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UEFA Champions League: Betting Odds, Table & Standings

The UEFA Champions League, the greatest club competition, is disputed by 38 of the best teams in Europe. They are in 4 stages until they reach the final. Tradition, dynamics, and competitiveness made the Champions an important tournament. Due to their popularity, bookmakers often offer unique UEFA Champions League odds.

Everything you need to know about UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is a top-level tournament. Its final is the most-watched soccer event, with 400 million viewers. This league was born on September 4, 1954, as the European Champions Club Cup, thanks to the initiative of Gabriel Hanor and Jacques Ferran. It was renamed as Champions League in 1992. Real Madrid won the first season in 1954.

In soccer’s history, there are a lot of great episodes to remember. The main events in the UEFA Champions League are:

  • The final with most goals took place on May 18, 1960. The match was between Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt. It was also the last of five Champions won by Real Madrid in a row.  The final score was 7–3. This result is the biggest so far.
  • The top scorer in the competition is Cristiano Ronaldo with 140 goals. The goals include the qualifying round.
  • The top winner of the UEFA Champions League is Real Madrid. The team has 14 titles between the European Cup and Champions League.
UEFA Champions League

Current Champions 🥇

Manchester City

Most Titles 🏆

Real Madrid (14)

All-time Top Scorer 🥅

Cristiano Ronaldo, 140

Most Goals Scored In A Season ⚽

Cristiano Ronaldo, 17 goals in 11 games, 2013 / 14 season

Most Appearance 🙍‍♂️

Cristiano Ronaldo, 183

What is the format of the UEFA Champions League?

The UEFA Champions League standings consist of 32 European teams. The soccer tournament quota is obtained according to the results and performances of the teams in their leagues.

26 teams qualify as top teams from the leagues of England, Germany, Spain, and Italy. The top teams from France and Russia qualify along with the champions of Portugal, Turkey, Belgium, and Ukraine. The remaining 8 teams are included from the Champions Route and League Route.

After the selection, the draw for the Champions League group stage is made. From the draw, 8 groups from A to H are created, which play as follows:

  1. Group stage. There are six rounds where the teams play six matches. The first and second teams go to the next stage. The draw is made to avoid clashing with the same league's team.
  2. Round of 16. 16 teams play round-robin. The teams with the most goals qualify.
  3. Quarterfinals. 8 teams play home and away. The teams with more goals qualify.
  4. Semifinal.  4 teams play for a place in the final. Also, round-robin.
  5. Final. The two final teams compete for the cup. Usually played in a neutral stadium.

Champions League: Upcoming Fixtures


Champions League

  • 1
  • x
  • 2
01.06.2024 19:00
Borussia Dortmund
Real Madrid
  • 5.34
  • 4.26
  • 1.69

Diving into the world of UEFA Champions League betting

The UEFA Champions League is a football competition quite famous in the world. It brings together the best teams from the elite leagues of Europe. The dynamics and competitiveness make this tournament one of the most awaited bettors.

In addition, bookmakers offer special markets and odds for this event. To enjoy the Champions betting is a matter of understanding the championship thoroughly:

  • The first is to understand the format of the tournament.
  • Make an analysis of the players, formation, and injuries.
  • Know the available markets.
  • Check the betting odds and the UEFA Champions League table.
  • Keep yourself informed with statistics, news, and strategies.

Information is crucial in UEFA Champions League betting. So, counting on a reliable source is halfway to winning. Allbets.tv has analysis, information, and statistics made by professional forecasters. On this web, you’ll find updated information about UEFA Champions League betting in general. There's a section dedicated to the best bookmakers, promotions, odds, and so on.

Most popular UEFA Champions League markets to bet on

The variety of UEFA Champions League betting is extensive. The market and odds on soccer depend on the bookmaker and the player. Among the most popular markets are:

  • Moneyline. In this type of bet, players have to select a winning team. The bet has two possible outcomes: the selected team loses or wins. In some cases, there is another possibility: a tie.
  • Team props. Here, you bet on the final result of the competition or the top scorer. This is a long-time bet where many factors can affect the final result. It’s an exciting type of bet.
  • Player props. In this market, bets are placed on a player's performance. In player props is essential to leave off preferences and likes.
  • Handicap. This is one of the most popular bets. In this case, the team with fewer chances is given an advantage. So, the “strong” team has to score, at least, a set number to win the bet.

UEFA Champions League Standings

Champions League Grp. A
GoalsPointsLast games
1 Bayern Munich 651012:616
2 FC Copenhagen 62228:88
3 Galatasaray 612310:135
4 Manchester United 611412:154
Champions League Grp. B
GoalsPointsLast games
1 Arsenal 641116:413
2 PSV Eindhoven 62318:109
3 Lens 62226:118
4 Sevilla 60247:122
Champions League Grp. C
GoalsPointsLast games
1 Real Madrid 660016:718
2 SSC Napoli 631210:910
3 Braga 61146:124
4 Union Berlin 60246:102
Champions League Grp. D
GoalsPointsLast games
1 Real Sociedad 63307:212
2 Inter 63308:512
3 Benfica 61147:114
4 Salzburg 61144:84
Champions League Grp. E
GoalsPointsLast games
1 Atletico Madrid 642017:614
2 Lazio 63127:710
3 Feyenoord 62049:106
4 Celtic 61145:154