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Online casinos and sports betting websites in India use various forms of deposit methods to wager on games and bet on sports. Certain deposit methods have become quite popular in the country over the years, but you should be careful with them. In fact, you should only rely on deposit methods that are licensed, authentic, and secure. 

With that being said, we have listed the best deposit methods in India suitable for the bettors. We have described how you can use them, and the small charges involved while making deposits with those methods. Hope you learn a lot from this informative article!

What are Deposit Methods? 

There are several deposit methods you can utilize to wager and bet on your favourite online casinos and sports betting sites. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Bank Transfers
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Cryptocurrency
  • E-Wallets

All the deposit methods illustrated above are universal and can be used by people living anywhere in the world. Limitations may be present in regards to the availability of the methods in specific parts of the globe. Nevertheless, even if one method is absent, online gamblers and bettors can use other methods to make deposits. 

The deposit methods that we have demonstrated have come a long way in meeting customer needs when it comes to financial transactions. Since there are no complex procedures and paperwork involved, users can easily send money to online casinos and sports betting sites. 

Credit or Debit Card

Bank cards like credit and debit cards are very portable options for punters in India. Since the cards can be used to make all types of purchases, they serve an all-rounding purpose other than making deposits for online casinos. 

In India, the most common bank cards are VISA and Mastercard. Every bank in the country either uses one of these two cards for financial transactions. Restrictions may be imposed by some local banks which may not allow users to make deposits with their bank cards. 

You have to get in touch with your bank to find out whether they permit international fund transfers with their credit and debit cards. Some cards may be accepted by certain online casinos, while others may be rejected.

Prepaid Cards

Often, Indian punters don’t like to share their personal information with online casinos and sports betting sites. Paying by prepaid cards helps them hide their identity while still reaping the benefits of iGaming!

Generally, bank cards and bank transfers contain your address, age, phone number, national ID, and driver’s license number, which may disclose your identity to the casinos you are depositing. 

With a prepaid card though, you just enter the code on the card in the casino’s Cashier section, and the payment is easily processed! The only downside is that you can’t withdraw any money using prepaid cards. 

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers are regional in scope, that is, they can be limited to the country of your residence. 

This is because you may have an account with a local bank in India, which may have its own restrictions when it comes to fund transfers. 

E-checks and wire transfers fall under the umbrella of bank transfers. They are both recommended deposit methods, but not as convenient or fast as other deposit methods for online casinos. 

Online banking is another deposit method that resonates with bank transfers. Here, instead of visiting the bank yourself, you can log in to your account from the bank website or app. Then, enter the deposit amount and send it to the chosen online casino account. 


Another way to hide your identity while making deposits on online casinos and sports betting websites is by using cryptocurrency. The transactions are registered on the blockchain, it is impossible to trace the source back to you. For that reason, it has become a popular deposit method in India. 

After Bitcoin, Ethereum has taken over the stage due to its supreme speed. Other than these 2 cryptocurrencies, Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are also gaining momentum in online casinos and betting sites. 


E-wallets have become as popular as cryptocurrencies because of their convenience and quiet transfer time. The e-wallets let you store money in your account, which you can use to transfer to your bank account or pay for deposits at online casinos and sports betting sites. 

PayPal is a well-liked e-wallet that has been dominating the commercial market for ages. For some reason though, it is not a popular deposit method in the online casino industry. 

In addition, PayPal is quite strict in choosing what type of sites it wants to collaborate with. It only relies on licensed websites with proper jurisdiction. 

On the other hand, Neteller, EcoPayz, and Skrill are dominating the online casino and sports betting websites as the best deposit and withdrawal systems. Because transactions take as less as a second, the Indian audience is becoming more and more fond of the e-wallet deposit methods. 

How to Make Deposits with Various Deposit Methods

With a credit or debit card, all you have to do is enter your full name, account number, and CVV number to make deposits on online casinos. The e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and online banking only need you to log into your account through the casino Cashier section and enter the amount you want to deposit. 

The hardest and the longest is the bank transfer, where you have to enter the bank name, bank branch, account name, and number to make deposits with the casino and betting sites. It may take a few days for your deposit to reach the casino with the bank transfer. However, it takes as less as an hour with e-wallets, prepaid cards, and cryptocurrencies. 

Various Deposit Methods & Their Fees

Although the casino and betting sites won’t charge you for making deposits and withdrawals, the deposit methods may impose a small amount for fund transfer. PayPal has a money transfer rate of 3.49%, and Neteller and Skrill both have a money transfer rate of 2.99%.

Bank transfers are subject to the charges of individual banks. The same rule applies to wire transfers, online banking, and bank card payments. On the other hand, crypto transaction fees vary based on the kind of cryptocurrency you are dealing with.

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