4. Choose a result: Home (1), Draw (X), or Away (2).
  5. Submit your bet and the stake.


Placing Accumulator Bets

  1. Pick multiple EFL Championship matches.
  2. Set outcomes for each.
  3. Select "accumulator" in the betting options.


Placing Live Bets

  1. Locate an ongoing EFL match.
  2. Enter the live betting section.
  3. Place your bet with the current odds.

Championship Table

GoalsPointsLast games
1 Leicester 463141189:4197
2 Ipswich 462812692:5796
3 Leeds 462791081:4390
4 Southampton 462691187:6387
5 West Bromwich 4621121370:4775
6 Norwich 4621101579:6473
7 Hull 4619131468:6070
8 Middlesbrough 462091771:6269
9 Coventry 4617131670:5964
10 Preston 461891956:6763
11 Bristol City 4617111853:5162
12 Cardiff 461952253:7062
13 Millwall 4616111945:5559
14 Swansea 4615121959:6557
15 Watford 4613171661:6156
16 Sunderland 461682252:5456
17 Stoke 4615112049:6056
18 Queens Park Rangers 4615112047:5856
19 Blackburn 4614112160:7453
20 Sheffield Wednesday 461582344:6853
21 Plymouth 4613122159:7051
22 Birmingham 4613112250:6550
23 Huddersfield 469181948:7745
24 Rotherham 465122937:8927