Terms of Use of Allbets.tv Website

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These terms of use are the legal framework that grants insights into a user's obligations and mutual rights when using the site.

We have the right to change these terms anytime we deem fit without informing the user. Anytime we change these terms, we'll send our registered users an email notifying them of this update.

This website has the right to retrieve losses incurred by users who make use of this platform fraudulently. The website also reserves the right to make legal litigation against users that use the site in contradiction to these Terms and Conditions.


You recognise that it is important that any information you provide about yourself at any given time must be true, without discrepancies. You further agree that your location remains correct at all times, and you don't use any location-changing software to modify your location, thereby sending data to a faux region or jurisdiction.

This service must not be engaged in a jurisdiction where online gambling and related advertisements to persons are considered illegal. 


1. Definitions

  • Website means https://allbets.tv/mw/ and other localised versions translated into other languages, either on or off https://allbets.tv/mw/ subdomains or distinct domains.
  • The plural first-person pronouns (We, Us, or Our) you're bound to see as you read through these terms refer to the website's operator.
  • User means the person accessing the website. We also classify these persons with pronouns like Your or You.
  • Data refers to all the details submitted on the website by the user.
  • Cookie is a short file text attached to your computer either by the website or any third-party entity when visiting this website.
  • Data Protection Laws refer to rules and regulations crafted to the use of personal data, including the GDPR or the Directive 95/46/EC, and any national standing legislation.
  • GDPR in this context stands for General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (EU).
  • The concept of user-generated content refers to all data, including write-ups, photos, videos, or any content form posted by a User.


2. General Terms

2.1. This website acts mainly as a provider of information for users interested in patronising sportsbooks & casinos and doesn't provide online gambling services. Never at any point should the information provided here be considered as legal advice.

2.2. We make deliberate efforts to ensure that accurate bits of information are provided on this platform. However, due to constant changes in the iGaming scene, we cannot guarantee the authenticity or accuracy of these details at any given time. We don't share any liability caused by depending on the information found on this website.

2.3. Third-party links leading to other websites are contained on this website. The website doesn't in any way influence content on those sites and don't bear any liability caused by the information attached. We encourage that you read the terms of use associated with those sites before commencing any gambling-related activity.

2.4. By visiting and using the website, the user automatically consents to the Terms and Privacy Protection Policy and confirms that they understand the provisions inherent.

2.5. We wish to deliver a notification to players as data subjects who have data exchanged on the website, that by affirming to the intricacies of the Privacy Protect Policy, they also express their consent for their data to be used in such a way that's considered correct for the smooth running of the site. For more information on what's obtainable, see the caveats contained in Section 5.

2.6. By accessing this website, the user agrees that they are at least 18 years of age or the legal gambling age that is enforceable in their jurisdiction. Anyone under 18 years of age or the legal age for gambling in their jurisdiction is prohibited access to the website. It's the duty of the user to determine the legality of online gambling and other related requirements attached.

2.7. In some cases, we may have to restrict content to users accessing the site from other jurisdictions, to meet local regulations.

2.8. When a user has certified that the information they provided on the website is liable to discrepancies and errors, contact us immediately at info@allbets.tv. It's our goal to meet the standards set in countries that make up our User clientele.

2.9. If a part of the terms doesn't tally with the local legislation in a user's country, other parts of the terms still remain valid.

2.10. Allbets.tv logos, texts, and trademarks available on the website at any given time are copyrighted. The logos and trademarks of sportsbooks or casinos available are subject to intellectual property rights that belong to the operating entity of those platforms. We only publish these logos on the website for reference purposes. Copying content is only allowed when there's a corresponding HTML tag or when we approve. Content can be posted on Wikipedia without these caveats adhered to.

2.11. The website can be translated using the translation service of Google. Google doesn't partake in any liability attached to translations, implied or inaccurate.


3. Forum and User Generated Content

3.1. The terms displayed in this section are applicable to all content generated by the user. Content includes and isn't limited to links, images, comments, responses, and reviews.

3.2. Users accord us the exclusive, irredeemable, royalty free rights and license to reproduce, publish, display, or commercially exploit user-generated data attached to the website.

3.3. Users confirm that they won't post user-generated content that is false, hateful, misleading, abusive, derogatory, profane, discriminatory, sexually-oriented or copyrighted resources without the approval of the owner. Users also should never make posts that violate the rules and regulations binding to third-party entities and other laws.

3.4. User generated content represents the views and thought processes of users. These posts don't, in any way, reflect our perspective on things. The Website administration doesn't scrutinise these posts, and if they infringe on any rights, we don't take responsibility for such posts. The user is liable for all posts made on the website.

3.5. Third parties are prohibited from posting user-generated content. In the same vein, Users shouldn't post third-party content without approval.

3.6. Any abusive behaviour or act perpetrated by a User, including posting the same message time and time again, flooding, spamming, advertising pyramid schemes, posting promotions, or marketing bonuses and incentives, are strongly prohibited.

3.7. We have the right to remove any form of promotional information attached to gambling entities with our sole discretion.

3.8. We have the reserved right to edit or totally remove posts that don't conform to these Terms anytime we see fit, without prior notification to the user.

