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Ethereum Betting Sites in Italy

Ethereum is a decentralised public blockchain platform where its native cryptocurrency Ether (ETH) is widely used by many punters across the world for sports betting.

Over the years, Ethereum has become a reliable option when gambling. It offers safety and convenience, which allows for a fulfilling betting experience. Tons of sites have implemented it as a payment method used in both sports and online casino gaming. The use of Ethereum continues to prove the dominance of crypto on betting websites.

List of Bookmakers that Accept Ethereum

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Ethereum betting sites

Why Use Ethereum Payment Method in Online Bookmakers

When it comes to payment methods for sports betting, there are tons of options to choose from. Despite being a popular option, not many are comfortable using their credit card for online betting. This is why payment methods such as Ethereum have become popular. It is a fast and reliable way to transact with sportsbooks. This makes choosing the best online payment service for betting Ethereum important.

Payment methods betting sites Ethereum allow players to deposit and withdraw with ease. Additionally, these transactions are safe due to the nature of cryptocurrencies. This makes Ethereum an ideal form of payment when betting in bookmakers.

Ethereum Betting Overview
Transparent operations
Fast Payouts
Anonymous Internet Transactions
Secure & Safe
Low Fees

Is Ethereum Safe for Betting in Italy?

Ethereum Italy

Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum are known for their security system which keeps them safe from third-party breaches. Thanks to its blockchain technology, Ethereum’s service is best for sports betting. This is one of the biggest reasons why many IT sportsbooks that accept Ethereum have been multiplying over the years.

How to Bet With ETH

Being familiar with different payment methods for betting sites Ethereum will be an advantage for you. As a new user, you can follow the steps to ensure a smooth betting experience.

  • 1

    Check our bookmaker list

    To start, the first thing you need to check is our bookmaker list. This will give you an idea of which betting sites accept Ethereum as a payment method. You will see a huge selection of trustworthy betting sites for your gambling sessions.

  • 2

    Get used to your bookmaker

    The next step is to get used to your chosen option when it comes to picking from the plethora of sportsbooks available. By learning about the betting payment options Ethereum, you will be familiar with what the site has to offer. Knowing how the site works will give you a smooth experience placing your wagers.

  • 3

    Deposit Funds

    Making a deposit puts you one step closer to being able to bet. This implies that you must take into consideration sending money from your bank account or your cryptocurrency wallet directly to the gaming account you created on the website.

  • 4

    Start Betting

    Once you are more familiar with the site’s quirks and features, you can then start betting. Don’t forget to set limits so that you know the proper amount of money you want to deposit. Experience a hassle-free experience with Ethereum.

How to Withdraw Ethereum From a Bookmaker

When betting with Ethereum, you can expect fast transactions when withdrawing your winnings or depositing funds. This is the convenience that cryptocurrency offers. Enjoy a reliable payment method and a fun betting session by placing bets with this renowned type of crypto.

How to Withdraw Funds

All you have to do when withdrawing winnings from your sportsbook account is to choose a broker exchange that will help you cash out with Ethereum. Following this step correctly will assure you of a secure and overall betting experience.

Canceling Your Withdrawal Request

With the use of account funding, you can only cancel your withdrawal request in Ethereum by using an external address. This only works if the transaction hasn't been sent to the blockchain and the procedure is still ‘in progress’. You can choose to cancel by clicking the ‘cancel’ button on the withdrawal page of the site.

Don't Withdraw All Your Funds at Once

When sports betting, it is not recommended to withdraw all your winnings at once. Leaving some in your sportsbook account will help improve your future betting experience. It is also important to take note that there may be withdrawal limits that may not even allow you to take home all your winnings in one go.

How Deposit and Withdrawal limits work

When betting on sports online, there are deposit and withdrawal limits set by the platform to make sure that italian players are adhering to the rules. Only a set amount of money will be allowed to be withdrawn or deposited. This is dependent on the IT sportsbook’s preferences.

Ways to use Ethereum for betting in Italy


Deposit time

Withdrawal time

Commission fee

Min/max deposit limit

Min/max withdrawal limit



Up to 3 days


equivalent of 10 EUR/5,000 EUR

equivalent of 10 EUR/5,000 EUR



Up to 1 day


equivalent of 5 EUR/-

equivalent of 5 EUR/-



Up to 15 minutes


equivalent of 1 EUR/-

equivalent of 1 EUR/-


Pros and Cons of Sports Betting with Ethereum

Ethereum’s popularity continues to grow because of the advantages it brings. When it comes to picking this cryptocurrency, it is suggested to weigh both its pros and cons. This will help you decide whether or not you want to use this payment method.


✔ Faster and more reliable transactions

✔ Your stored holdings are secured

✔ Globalized transactions


✖ Its value can change overtime

✖ Not every establishment has adjusted to the crypto phenomenon

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FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is Ethereum betting legal?

    Ethereum operates legally as a decentralized currency. Despite not having any laws that govern it, it is still widely used on a global scale for betting.

  • Is it safe to place sports bets with Ethereum?

    The whole gambling industry knows about Ethereum betting. Therefore, it is safe to place wagers on sports games using ETH.

  • Where can I buy Ethereum to bet?

    There are several ways you can buy Ethereum. This depends on the country you are residing in. Generally, you can buy ETH from exchanges or wallets directly.

  • How does Ethereum work?

    With Ethereum, users can conduct transactions, stake their holdings to earn interest, use and store non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and much more.

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