Betting Promo Codes in USA

betting promo codes

Free bets and first deposit bonuses are not always enough for demanding customers, and for this reason bookmakers often use promotional codes to further attract the interest of betting lovers.

Promo codes can look like advertising banners, which declare the conditions for the promotion and the specific characters (letters and numbers) to be entered on the special place on site in order to receive the bonus. In this case, the promo codes are the same for all customers and everyone can use them. Some bookmakers send emails to customers where they offer both common promotional codes for let’s say a major event (a large tournament or for the celebration of the company’s birthday etc) and customized, unique promotional codes to be used only by the recipients. These personalized promo codes may be tuned to coincide with the customers’ birthday for example (or other special events) or addressed to customers who are inactive for quite a long time, aiming to trigger their interest.

Promotional codes can give you various bonuses such as free bets, cashbacks, or an increase of the deposited amount in your account. But there are other forms of bonuses as well – a promo code can for example increase the odds of a bet or offer a refund for a lost bet. You should be careful with promo codes as they most often have a limited life period, and thus you should use them rather quickly.

Some bookmakers offer referral program memberships, where users can distribute their promotional codes. Here, both the individuals who promote the code and the ones who use the code receive a bonus.