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Best Tennis Betting Sites in Monaco

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. Tennis players attract a huge following, and this leads to many sports bettors betting on their favorite players. If you are among them or wish you were and want to get started, then this article is for you! We will tell you everything you need to know about tennis betting, starting with our full list of top tennis betting platforms, which you can check out below!

List of Tennis Betting Sites

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What will you find in this article?

This article is geared towards introducing new bettors to tennis betting.  Everything from how to pick an online tennis betting site to betting strategies, we cover it all.

Best Tennis Betting Sites

How Tennis Betting Sites Work

Tennis betting sites are simple. When you access them, you will be shown every possible match from every possible tournament from around the world that you can bet on, and you can bet on any match of your choice on the list. All you have to do is keep up with the news, study the odds, make a bet, and collect your winnings when you win! If you don’t know how this works, don’t worry, we’ll explain the betting process in detail in the next sections!

Tennis Overview
🏟 First Introducedin 1873
🏢 Overseeing OrganisationsThe International Tennis Federation (ITF)
🔝 Bookmaker CoverageHigh
⭐️ Popular inAustralia, New Zealand, France, United Kingdom
🏅 Olympic DisciplineYes

Why Use Online Tennis Betting Sites?

There are many reasons why you would want to use an online betting site to place your tennis wagers. In this section, we’ll take a look at a few of the reasons:

  1. Convenience: Using an online tennis betting site, you don’t have to visit brick-and-mortar bookies to place your bets. With your laptop or your phone, you can place bets wherever you are, even if you’re on the move!
  2. Special offers: Online betting sites can give you more varied special offers like free bets and sign-up bonuses to sweeten your experience.

How We Rank Tennis Bookmakers

For the sake of transparency, we will show you what we consider when ranking tennis betting sites.

  • 1


    A license is issued by independent governing agencies that ensure that a bookmaker complies with the internationally established rules and guidelines for gambling platforms. Licenses like the UKGC are prestigious and are trusted by customers all over the world.

  • 2

    Odds and Payout Percentages

    Odds signify your chances of winning, while the payout percentage indicates how much of your wager you can win back. Therefore, you will want to pick sites where both of these are high.

  • 3

    Variety of Betting Markets

    Betting markets are the kind of bets you can make. The more variety, the more you can try new things and succeed.d

  • 4

    Betting Offers

    By taking advantage of offers like free bets and welcome bonuses, you will be in a better position to win more on your bets.

  • 5

    Payment Methods

    More variety in terms of payment methods makes it easier for people to add funds to their accounts as they can choose between multiple financial platforms to place bets.

  • 6

    Betting Features

    A good bookmaker should offer a lot of different betting features, the chief of which is live betting, to make the gambling experience more exciting!

How to Bet on Tennis Online

If you want to bet on tennis matchups, you need to take the following steps.

  • Pick Your Bookmaker
    step 1

    Choose the bookmaker you prefer from the list we provide above. They all have great promotions and odds for tennis betting.

  • Register
    step 2

    Create an account. Provide the necessary details and verify your identity, and you’re in! Now check out the site to see how it works.

  • Fund Your Account
    step 3

    You need to bet money to win money, so your first order of business should be to fill your account balance with cash to use to bet.

  • Place Bets
    step 4

    Once you’re done making deposits, scour the site for games that you can bet on and place your wager on what you feel will make you the most money.

Popular Bonus Types for Tennis Betting

Here are a couple of popular types of bonuses you can get.

  • The welcome bonus is a common bonus you can get at a bookie. When you create an account and make a deposit, you will usually get a matched bonus to welcome you to the platform. This means that if you deposit $1,000, the bookmaker will give you an additional $1,000 to bet with.
  • Free bets allow you to make wagers without risking money from your own pocket. Whatever you win is yours to keep, but losses are risk-free!


Understanding Popular Tennis Betting Markets

If you’re just starting out, you’ll want to know about these tennis betting markets. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • Outright: Outright wagers are the most common and seemingly simple form of wagering. You’re going to have to choose the player you think is the best and has the greatest shot at taking home the trophy.
  • Outcome: This type of wager requires you to pick the victor of a specified sporting event. There are only two competitors, so making a decision between them is simple.

Tips for Advanced Punters

Tennis Betting

Here we leave you a list with the simplest and most efficient recommendations for betting on tennis. Use these strategies if you want to start betting right away:

  • Spread bets to mitigate the effects of bad luck and reduce variance in your results.
  • Don't use parlays until you have a bigger bankroll, at which point they can pay off.
  • Bet on the least favorite teams to increase your return on investment. This is because you always get paid more if you back the underdogs, and they win.


Popular Tennis Tournaments to Bet On

The Grand Slams games are the safest places to bet on and the most-watched tennis tournaments of the year. They boast all the most famous players. A lot of people will bet on these competitions. Therefore, you should get to know them a little.

Australian Open

The Australian Open, the first of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, is a must-see for tennis fans all over the world. Originally held in 1905, the tournament has been held at Melbourne Park since 1988 and is now one of the largest sporting events in the Southern hemisphere.

French Open

The French Open is unique among Grand Slam tennis tournaments in that it is played entirely on clay courts. The slower speed of the ball on clay makes it a challenging playing surface.

US Open

The United States Open is the premier professional tennis tournament in the United States and the final Grand Slam of the year. Since its inaugural tournament in 1881, the US Open has served as the country’s premier tennis tournament.


Two weeks of early summer are dedicated to Wimbledon, one of the four biggest tennis tournaments. The All England Club’s Center Court has played host to some of tennis’ most memorable moments and featured some of the world’s greatest players.


Live Betting

In the years since the introduction of the first online sportsbook, live betting has become increasingly common. Furthermore, the time is ideal because more states have been legalizing sports betting.

Live wagering betting markets are active on games as they happen. As the game progresses, the sportsbook adjusts the odds based on mathematical algorithms. This is beneficial to bettors because they can see the conditions on the field as well as the form of the athletes before making their bets. They can also change or place new bets in real-time.

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