3.9. It's within our rights to release the details of a User to the relevant regulatory authorities when there's legal litigation initiated as a result of the user's activity, at any time, on the website.

3.10. For a user to be able to represent a sportsbook or an online casino, they must apply for an account that confirms their affiliation with that operator by sending a request to info@allbets.tv. Additionally, these representatives must adhere to the rules that we've specially curated.


4. Dispute Resolution

4.1. The Website provides a smooth sailing experience. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, the chances of you facing issues during usage exists.

4.2. By submitting a complaint to the website, the user must authorise giving us details attached to the user's gambling account if the issue came from a gambling operator. These details are vital as they help us conduct the necessary checks and develop a fair resolution for every party involved.

4.3. We don't accept all complaints. If a user's complaint is frivolous and has no basis, they will have effectively breached the applicable rules attached to the online gambling operator themselves. This caveat also comes to the fore when the user's issue is valid, but the user decides not to cooperate in the resolution process.


5. Privacy Protection Policy

The Privacy Policy of this site applies to all users of the website, alongside the website's owner and operator. Since we take data privacy seriously, we've curated this segment to give users an insight into how their data is collected and used on the website.

5.1. Scope of Privacy Protection Policy

  • This policy only puts our actions and the users' actions on the website into context. It's important to note that this caveat doesn't extend to the third-party sites you can access when you access the website. This, of course, includes links to other sportsbooks or casinos.
  • To put privacy protection laws in view, we are the "Data Controller" of the Website. This means that we are responsible for controlling User data and how they're processed.

5.2. Collection of Data

We collect data from users of the website in accordance with the terms spelt out in this privacy policy section. For example, we collect contact details such as email information and IP address, variation of web browser, and operating system.

5.3. How Data Is Collected

5.3.1. Data Accorded to Us By Users

We collect data from users in different settings, including:

  • When users use emails to foster communication with us.
  • When users make submissions that indicate suggestions on how we can better improve our services; these submissions aren't compulsory but voluntary.

5.3.2. Data Collected Automatically

When you use the website, some data is collected automatically. These include:

  • When you visit the website, information like Your IP address, the number of times you visit, and Your interactions within the website are automatically collected. These details are collected to give room for future updates.
  • We collect web browser data in line with the cookie settings attached to your browser. Get more information on this aspect in Section 5.10.

5.4. Our Use of Your Data

  • Any of the above data required from you is to provide our users with the best possible experience when they use the website at any given time.
  • We may use your data at any time if it's the perfect fit for our legitimate goals and aspirations. See more information on this in Section 5.7.
  • As a company, we will never share, rent, or sell your data with any third-party entity without your consent.

5.5. Data Security

Your data is kept safe and secure with special measures in place. For example, we store your data on data servers. The only person that has access to these servers is the website admin.

These measures are also in place to curtail data breaches. If you suspect that your personal data has been tampered with, send us an email at info@allbets.tv.

5.6. Data Retention

Unless the law doesn't give room for a more extensive data retention timeline, we will keep your data under our custody on our data servers. However, you can request that your data be wiped off our servers, and we'll do so immediately.

5.7. Your Rights on the Site

In accordance with your data, you have the following rights:

  • Right to access: You can request that your data be modified, updated, or deleted at any point in time.
  • Right to correct: If there has been any discrepancy in your data, you reserve the right to have it amended to suit your preferences.
  • Right to delete: You have the right to request the complete removal of your data from any of our data servers.
  • Right to restrict our use of your information: You can also block us or restrict the process through which we gain access to your data.
  • Right to request data portability: At any time, you can request to copy or transfer your data.
  • Right to object: It's up to you to object to how your data is being used by the website.

5.8. Linking to Different Websites

On the website, you will come across several links that lead to the content on other websites. While we take a cursory look at these links, we bear no liability in what content appears on those websites. This Privacy Policy doesn't cover the content attached to other platforms. Before you engage information on other sites, ensure to go through their Privacy Policy caveats.

5.9. Business Ownership Changes or Control

At any given point, we might decide to expand or franchise our business to other owners. If this happens, user data will be transferred to the incoming operator. The operator, using the caveats under this Privacy Policy, will use data as it was originally meant when it was under our purview.

5.10. Cookies

  • The website can create and access cookies on your computer. These cookies are integral in us improving our site's functionalities, and we have ensured that these cookies don't affect your privacy.
  • You can decide to disable cookies on your default web browser. While cookies are integral parts of a web browser, there's usually a setting to have these changed.
  • Users can delete cookies when they want. However, this might result in loss of data that allows for quick load times on the website.

5.11. General

  • You must not transfer your rights contained in this Privacy Policy to another person. However, we can transfer our rights in a way that doesn't pose adverse effects to your rights.
  • If any legal body or convergence deems any part of this Privacy Policy to be null and void, they will be deleted. Here, the other parts of the Privacy Policy will not be affected as only the illegible segments are expunged.


6. Final Caveats

6.1. In a scenario where there's a discrepancy between English and other translated languages, it's important to note that English will reign supreme.

6.2. These terms can be changed anytime, with our discretion coming into play.

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