The online gambling scene has seen a lot of gamification elements introduced in recent times. One of such is online game tournaments.

A tournament is simply defined as a round of online activities where competent online players compete against each other. Unlike physical tournaments where only one player usually emerges victorious, betting tournaments will award prizes to numerous players depending on their rankings in the leaderboard. Naturally, the higher you rank, the bigger the prizes you receive.

Rewards usually come in the form of cash prizes, and depending on the scale, the top-performing players can receive life-changing amounts.

Kinds of Tournaments


Sports Betting Contests


Sportsbook tournaments are usually in the form of a prediction challenge for a big match. Bettors who are able to make the most accurate predictions will be awarded big prizes. At the most generous sportsbooks, prizes may also be awarded just for joining in the contest.

Casino Tournaments


It’s worth noting that tournaments are more prominent at the online casino than at the online sportsbook. The most common kinds are slots and poker tournaments.

With slot tournaments, you simply bet on selected slot games as you normally would, and every wager will award you points. The more points you accumulate, the higher you move up the leaderboard. As usual, you pocket any wins made during gameplay. 

The Poker tournament is famous for allowing players to play at any time and with any amount of real money. There are different Poker tournament rooms run by online casinos where players can join and play at any time of the day. Live casino tournaments are slowly becoming common too.

Features of a Tournament


Here are some standard features of a game tournament:

  • It requires a qualifying bet or a minimum stake
  • Bets are to be placed on the selected game or group of games
  • The more you bet, the higher you climb up the leaderboard
  • Other players can knock you out of your spot on the leaderboard and vice-versa
  • The tournament will only last for a limited time
  • The prize pool will be shared among top-performing players
  • Every player has an equal chance of winning


How to Find Tournaments


Big tournaments will usually be displayed on the sliding banner on the site homepage. However, you will also find them under the promotions page at the online gambling site. Other times, a separate page will be dedicated to this aspect, through which you can learn all the details and requirements and also join in the challenge.

Tournaments can either be hosted by the gambling operator or, as with online casino games, they can also be initiated by the software developers. In the case of the latter, the gambling operator is simply a middleman. The game company pools in the bets and pays out prizes accordingly at the end. These tournaments will usually be available across multiple sites where the developer’s games are offered. As you can imagine, the prizes can be much bigger.



Tournaments are an essential aspect of online gambling. Without bragging rights and a chance to win good cash prizes, playing games could become monotonous for some players. Tournaments raise the bar in terms of excitement and entertainment. It’s also beneficial to the betting operators as it brings about greater engagement. The best part is the large cash prizes that are up for grabs.

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