Special Promo Bonus

Special Promo Bonus


As part of their marketing campaigns, sportsbooks offer diverse special promotions to their new and existing customers. These bonuses are a form of reward programs tailored to thank the bettors for their loyalty to the sportsbooks and introduce newbies to “once in a while” juicy promotions.

While these offers come once in a while, as the name suggests, it is essential to know what type of bonuses they are, and any other relevant information needed to grab them as they come immediately. This page will give you the correct information to enjoy these bonuses when you get them. 

Special Bonuses


There are different kinds of special bonuses at the sportsbook. While these offers are primarily designed for newbie bettors, existing customers are not left out of the fun and excitement. 

Please note that the bonuses listed are the most commonly found with sportsbooks. That does not mean that there are not many others. 

Huge SignUp Offers


Many sportsbooks offer signup offers with impressive bonuses attached. Some perks include money-back bet bonuses, free bets, cash signup, and others. The incentives attached could go up as high as £1000 in many cases. Some others may be lower. Bonuses of more than £500 are rare, so they are unique.

No Deposit Sign Up Offers


Sometimes, a sign up offer may be rewarded without a real money deposit. Just sign up, verify your account, and credit your bonus account. They are rare and offered only on special occasions or in a particular promo campaign. They are often smaller in amount, but they hold much value since they are risk-free.

Dedicated Sports Events Promos


Another special promo to watch out for is targeted sporting events promos. These bonuses are offered at special sports events. For example, most sportsbooks offer a boosted odds bonus for a UCL final game, an offer that comes once a year. 

Refer and Earn 


To increase their customer base, sportsbook launched a referral contest. This contest is held once in a while, and people who refer their friends and family to the sportsbook are rewarded with real money, which they can withdraw at any time.

Do these Offers have Terms and Conditions?


Yes. The special bonuses offered by sportsbooks come with terms and conditions which must be fulfilled before the proceeds can be withdrawn. 

A particular requirement for most of these offers is the time limit. While the free bets and signup bonus incentives are offered to new customers, they may only be available for a short period of time. 

A peculiar term and condition are that the customers participating in the referral contest will only be awarded cash prizes if their referrals sign up, verify and fund their accounts. 

There are other terms and conditions peculiar to sportsbooks, which is why we recommend studying them before claiming any of the special bonuses.

Wrapping Up


Special offers are offered to all customers, whether new or existing and are typically found on the homepage or the dedicated promotions page. 

You can take advantage of these offers by keeping a close eye on the promotions page of your favourite sportsbook app.

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