What does European Handicap +1/-1 Mean?

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A European handicap +/-1 is a bet that starts off the favourite team on a deficit of 1 goal and the underdog on a surplus of the same number of goals. In the usual fashion, the bookie sets a score line or margin, which both teams have to cover for a bet on either side to win. In this case, the margin is one goal. This handicap is used to eliminate the difference in value in a matchup where one team is relatively stronger.

Here’s an example for context:

Imagine a game between Manchester United vs Middlesbrough. Considering Man U as the better team, bookmakers could give the red devils a starting disadvantage of -1 goal, while the away team starts with an advantage of +1 goal. Man U has to win by at least two goals, while Middlesbrough has to lose by less than one goal to win.

Unlike the two-way Asian handicap, the European variant allows three possible outcomes, with the third being a draw. Typically, at the sportsbook, the options in this market are given as:

  • EH 1 (handicap)
  • EH X (handicap)
  • EH 2 (handicap)

An EH draw does not refer to a draw in the match outcome but a draw respective to the score line. Basically, a draw occurs when the number of goals scored or conceded is right on the score line.

So based on the above example, the draw bet wins when Man U wins by exactly one goal. This would be the same as Middlesbrough losing by exactly one goal.

What does -1 European Handicap Mean?

The handicap with the negative coefficient is the favourite team. A bet on European handicap -1 for Manchester United means:

  • If the team wins by 2 or more, your bet wins.
  • If the team wins by 1, draws or loses, your bet loses.

What does +1 European Handicap Mean?

The handicap with the positive coefficient is the underdog team. A bet on European handicap +1 for Middlesbrough means:

  • If the team wins or draws, your bet wins.
  • If the team loses by 1 or more, your bet loses.

What does European Handicap Draw Mean?

The coefficient for the draw can be given as a negative or positive:

  • If Man U wins by 1 goal, the draw wins
  • If Middlesbrough loses by 1, the draw wins
  • Any other outcome, the draw loses

Here’s an overview extracted from the European handicap chart:

LineWin by 2 or moreWin by 1DrawLose by 1Lose by 2 or more
EH (-1)WinLoseLoseLoseLose
EH (+1)WinWinWinLoseLose
EH DrawLoseWinLoseWinLose

Outcomes for European handicap 1 Explained

There are three possible outcomes with these bets:

  • Win: Selected team covers the score line.
  • Draw: Outcome is right on the goal margin.
  • Loss: Selected team doesn’t cover the score line.

Start Betting on 1 European Handicap

We’ve detailed all that the European handicap 1 entails, and with the chart extract, punters can easily begin betting on this option at the sportsbook. Like the Asian handicap markets, the 1 European Handicap offers great value and a higher chance of return on investment over time.