European Handicap in Football

European handicap,

Handicap betting markets occupy a key position in most online bookmakers. In this market, the European and Asian Handicap stand out. The European version is more common and popular because it offers more options. 

The European Handicap betting applies to a host of sports, but it is most popular with football. This is mostly an outcome of the high popularity of football compared to other sports in most parts of the world. 

What is European Handicap in Football Betting?

The European Handicap is a three-way handicap and a betting market that places an advantage on a team and a disadvantage on the opponent in a given bet. As a result, European Handicap is divided into positive and negative. The advantage takes the form of +1, +2, and so on.  

As far as football is concerned, the disadvantage or advantage encompasses one or more goals. The primary objective of the European Handicap is to level the playing field for the underdog and favourite team. Also, this market provides bettors with wider betting options and value. 

European Handicap can also be reduced to 1×2 bet as those three outcomes are at the base of this bet type. And that is why it is often referred to as the three-way handicap. However, the team that is less likely to win is given a ‘lead’ right from the blast of the whistle. 

A European Handicap example

Let’s use an abstract Team A and Team B as an example. The home club, Team A, are the clear favourites, while Team B are the underdogs.

While the odds of backing the underdog is usually very high, it’s statistically a bad idea. So because they are likely to lose, the European Handicap helps balance the odds. 

You can add + 1 European Handicap bet on Team B. In this case, it’s like the game started with a result of 0:1. Effectively, the favourite would have to score a goal to get a draw and at least a brace to get a win. As such, the real outcome of the game and that of the Handicap differs. So, if Team B really draws the game, it would be considered a win for you. 

Alternative relevance of the European Handicap

The European Handicap is no longer limited to football matches against teams with huge differences in performance and quality. You will also find this handicap option for games with teams with close chances of winning.

Here the objective is to provide more irresistible odds. For instance, in an El-Classico, online bookmakers often offer European Handicap bets just to increase the odds. 


The European Handicap has become a popular part of football betting. There is no middle ground in the betting market as your stake cannot be refunded like in Asian Handicap. 

So bettors must look out for the relevant indices and statistics before accepting the high value that the European Handicap constitutes. There must be sufficient factors to ascertain the favourite team and if there is really an underdog in the match.

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