Money-Back or Win-Win Bet Bonus

Money-Back or Win-Win Bet Bonus


Newbies signing up on a new sportsbook may be introduced to lots of welcome bonus packages, so much that they may become confused. 

While some of these bonuses are pretty easy to understand, the terminologies used to name them might be unsettling (to most). One of such popular welcome bonuses is the “Money-Back” or “Win-Win”, or “Risk-Free” bet bonus. 

This bonus may sound tricky, but that is why we created this page; to break down what the money-back bet bonus is, the requirements attached, and other relevant information. It is necessary to understand the prize offered and what is expected before making a commitment-real money deposit. 

What is a Money-Back or Win-Win bet Bonus?


Just as the name suggests, the bonus is offered to new bettors looking for some sort of insurance on their first bet. The money-back bet bonus is provided as part of a sign-up promotion and is popular in UK and US betting markets. 

How does it work? Place the first-time bet and lose? The end. The sportsbook will refund your account with the exact value placed as a wager. The value may come in either the sportsbook credits (bonus cash) or free bet credit.

It’s a win-win situation because if your bet is successful, you win profits naturally. At the same time, if the bet loses, the sportsbook operator will credit the bonus account back to be used on the next bet. 

Let’s talk about the two forms the value is returned as.

Bonus Cash or Sportsbook Credit


After losing the first wager, the sportsbook will immediately credit the account with the amount wagered as cash. The sportsbook operator will credit the bonus account, which the bettor can use for the next wager. 

Here’s the catch, this bonus cash must be wagered a minimum of 1x, as part of a condition known as wagering requirements (more on it in the next section). 

Many sportsbooks offer this value instead of the free bet credit.

Free Bet Credit


The free bet credit is another form of the money-back bonus. The difference between this and the bonus cash is it can be offered as one considerable amount or separated into smaller bets. 

For instance, if the first wager was placed with £20 and was lost, it lies on the sportsbook to offer the free bet worth £20 or offer smaller free bets worth £10 each. 

Note that sometimes only the free bet winnings are offered to the bettor, while the sportsbook retains the wager amount.

Standard Terms and Conditions of the Money-Back Bet Bonus


It is essential to take note of the terms and conditions attached to the Money-back bet bonus before claiming it.

One of the general conditions you can find anywhere in the time constraint. As soon as the win-win bet bonus is awarded, they come with an expiration date. If you don’t use it within a reasonable period; you lose it.

Other points to note are the odds and the original wager. You must have bet on markets within a specific odds range, and the initial wager must be at a certain amount before the bonus is activated. 

Wrapping Up


The win-win bet bonus is one of the best marketing promotions used by sportsbooks to entice newbie bettors. Ensure to study the terms and conditions the sportsbooks add before making a move to claim the bonus. It won’t be wise to lose one of the best welcome bonuses because of a lack of information. 

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