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Best TV Show Betting Sites in the UAE

It’s no secret that reality TV shows have a loyal following. Viewers who regularly watch these shows are always on the edge of their seats with anticipation. But did you know TV show betting was a thing? If you didn’t you can find all about it here.

List of TV Show Bookmakers Online

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History of TV Show Betting in UAE

It has been a while for TV betting in America and Europe. You could often find household betting amongst themselves on the outcome of TV shows.  Bookmakers weren’t far behind to catch up on it and started offering it as a betting option. Thus the birth of betting shows took place.

You can now find the option for betting on TV shows at the best bookmakers in the world. We’re going to share some of them with you soon.

TV Show Betting Overview
🏛️ Is it Legal?Yes
🌎 Popular in:America, Europe, Australia, Canada
📶 Bookmaker CoverageWorldwide
⭐ Favorite TV Shows to be on:Love Island
🏅 Common TV Shows Betting MarketsWinner
📱 Mobile Betting on TV ShowsAvailable

How to Pick the Best Bookmakers for TV Show Betting

tv shows betting in UAE

If you’re a newcomer to Asian bookie betting, then you will need to know how to get started with Asia bet. We’ve made a short step-by-step guide for you to follow.

  • Check the License and Security
    step 1

    The first step as always is to check for the license of the bookmaker. Make sure to authenticate it yourself. Whilst you’re doing that, pay attention to the security features used as well.

  • Look for Promotions on TV Shows
    step 2

    TV betting sites will offer bonuses that apply to TV shows. You can use these bonuses to make your betting experience all the more enjoyable.

  • A Good Collection of TV Shows for Betting
    step 3

    The bookmaker in question should have a good collection of betting shows for you. That way you can enjoy variety and not get bored betting on the same thing.

  • Fast Payouts
    step 4

    Everything that we mentioned above will feel incomplete if you don’t have fast payouts paired with them.

Top 3 TV Shows Betting Mobile Apps

The ability to place bets on betting shows from your mobile phone is definitely one of the best things about this niche. Let’s check out some of the best apps that you can use for this.

  • 1


    If you’re looking for an optimized entertainment betting experience, you won’t need to look much further than 1XBET. It’s also one of the safest bookmakers out there for betting shows.

    1XBET bookmaker
  • 2


    This bookmaker is known for being one of, if not the best bookmakers in the world. The mobile app allows players to take part in TV show betting without a hitch.

    bet365 betting online
  • 3


    This bookie is most known for offering a wide range of betting markets on betting shows. And you can get a taste of it all using the mobile app.

    22bet betting online

What TV Shows Can You Bet On?

Are you curious to uncover popular TV betting shows trending on the Internet? We’ve made a list that we think you should definitely check out. The most popular betting markets are being offered for these TV shows.

Without any further ado, these are some of the popular TV shows for betting right now:


Although this is a singing contest in which no one from the UAE participates, it does not mean that there are no viewers who support their favorite contestants from other countries. You can bet on who will come out on top, who will be the big winner or anything else within the wide variety.

Love Island

A group of people stay on an island isolated from the outside world and try to survive. Each participant must pair up until the end, either for love, friendship or just a truce to win the big cash prize.

The Last of Us

The series based on a video game follows the life of Joel, who helps a teenage girl who seems to be immune to the great fungal infestation pandemic that wiped out almost the entire world, she could be the cure. This series is loaded with drama, suspense and incredible moments that will have you placing winning bets.

Types of Bets You Can Place on TV Shows

Bets on TV shows are considered special, and the types of markets we can find will depend a lot on the type of TV show we are watching. Below, we show you the most popular bets on reality shows, competitions, or series.

  • Eliminated
  • Winner
  • Top 5
  • Over/Under bets on votes
  • Character deaths
  • Other specific bets on the TV program in the UAE

Are TV Shows profitable to bet on?

Reality shows have been around for decades and have gained a massive following among viewers. With the rise of gambling, some have been attracted to the idea of betting on the outcome of these shows in UAE. The question is: are these reality shows profitable to bet on? In addition, many wonders if they are as profitable as sports betting.

The truth is that, TV shows are usually quite predictable at some points and therefore many viewers consider this a profitable bet, but no less exciting than sports betting, since, like sporting events, some contests are usually live and everything can change in a matter of minutes.

Tips & Strategy for TV Shows Betting 

TV Shows Betting TIPS

We’re sure that you can’t wait to get started with TV show betting. Here are some tips for when you finally get started.

  1. Look out for any bonuses that the bookmaker offers on TV shows.
  2. Stay updated about the show you want to bet on.
  3. Do your research and stay on top of any rumors or gossip.
  4. Find the best odds between different bookmakers.
  5. Follow the cast of the show on social media.
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