Event Bonuses

Event Bonuses


Some bonuses are limited to only specific markets and games in online gambling. Whether online sports betting or playing at online casinos, specific reward programs or promotions limit the bonuses offered to their players. 

These specific bonuses can be termed “event bonuses”, and you can only enjoy them on restricted markets. This article will help you quickly understand popular markets and games on which these bonuses are usually offered.

What Are Event Bonuses?


Event bonuses are usually offered to new customers at either an online sportsbook or online casino platform and are available for certain games only.

Just as the name suggests, the bonuses are restricted to the games. The players either use the bonus on such contests or risk forfeiting the bonus to the house. One of the basic features of the event bonus is they are usually available for a short period and are offered on big or highly anticipated events. 

Event Bonus Types


Some of the rewards offered for event bonuses include:

Free Bet


Free bet is usually found in online sportsbooks, and it comes in different forms. The event bonus is generally activated for free bets when the player only makes selections from a limited betting market, determined by the sportsbook operator.

If the player picks bets other than the market chosen, the bonus becomes invalid.

Reward Program/Promotions


For online casinos, event bonuses are often termed reward programs. They are offered to both new and existing players as compensation for loyalty. 

This bonus comes in the form of free spins, online casino credits, or points to be used on a specific slot or other casino game. 

For online casinos, the game where this bonus can be used strictly depends on which game and mode of bonus the casino operator chooses.

Event Bonus Rules


It’s safe to say that the terms and conditions attached to event bonuses are similar across all online gambling platforms. 

An important rule most popular on online casinos is the wagering requirement. Players must play the bonus several times before the bonus proceeds can be withdrawn from the platform. 

Another important rule is the time limit. Event bonuses feature a time limit during which players must use the bonus. It is usually 30 days but might differ from one online gambling platform to another. 

It is essential to understand the terms and conditions before taking advantage of this online gambling bonus.



The best way to enjoy an event bonus is to watch out continuously on the promotions page of your favourite online gambling platform. Most operators do not give out these bonuses for long, and the terms and conditions are usually stringent. 

If you have a winning strategy and this bonus lands on your laps concerning your top game, it is an excellent way to win cash prizes quickly. Online gambling platforms offer this type of bonus quickly as a reward for loyalty and to increase their customer base.

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