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Asian handicap,

An Asian handicap (AH) is one of the more advanced bet types in sports betting. It allocates a starting goal advantage or disadvantage to the underdog and favourite teams, respectively, thereby shortening the difference in odds between a much stronger team against a weaker one.

As a new bettor, the concept of Asian handicap may seem too daunting, especially when there are easier bet options like the 1×2 market or the totals (over/under). However, the more seasoned bettors favour the Asian handicap for a couple of reasons. The major one is that it levels the playing field and allows more even chances between two teams, so there’s value to be gained whichever way you bet.

Fortunately, you can use an Asian handicap bet calculator to find out the outcomes and potential payouts without wracking your brain to understand the method to the process or having to memorize the Asian handicap chart.


How does the Asian Handicap Calculator Work?

The Asian handicap odds calculator is designed to help punters work around Asian handicap bets, including full, half, and quarter lines. By simply punching in a few betting data, it helps you define the outcomes for the selected market and how much you stand to profit.

Asian handicapping can also result in a partial loss, a partial win, or a push (in the case of a draw). The calculator will reveal these outcomes as well.


How to Use an Asian Handicap Bet Calculator

There are several sites where you can access an Asian handicap calculator online, and the method is similar across them all. Here’s the step by step process:

  1. Select a team to bet on – the home or away team.
  2. In the relevant field, enter the odds in the correct form – decimal, fraction, or whole number.
  3. Enter the amount you want to bet.
  4. Select the Asian handicap for your chosen team. There will be a drop-down list of all possible lines for you to pick from.
  5. Enter the match outcome to view the payoffs for your selected stake, odds, and lines. This step is optional as some calculators will automatically reveal all possible outcomes and payoffs after step 4.


Over/Under Asian Handicap Calculator

Some AH calculators will combine over/under betting functionality. Over/Under bets, also known as Totals, are bets on the combined number of goals scored at the end of the game. Here, it doesn’t matter who wins or by how much they win.

They are given as .5 decimals to eliminate the possibility of a draw. For instance, a bet on the over 2.5 goals market would mean that you win if the total goals scored by both sides equals 3 or more. You lose if 2 or fewer goals are scored.

Over/Under bets can also cover other match results besides goals. Examples include:

  • Betting on the number of yellow cards shown in a game
  • Betting on the total number of corners in a game or in the first or second half.

Other variations of the Asian handicap calculator are the Asian handicap accumulator calculator and the Asian handicap arbitrage calculator. Both will help you calculate AH parlay bets and arbitrage AH bets, respectively. Parlays are simply multiple wagers accumulated on a single bet slip, while arbitrage bets take advantage of the price differentials that exist between two or more bookmakers to guarantee a profit.

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