Exclusive bonuses in Philippines

exclusive bonuses

Besides the usual bonuses, which are available to all new customers, there are also exclusive bonuses offered by bookmakers specifically to visitors of the given bookmaker’s office.

Such exclusive bonuses include free bets, bonuses for deposits, bet insurance, cashback in case of a lost bet and many more, always, though with specifications. Some bonuses are one-off – so they can be used only once as for example a registration bonus, while others can be used one time within a certain period as for example free bets or bet insurance.

Customers, who generally place large bets are often rewarded by bookmakers. VIP programs and special client cards are some ways to do so. In fact, bookmakers offer various levels of VIP programs, depending on the deposited amount in a certain period (for example in a month), and promote customer loyalty through cards. VIP clients leverage other benefits as well – 24/7 support, better odds, access to unique offers and discounts, and all these not only in one bookmaker, but in several.

Exclusive bonuses also include ‘gifts’ not directly linked to betting. Such bonuses can be game tickets, autographed merchandise by favorite clubs, the chance to meet a top sportsman or a commentator, and so on. Nearly all big bookmakers collaborate with players and functionaries from the world of sports, such as Conor McGregor at Parimatch and some are even sponsors of clubs and leagues (when this is not prohibited by the law). So, clients get to have exclusive promotions drawn from such collaborations and partnerships.

In other cases, the bonuses are independent of the bets and customers get to receive them for fulfilling specific criteria or under certain conditions. For example, a customer who meets specified criteria participates in a lottery to win exclusive gifts such as phones, TVs, cars, apartments etc. This in fact is a very effective way to attract new customers and motivate inactive customers to bet again. Note that the information is constantly updated so that you can get more pleasure from the betting game.